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Chuck Harder Radio
Laura Lee - Show Radio
Radio Hauraki
Santa Fe's KBAC Radio


A-ha Books
Abe Books - Search For Out Of Print - Rare - Used
Antiquarian Book Dealers & Associations
Author House
Baen Free Library
Banned Books On-Line
Bibliofind - Books - Booksearch - Antiquarian Books
Book Finder - Old & Rare Books
Laissez Faire Books
Mother Lode - Christian Books
NetStoreUSA - Books, Maps & Sheet Music
Powell's Books - New, Used & Rare Books
Shopping - Comparrison Shopper
The Complete Idiots Guides
The Gumbo Pages Bookshop
The On-Line Books Page
Varsity Books
Zed Books


Your Move - Chess & Games
Chess World Australia
FIDE Index
The Australian Chess Federation


Biographical Dictionary
Brewer's Dictionary
Christian Classics Bible Reference
Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Dictionary Of Computing
Dictionary Of Philosophy Of Mind
Free Translation
Grandiloquent Dictionary
Hypertext Webster Gateway
Jargon File Resources
Merriam-Webster Dictionaries
One Look Dictionary
Oxford Dictionary
Skeptic's Dictionary
Translation Dictionary
WordSmyth English Dictionary - Thesaurus
Websters Dictionary
Word Origins


All Refer Reference Encyclopedia
Amazing Brain Info, Books & Music
American Slanguages
Anagram Genius Server
Australian Slang
Aussie Slang
Bartlett's Quotations
Bible Gateway - Search The Bible In Nine Languages
Citing Sources
Classical Authors Index
Common English Errors
Collective Nouns For Animals
Creative Quotations
Curmudgeon's Stylebook
Elements Of Style
Encyclopedia Mythica
Episteme Links - Philosophy Resources On The Web
Erowid Library
Fear & Loathing In Los Vegas
Foreign Language Translations
George Santayana Quotes
Google Translate
Grammica Grammar Checker
Guide To Prevent Plagarism
Interesting Quotes
Intoon - Mike Keefe
Linguistics Links - Suzanne Kemmer
My Virtual Reference Desk
My Virtual Reference Desk - Fast Facts
Plagiarism Checker
Project Gutenberg
Quotations On Anything - Identify Quotations By Anyone
Repositories Of Primary Sources
Shakespearean Insult
SIL International - Summer Institute Of Linguistics
Smithsonian Institute
Systran - Online Translation
The Anonymizer
The Chaos Hypertextbook
The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare
The Lord's Prayer In Ebonics
The Phrase Finder
The Probert Encyclopaedia
The Quotations Page
The Word Spy
Wordsmith Org
Writing Resources


Advocates For Self-Government
All Government Agencies
Bureau Of Land Management
Car Recall Database Search By Make, Model & Year
CIA - The Central Intelligence Agency
Consumer Information Center
DEA - The Drug Enforcement Administration
EPA - The Environmental Protection Agency
FBI - The Federal Bureau Of Investigation
FCC - The Federal Communications Commission
FDA - The Food & Drug Administration
Federal Job Openings
Federal Judiciary
FRB - The Federal Reserve Board
Free Patents Online
Government Access For Seniors
Government Auctions
Government Information Locator
FCIC - Federal Consumer Information Centre
IMF - International Monetary Fund
International Organizations
ITA - International Trade Administration
Journal Of Commerce
Koinonia House - Articles
NASA - The National Aeronautics & Space Administration
NCPA - National Center For Policy Analysis
NFIB - National Federation Of Small Businesses
NRC - The Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NSA - The National Security Agency
Polls & Surveys - For The People & The Press
Rollcall - Plug Into Congress
Tax Code
The Bureau Of Labor Statistics
The Center for Security Policy
The Federal Reserve
The Freedom Of Information Act Office
The President
The UN - United Nations
To Become A Teacher
US Business
US Consumer Gateway
US Treasury Auctions
US Gov't IT Policy
US Patents
US Supreme Court
White House
Who Owns The Federal Reserve?
World Bank


