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Books to help you learn and grow
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A Primer On Securitization :-
by Leon Kendall

Activity-Based Cost Management :- Making It Work A Manager's Guide To Implementing & Sustaining An Effective ABC System
by Gary Cokins

Activity-Based Management :- A Comprehensive Implementation Guide
by Edward Forrest

Alliance Advantage :- The Art Of Creating Value Through Partnering
by Yves Doz

Best Practices For Financial Advisors :-
by Mary Rowland

Beyond Value At Risk :- The New Science Of Risk Management
by Kevin Dowd

Bloomberg By Bloomberg :-
by Michael Bloomberg

Business Analysis & Valuation :- Using Financial Statements
by Krishna Palepu

Business Analysis With Excel :-
by Conrad Carlberg

CFO Architect Of The Corporation's Future :-
by Price Waterhouse Financial

Continuous-Time Finance :-
by Robert Merton

Corporate Finance :- A Valuation Approach
by Simon Benninga

Cost & Effect :- Using Integrated Cost Systems To Drive Profitability & Performance
by Robert Kaplan

Cost Of Capital :- Estimation & Applications
by Shannon Pratt

Creating Shareholder Value :- A Guide For Managers & Investors
by Alfred Rappaport

Dictionary Of Finance & Investment Terms :-
by John Downes

Finance :-
by Zvi Bodie

Financial Engineering :- Tools & Techniques To Manage Financial Risk
by Lawrence Galitz

Financial Modeling :-
by Simon Benninga

Foundations Of Economic Value Added :-
by James Grant

Fractals & Scaling In Finance :- Discontinuity, Concentration & Risk
by Benoit Mandelbrot

Growing A Business :-
by Paul Hawken

Handbook For Writing Proposals :-
by Robert Hamper

Handbook Of Equipment Leasing :- A Deal Maker's Guide
by Richard Contino

Handbook Of Financial Analysis, Forecasting & Modeling :-
by Jae Shim

How To Sell Your Business :- & Get What You Want! A Pragmatic Guide With Revealing Tips From 57 Sellers
by Colin Gabriel

Investment Under Uncertainty :-
by Avinash Dixit

Investment Valuation :- Tools & Techniques For Determining The Value Of Any Asset
by Aswath Damodaran

Managing Financial Risk :- A Guide To Derivative Products, Financial Engineering & Value Maximization
by Charles Smithson

Martingale Methods In Financial Modelling :-
by Marek Musiela

Mergers & Acquisitions :- A Valuation Handbook
by Joseph Marren

Money-Smart :- Secrets For The Self-Employed
by Linda Stern

New Dimensions In Investor Relations :- Competing For Capital In The 21st Century
by Bruce Marcus

New Market Timing Techniques :- Innovative Studies In Market Rhythm & Price Exhaustion
by Thomas Demark

Principles Of Corporate Finance :-
by Richard Brealey

Project Financing :- Asset-Based Financial Engineering
by John Finnerty

Revenue Mangement :- Hard-Core Tactics For Market Domination
by Robert Cross

Street-Smart Network Marketing :- A No-Nonsense Guide For Creating The Most Richly Rewarding Lifestyle You Can Possibly Imagine
by Robert Butwin

Study Guide For Damodaran On Valuation :- Security Analysis For Investment & Corporate Finance
by Aswath Damodaran

Techniques Of Financial Analysis :- A Practical Guide To Managing & Measuring Business Performance
by Erich Helfert

The Alchemy Of Finance :- Reading The Mind Of The Market
by George Soros

The CFO Handbook :-
by Mark Haskins

The Complete Idiot's Guide :- To Finance & Accounting
by Michael Muckian

The Econometrics Of Financial Markets :-
by John Campbell

The Fast Forward MBA In Finance :-
by John Tracy

The Interpretation Of Financial Statements :- The Classic 1937 Edition
by Benjamin Graham

The Ministry :- How Japan's Most Powerful Institution Endangers World Markets
by Peter Hartcher

The Portable MBA In Finance & Accounting :-
by John Livingstone

The Profit Zone :- How Strategic Business Design Will Lead You To Tomorrow's Profits
by Adrian Slywotzky

The Quest For Value :- The Eva Tm Management Guide
by Bennett

The Revolution In Corporate Finance :-
by Joel Stern

The Value Imperative :- Managing For Superior Shareholder Returns
by James McTaggart

The Vest-Pocket Guide To Business Ratios :-
by Michael Tyran

The Vest-Pocket MBA :-
by Jae Shim

Understanding Cash Flow :- Finance Fundamentals For Nonfinancial Managers
by Franklin Plewa

