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All About Bond Funds :- A Complete Guide For Today's Investors
by Werner Renberg

All About Bonds :- From The Inside Out
by Esme Faerber

Bond Markets :- Analysis & Strategies
by Frank Fabozzi

Bond Markets :- Structures & Yield Calculations
by Patrick Brown

Bonds & Bond Derivatives :-
by Miles Livigston

Charlie D :- The Story Of The Legendary Bond Trader
by William Falloon

Constructing & Calculating Bond Indices :- A Guide To The Effas Standard Rules
by Patrick Brown

Corporate Bonds :- Structures & Analysis
by Richard Wilson

Getting Started In Bonds :-
by Sharon Wright

Getting Started In Bonds :-
by Michael Thomsett

Handbook For Muni Bond Issuers :-
by Joe Mysak

Handbook Of Inflation Indexed Bonds :-
by Frank Fabozzi

High Yield Bonds :- Market Structure, Portfolio Management & Credit Risk Modeling
by Theodore Barnhill

How Municipal Bonds Work :-
by Robert Zipf

How The Bond Market Works :-
by Robert Zipf

How To Buy Bonds The Smart Way :-
by Stephen Littauer

Interest Rate Volatility :- Understanding, Analyzing & Managing Interest Rate Risk & Risk-Based Capital
by Gerald Hanweck

Investing For Income :- A Bond Mutual Fund Approach To High-Return, Low-Risk Profits
by Ralph Norton

Junk Bonds :- How High Yield Securities Restructured Corporate America
by Glenn Yago

Keys To Investing In Government Securities :-
by Jay Goldinger

Keys To Investing In Municipal Bonds :-
by Gary Strumeyer

Money Market & Bond Calculations :-
by Marcia Stigum

Pledging Allegiance :- American Identity & The Bond Drive Of World War II
by Lawrence Samuel

Selected Topics In Bond Portfolio Management :-
by Frank Fabozzi

Straight Talk About Bonds & Bond Funds :-
by Hildy Rich

The Bond Market :- Trading & Risk Management
by Christina Ray

The Bond Markets Of Developing East Asia :-
by Robert Emery

The European Bond Basis :- An In-Depth Analysis For Hedgers, Speculators & Arbitrageurs
by Christopher Plona

The Fixed Income Almanac, 1993 :- The Bond Investor's Compendium Of Key Market, Product & Performance Data
by Livingston Douglas

The Guide To Investing In Bonds :- How To Build Your Wealth By Mastering The Basic Strategies
by Money Smart Series

The Handbook Of Mortgage Backed Securities :-
by Frank Fabozzi

The Municipal Bond Investment Advisor :- Tax-Exempt Investing For High-Bracket Individuals
by Wilson White

The Rate Reference :- Guide To The U.S. Treasury Market 1984-1995
by Steven Ricchiuto

The Reuters Guide To World Bond Markets :-
by Martin Es

The Treasury Bond Basis :- An In-Depth Analysis For Hedgers, Speculators & Arbitrageurs
by Galen Burghardt

Understanding Interest Rate Swaps :-
by Mary Ludwig

Yield Curve Analysis :- The Fundamentals Of Risk & Return
by Livingston Douglas

Yield-Curve Dynamics :- State-Of-The-Art Techniques For Modeling, Trading & Hedging
by Ronald Ryan


Advanced Interest Rate & Currency Swaps :- State-Of-The-Art Products, Strategies & Risk Management Applications
by Ravi Dattatreya

Asia Falling :- Making Sense Of The Asian Currency Crisis & Its Aftermath
by Callum Henderson

Between The Dollar-Sterling Gold Points :- Exchange Rates, Parity & Market Behavior
by Lawrence Officer

Cross Currency Swaps :-
by Carl Beidleman

Currencies & Crises :-
by Paul Krugman

Currency & Interest Rate Hedging :- A User's Guide To Options, Futures, Swaps & Forward Contracts
by Torben Andersen

Currency Derivatives :- Pricing Theory, Exotic Options & Hedging Applications
by David Derosa