Bartleby Library
Language Learning Library
Library Genesis
National Archives
NOBLE - North Of Boston Library Exchange
The WWW Virtual Library
Theosophy Library Online

A-Z Lyrics Universe
Atlantic Records
All Music Guide
Blues World
Bob Dylan - Expecting Rain
Brana Records
CDMO - Oldies & Pop Music Of The 40's - 80's
Classical Archives
Digital Leisure
Folk Songs
Garden State Pops Youth Orchestra
John Lee Hooker - The Boom Boom Room
John Roache's Ragtime MIDI Library
Leonard Cohen Lyrics
Music At MTV
Music For Web Pages
Music Hits - 2 Month Old & Older Charts
RadioMoi - Live-Streaming MP3 Music
Real Audio
Songs From The Heart
Standard MIDI Files On The Net
The Daily Wave
The Doors Discography
The MIDI Farm Internet
The Moody Blues
The Rosebud Agency
Todd's Lyrics & Links
Weird Al Yankovic

A Brief Description Of Everything
Adam Smith
Gurdjieff & Self-Observation
Superconductivity & Modern Alchemy
The Karl Popper Web
The Scientifization Of Culture
The Thinker
The Thinking Man's Minefield


AltaVista Image Search
Brooks Institute Of Photography
Canstock Photo
Chaotic Attractors
Corbis Images
Don Archer Digital Art
Escher Dyson Sphere
James Kay Photography
Jutta Scrannage
New Deal Network
Photography - David Muench
Sandlot Science
Schatz/Ornstein Studio
Sistine Chapel
The Degree Confluence Project
Uranium, Fluorescent & Vaseline Glass


Casey At The Bat
Chaucer - The Canterbury Tales
Classic Islamic Poetry
Cliché Finder
Complete Works Of Shakespeare
Food Of The Gods I
Funeral Blues - W H Auden
Jim Morrison's Poetry
New Zealand Writers Website
Poem Hunter
Robert Burns
Robert Service
Rudyard Kipling - If
Shakespeare's Life & Times
Shakespearean Insulter
The Canterbury Tales
Twentieth-century Poetry in English
William Cook's Poetry
Zvi Har'El's Jules Verne Collection


Auto & Home Loan Calculators
Bureau Of Labor Stats
Calculators Online
Canadian Statistics
CIA World Factbook
Compound Interest Calculator
Conversion & Calculation Center
Cost Of Living Calculator
Currency Calculator
Easy Unit Converter
Financial Calculators
Financial Calculators For Websites
FRB Economic Research & Data
GeoHive - Gloabl Statistics
Good Calculators
Herschel's Perpetual Calendar
Latitude/Longitude Distance Calculation
Mortgage & Financial Calculators
Mortgage Calculator
Naval Clock
Official Stats Of The Web
Percent Change Calculator
Perpetual Calendar
Periodic Table
Periodic Table Of Tech
People Spot
Surface Distance Between Two Points
Statistics USA
The Calculator Site
The Time Now
The Wooden Periodic Table Table
The World Time Server
Time & Date
Time & Date World Clock Time Zones
Time Zone Converter
Ultimate List Of Financial Planning Calculators
United Nations - Statistic Indicators
US White Pages
USGS Real-Time Water Data
WebElements Periodic Table
World Population Information


Data Science Program Guide
Discover Data Science
METAlab Research Directory
Keele University
Learn How To Become
LexisNexis Database
Mathematical Software
Masters In Education Degrees
Mississippi Uni
Online Degrees & Colleges
Spectrum Virtual University
Swinburne Institute Of Technology
Teaching Degree Programs


American Demographics
AntiShyster News Magazine
Atlantic Monthly
Car Reviews
CollectiveZine - Music
Discover Magazine
EarthWeb - IT Portal
eZine Search
Electronic Markets
Entrepreneur Magazine
FCW - Gov't IT Resource
First Monday
Government Executive Magazine
MIT Technology Review
National Geographic
New American Magazine
Nexus Magazine
Radience - The Magazine For Large Women
Reason Online
Skeptical Inquirer - The Magazine For Science & Reason
Soldier Of Fortune Magazine
The Book Of Zines
Time Digital

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