Value At Risk :- The New Benchmark For Controlling Market Risk
by Philippe Jorion

Value Based Management :- Developing A Systematic Approach To Creating Shareholder Value
by James Knight

Valuing Small Businesses & Professional Practices :-
by Shannon Pratt

Wealth Management :-
by Harold Evensky

Winning Strategies For Capital Formation :- Secrets Of Funding Start-Ups & Emerging Growth Firms Without Losing Control Of Your Idea, Project, Or Company
by Linda Chandler


12 Secrets For Cashing Out :- How To Sell Your Company For The Most Profit
by Robert Bergeth

A Basic Guide For Valuing A Company :-
by Wilbur Yegge

A Practical Guide To Acquisitions :- How To Increase Your Chances Of Success
by Denzil Rankine

Acquisitions, Mergers, Sales, Buyouts & Takeovers :- A Handbook With Forms
by Charles Scharf

After The Merger :- The Authoritative Guide For Integration Success
by Price Pritchett

Big Deal :- The Battle For Control Of America's Leading Corporations
by Bruce Wasserstein

Breakup! How Companies Use Spin-Offs :- To Gain Focus & Grow Strong
by David Sadtler

Business Buyer's Kit :- Everything You Need To Know To Find, Buy & Finance A Business For $500,000 Or Less
by Michael Smorenburg

Buy The Right Business At The Right Price :- The Guide To Small Business Acquisition
by Brian Knight

Buying & Selling A Business :-
by Mark Lauer

Buying & Selling A Business :- A Step-By-Step Guide
by Robert Klueger

Buying & Selling Businesses :- Including Forms, Formulas & Industry Secrets
by William Bumstead

Buying A Business :- A Step-By-Step For The First-Time Buyer
by Ronald McGr

Collaborating To Compete :- Using Strategic Alliances & Acquisitions In The Global Marketplace
by Joel Bleeke

Corporate Tides :- The Inescapable Laws Of Organizational Structure
by Robert Fritz

Cybernetic Trading Strategies :- Developing A Profitable Trading System With State-Of-The-Art Technologies
by Murray Ruggiero

Downscoping :- How To Tame The Diversified Firm
by Robert Hoskisson

Five Frogs On A Log :- A Ceo's Field Guide To Accelerating The Transition In Mergers, Acquisitions & Gut Wrenching Change
by Mark Feldman

How Much Is Your Business Worth? :- A Step-By-Step Guide To Selling & Ensuring The Maximum Sale Value Of Your Business
by Frederick Lipman

Joining Forces :- Making One Plus One Equal Three In Mergers, Acquisitions & Alliances
by Mitchell Marks

Keeping It In The Family :- Successful Succession Of The Family Business
by James Lea

Leading Corporate Transformation :- A Blueprint For Business Renewal
by Robert Miles

Let's Go Into Business Together :- 8 Secrets To Successful Business Partnering
by Azriela Jaffe

M&A A Practical Guide To Doing The Deal :-
by Jeffrey Hooke

Managing Acquisitions :- Creating Value Through Corporate Renewal
by Philippe Haspeslagh

Managing Cultures :- Making Strategic Relationships Work
by Wendy Hall

Managing For Joint Venture Success :-
by Kathryn Harrigan

Managing Mergers :- Acquisitions & Strategic Alliances Integrating People & Cultures
by Sue Cartwright

Managing The Merger :- Making It Work
by Philip Mirvis

Merger & Acquisitions :- Business Strategies For Accountants
by Joseph Morris

Mergers & Acquisitions :- From A To Z Strategic & Practical Guidance For Small- & Middle-Market Buyers & Sellers
by Andrew Sherman

Mergers & Acquisitions :- Handbook For Small & Midsize Companies
by Thomas West

Mergers, Acquisitions & Corporate Restructurings :-
by Patrick Gaughan

Nonprofit Mergers & Alliances :- A Strategic Planning Guide
by Thomas McLaughlin

The Art Of M&A :- A Merger-Acquisition-Buyout Guide
by Stanley Reed

The Art Of M&A Integration :- A Guide To Merging Resources, Processes & Responsibilities
by Alexandra Lajoux

The Deal Decade Handbook :-
by Margaret Blair

The Mergers & Acquisitions Handbook :-
by Milton Rock

The New Financial Capitalists :- Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & The Creation Of Corporate Value
by George Baker

The Power Of Two :- How Companies Of All Sizes Can Build Alliance Networks That Generate Business Opportunities
by John Conlon

The Secrets To Buying & Selling A Business :-
by Ira Nottonson

Winning At Mergers & Acquisitions :- The Guide To Market Focused Planning & Integration
by Mark Clemente

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