Currency Forecasting :- A Guide To Fundamental & Technical Models Of Exchange Rate Determination
by Michael Rosenberg

Currency Options :- Hedging & Trading Strategies
by Henry K

European Currency Crises :-
by Christian Bordes-Marcilloux

Exchange Rate Targets & Currency Bands :-
by Paul Krugman

Foreign Currency Trading :- From The Fundamentals To The Fine Points
by Russell Wasendorf

Foreign Exchange & Money Markets :- Managing Foreign & Domestic Currency Operations
by Heinz Riehl

Foreign Exchange Handbook :- Managing Risk & Opportunity In Global Currency Markets
by Paul Bishop

Fx - Managing Global Currency Risk :-
by Gary Klopfenstein

Strategic Currency Investing :- Trading & Hedging In The Foreign Exhange Market
by Andrew Gitlin

Technical Analysis :- Applications In The Global Currency Markets
by Cornelius Luca

The Money Bazaar :- Inside The Trillion-Dollar World Of Currency Trading
by Andrew Krieger

Trading In Currency Options :-
by William Sutton

Trading In The Global Currency Markets :-
by Cornelius Luca

Tug Of War :- Why You Should Care About The Global Currency Crisis
by Paul Erdman


An Introduction To The WTO Agreements :-
by Bhagirath Das

Applied International Trade Analysis :-
by Abraham Hollander

Aspects Of European Monetary Integration :- The Politics Of Convergence
by Alison Watson

Dynamics, Economic Growth & International Trade :-
by Bjarne Jensen

Economic & Monetary Union In Europe :- Moving Beyond Maastricht
by Peter Kenen

European Monetary Unification :- Theory, Practice & Analysis
by Barry Eichengreen

Exchange Rate Economics :-
by Peter Isard

Exchange Rate Parity For Trade & Development :- Theory, Tests & Case Studies
by Pan Yotopoulos

Exchange Rates & Inflation :-
by Rudiger Dornbusch

Exchange Rates & International Finance :-
by Laurence Copeland

Exchange-Rate Instability :-
by Paul Krugman

Foreign Exchange Option Symmetry :-
by Valery Kholodnyi

How The Foreign Exchange Market Works :-
by Rudi Weisweiller

Inflation, Exchange Rates :- & The World Economy
by Warner Corden

Instant Business :- Japanese Real Life Skills For Real Life Situations
by Giles Murray

Interest Rate Swaps :-
by Carl Beidleman

Interest Rate Swaps :- Valuation, Trading & Processing
by Nasser Saber

International Financial Markets :-
by Orlin Grabbe

International Monetary Arrangements :- For The 21st Century
by Barry Eichengreen

International Money :- Postwar Trends & Theories
by Paul De Grauwe

International Money & Finance :-
by Michael Melvin

Japan, The System That Soured :- The Rise & Fall Of The Japanese Economic Miracle
by Richard Katz

Managing Capital Flows & Exchange Rates :- Perspectives From The Pacific Basin
by Reuven Glick

On Exchange Rates :-
by Jeffrey Frankel

One Market One Money :- An Evaluation Of The Potential Benefits & Costs Of Forming An Economic & Monetary Union
by Michael Emerson

Options On Foreign Exchange :-
by David Derosa

Real Exchange Rates, Devaluation & Adjustment :- Exchange Rate Policy In Developing Countries
by Sebastian Edwards

The Economics Of Monetary Integration :-
by Paul De Grauwe

The Economics Of Monetary Integration :-
by Paul De Grauwe

The Essence Of International Money :-
by Adrian Buckley

The Foreign Exchange & Money Markets Guide :-
by Julian Walmsley

The International Money Market :-
by Gunter Dufey

The Microstructure Of Foreign Exchange Markets :-
by Jeffrey Frankel,

The Rules Of The Game :- International Money & Exchange Rates
by Ronald McKinnon

Treasury Operations & The Foreign Exchange Challenge :- A Guide To Risk Management Strategies For The New World Markets
by Dimitris Chorafas

Understanding Swaps :-
by John Marshall

Zapata's Revenge Free Trade :- & The Farm Crisis In Mexico
by Tom Barry

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