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Bankruptcy :-
by Legal E-Z

Bankruptcy :-
by David Epstein

Bankruptcy :- Do It Yourself Kits
by Arnold Goldstein

Bankruptcy :- Is It The Right Solution To Your Debt Problems?
by Robin Leonard

Bankruptcy & Divorce :- Support & Property Division
by Judith Fitzgerald

Bankruptcy - Chapter 7 :- LawPak Do-It-Youself Legal Forms & Guide
by D Schultz

Bankruptcy For Paralegals :-
by Janette Anderson

Bending The Law :- The Story Of The Dalkon Shield Bankruptcy
by Richard Sobol

Breaking Hard Ground :- Stories Of The Minnesota Farm Advocates
by Dianna Hunter

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy :- Repay Your Debts
by Robin Leonard

Consumer Bankruptcy :- The Complete Guide To Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 Personal Bankruptcy
by Henry Sommer

Corporate Bankruptcy :- Economic & Legal Perspectives
by Jagdeep Bhandari

Creditors' Rights & Bankruptcy :-
by Steve Nickles

Debt Free! :- Your Guide To Personal Bankruptcy Without Shame
by James Caher

Failure & Forgiveness :- Rebalancing The Bankruptcy System
by Karen Gross

How To File For Bankruptcy :-
by Stephen Elias

How To File Your Own Bankruptcy :- Or How To Avoid It - With Forms
by Edward Haman

Keys To Understanding Bankruptcy :-
by James Jurinski

Nolo's Law Form Kit Personal Bankruptcy :-
by Stephen Elias

Out Of Debt :- How To Clean Up Your Credit & Balance Your Budget While Avoiding Bankruptcy
by Robert Steinback

Personal Bankruptcy & Debt Adjustment :- A Step-By-Step Guide
by Kenneth Doran

Principles Of Corporate Renewal :-
by Harlan Platt

Solving Your Financial Problems :- Getting Out Of Debt, Repairing Your Credit & Dealing With Bankruptcy
by Richard Strohm

Strategic Bankruptcy :- How Corporations & Creditors Use Chapter 11 To Their Advantage
by Kevin Delaney

The Bankruptcy Kit :-
by John Ventura

Tragedies Of Our Own Making :- How Private Choices Have Created Public Bankruptcy
by Richard Neely


10 Minute Guide To Beating Debt :- 10 Minute Guides
by Susan Abentrod

Credit & Collections :-
by James Jurinski

Credit Secrets :- How To Erase Bad Credit
by Bob Hammond

Ditching Your Debts :-
by Gary Clark

Downsize Your Debt :- How To Take Control Of Your Personal Finances
by Andrew Feinberg

Guaranteed Credit :- A Time-Tested Program Guaranteed To Provide Clear, Step-By-Step Information On How To Repair, Restore & Rebuild Your Credit
by Arnold Goldstein

How To Beat The Credit Bureaus :- Insiders Guide To Consumer's Credit
by Bob Hammond

Maxing Out :- Why Women Sabotage Their Financial Security
by Colette Dowling

The Ultimate Credit Handbook :- How To Double Your Credit, Cut Your Debt & Have A Lifetime Of Great Credit
by Gerri Detweiler


Basics Of Budgeting :- A Practical Guide To Better Business Planning
by Terry Dickey

Budgeting :- A How-To-Do-It Manual For Librarians
by Alice Warner

Budgeting & Finance :- First Books For Business
by Peter Engel

Budgeting A LA Carte :- Essential Tools For Harried Business Managers
by John Tracy

Budgeting Basics & Beyond :- A Complete Step-By-Step Guide For Nonfinancial Managers
by Jae Shim

Budgeting For A Small Business :- Crisp Small Business & Entrepreneurship
by Terry Dickey

Budgeting For Not-For-Profit Organizations :- Program & Resource Development
by Rhea Kish

Budgeting Profit Planning & Control :-
by Glenn Welsch

Capital Budget & Long Term Finances :-
by Neil Seitz

Capital Budget & Long-Term Financing Decisions :-
by Neil Seitz

Cost Accounting :- A Managerial Emphasis
by Charles Horngren

Driving Value Using Activity-Based Budgeting :-
by James Brimson

Earned Value Project Management :-
by Quentin Fleming

Essentials Of Business Budgeting :-
by Robert Finney

Fundamental Principles Of Restaurant Cost Control :-
by David Pavesic

Handbook Of Budgeting :-
by Robert Rachlin

Handbook Of Government Budgeting :-
by Roy Meyers

How To Be A Cheap Hawk :- The 1999 & 2000 Defense Budgets
by Michael O'Hanlon

International Capital Budgeting :-
by Adrian Buckley

Memos To The Governor :- An Introduction To State Budgeting
by Dall Forsythe

Surrender :- How The Clinton Administration Completed The Reagan Revolution
by Michael Meeropol

The Budget-Building Book For Nonprofits :- A Step-By-Step Guide For Managers & Boards
by Murray Dropkin

The On Production Budget Book :-
by Robert Koster


1-800-Away-IRS :-
by Cort Christie

60-Minute Tax Planner :- Fast & Easy Plans To Save On Taxes & Add Cash To Your Next Paycheck
by Edward Lyon

All About The New IRA :- How To Cash In On The New Tax Law Changes
by Steve Merritt

American Express Tax Guide :- 1999 American Express Tax & Business Services Inc.
by Craig Minnick

Being Self-Employed :- Series 100, Individuals & Families
by Holmes Crouch

Brilliant Deductions :-
by Wade Cook

Challenge Your Taxes :- Homeowner's Guide To Reducing Your Property Taxes
by James Lumley

Citizens Working Abroad Tax Guide 105 :- Series 100, Individuals & Families
by Holmes Crouch

Clergy Tax 1997 :- A Tax Preparation Manual Developed For Clergy In Cooperation With IRS Tax Officials
by David Epstein

Cut Your Taxes :-
by Kevin McCormally

Deducting Job Expenses :- Tax Guide 102 - Series 100, Individuals & Families
by Holmes Crouch

Disagreeing With The IRS Tax :- Guide 503 - Series 500, Audits & Appeals
by Holmes Crouch

Going Into Tax Court Tax Guide 505 :- Series 500, Audits & Appeals
by Holmes Crouch

H&R Block :- 1998 Income Tax Guide
by HR Block Tax Services

H&R Block :- 1999 Income Tax Guide
by HR Block Tax Services

How To Disinherit Your Son-In-Law :- & Stiff The IRS Keep Your Money In Your Family
by Dan Recer

How To Keep More Of What You Win :-
by Walter Lewis

How To Pay Zero Taxes :-
by Jeff Schnepper

How To Settle With The IRS :- For Pennies On The Dollar
by Arnold Goldstein

Investing From Scratch :- A Handbook For The Young Investor
by James Lowell

J.K. Lasser's How To Pay Less Tax :- On Your Retirement Savings
by Seymour Goldberg

J.K. Lasser's Year-Round Tax Strategies 1998 :-
by David De Jong

J.K. Lasser's Year-Round Tax Strategies 1999 :-
by David De Jong

J.K. Lasser's Your Income Tax 1999 :-
by JKL Institute

J.K. Lasser's Your Income Tax 1999 :-
by J Lasser

Keep Your Hard-Earned Money :- Tax-Saving Solutions For The Self-Employed
by Henry Fellman

Keys To Understanding Social Security Benefits :-
by Thomas Dickens

Kiplinger Cut Your Taxes 1998 :-
by Kevin McCormally

Motley Fool Investment Tax Guide :- An Investor's Resource For Smart Tax Planning Throughout The Year
by Selena Maranjian

Preserving Family Wealth Using Tax :- Magic Strategies Worth Millions
by Richard Duff

Sams Teach Yourself Turbotax Deluxe :- In 24 Hours
by Jill Gilbert

Save A Fortune :- On Your Homeowners Property Tax!
by Harry Koenig

Settle Your Tax Debt :-
by Sean Melvin

Stand Up To The IRS :-
by Frederick Daily

Tax Options & Strategies :- For People With Disabilities
by Steven Mendelsohn

Taxes & Business Strategy :- A Planning Approach
by Mark Wolfson

Taxes For Busy People :- The Book To Use When There's No Time To Lose
by Robert Cooke

Taxes For Dummies 1999 :-
by Eric Tyson

The Complete Idiot's Guide :- To Doing Your Income Taxes 1999
by Gail Perry

The Complete Idiot's Guide :- To Doing Your Taxes With Turbotax Deluxe
by Joe Kraynak

The Complete Idiot's Guide :- To Tax Deductions
by Lisa Collins

The Ernst & Young Tax Guide 1999 :-
by Peter Bernstein

The Ernst & Young Tax Saver's Guide 1998 :-
by Ernst & Young

The Expat's Guide To U.S. Taxes :-
by Jane Bruno

The Wall Street Journal Guide :- To Understanding Your Taxes
by Scott Schmedel

The Zondervan 1999 Minister's Tax & Financial Guide :- For 1998 Tax Returns
by Daniel Busby

Vultures In Eagle's Clothing :- Lawfully Breaking Free From Ignorance Related Slavery
by Lynne Meredith

What The IRS Doesn't Want You To Know :- A CPA Reveals The Tricks Of The Trade
by Marty Kaplan

Your Tax Questions Answered 1998 :- A CPA With Over Twenty Years Of Experience Answers The Most Commonly Asked Tax Questions
by Ed Slott

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