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A Nation In Torment :- The Great American Depression 1929-1939
by Edward Ellis

Against The Tide :- An Intellectual History Of Free Trade
by Douglas Irwin

America's Great Depression :- 4th Edition
by Murray Rothbard

Back From The Brink :- The Greenspan Years
by Stephen Beckner

Capital & Interest :-
by Eugen von Bohm-Bawerk

Capitalism & The Historians :-
by F von Hayek

Death Of Inflation :- Surviving & Thriving In The Zero Era
by R Bootle

Economics & The Public Welfare :-
by Benjamin Anderson

Economics In One Lesson :-
by Henry Hazlitt

How Nations Grow Rich :- The Case For Free Trade
by Melvyn Krauss

How The West Grew Rich :-
by Nathan Rosenberg

Human Action :-
by Ludwig von Mises

Individualism & Economic Order :-
by F von Hayek

Manias, Panics & Crashes :- A History Of Financial Crises
by Charles Kindelberger

Mises Made Easier :-
by Percy Greaves

Money Mischief :- Episodes In Monetary History
by Milton Friedman

Principles Of Economics :-
by Carl Menger

Principles Of Political Economy & Taxation :-
by David Ricardo

The Austrian Theory Of The Trade Cycles :- & Other Essays
by Ludwig von Mises

The General Theory :- Of Employment, Interest & Money
by John Keynes

The Money Game :-
by Adam Smith

The Roosevelt Myth :-
by John Flynn

The Sovereign Individual :-
by James Davidson

The Wealth & Poverty Of Nations :-
by David Landes

Understanding The Dollar Crisis :-
by Percy Greaves


1001 Ways To Cut Your Expenses :-
by Jonathan Pond

21 Days To A Thrifty Lifestyle :- A Proven Plan For Beginning New Habits
by Mike Yorkey

Bonnie's Household Budget Book :- The Essential Workbook For Getting Control Of Your Money
by Bonnie McCullough

Breaking Out Of Plastic Prison :- A 10-Step Program To Financial Freedom
by James Dean

Credit Card & Debt Management :- A Step-By-Step How-To Guide For Organizing Debt & Saving Money On Interest Payments
by Scott Bilker

Debt No More :- How To Get Totally Out Of Debt Including Your Mortgage
by Carolyn White

Debt Proof Your Holidays :-
by Mary Hunt

Dollar Pinching :- A Consumer's Guide To Smart Spending
by Shelly Branch

Dollars & Sense For College Students :- Or How Not To Run Out Of Money
by Mid-Terms

Downsized But Not Defeated :- The Family Guide To Living On Less
by Hope Quinn

Empirical Foundations Of Household Taxation :-
by Martin Feldstein

Everything You Need To Know About Money & Investing :- A Financial Expert Answers The 1,001 Most Frequently Asked Questions
by Sarah Fisher

Fear, Greed & The End Of The Rainbow :- Guarding Your Assets In The Coming Bear Market
by Andrew Sarlos

Generous Living :- Finding Contentment Through Giving
by Ron Blue

Getting A Life :- Real Lives Transformed By Your Money Or Your Life
by Jacqueline Blix

How To Live Within Your Means :- & Still Finance Your Dreams
by Robert Ortalda

How To Solve All Your Money Problems Forever :- Creating A Positive Flow Of Money Into Your Life
by Victor Boc

How You Can Profit From The Coming Devaluation :-
by Harry Browne

International Comparisons Of Household Saving :-
by James Poterba

Kids & Money :- A Hands-On Parent's Guide To Teach Children About Money Management & Business Basics
by Michael Searls

Larry Burkett's Little Instruction Book :- On Managing Your Money
by Larry Burkett

Life After Debt :-
by Bob Hammond

Life Without Debt :- Free Yourself From The Burden Of Money Worries Once & For All
by Bob Hammond

Living On A Shoestring :- The Tightwad Twins
by Ann Chodakowski

Mary Hunt's :- The Complete Cheapskate How To Get Out Of Debt, Stay Out & Break Free From Money Worries Forever
by Mary Hunt

Master Your Money :- A Step-By-Step Plan For Financial Freedom
by Ron Blue

Mind Over Money :- Match Your Personality To A Winning Financial Strategy
by John Schott

Monetary History Of The United States 1867-1960 :-
by Milton Friedman

Money & Man :- A Survey Of Monetary Experience
by Elgin Groseclose

Money An Owners Manual :- A Personal Guide To Financial Freedom
by Dennis Deaton

Money Doesn't Grow On Trees :- A Parent's Guide To Raising Financially Responsible Children
by Neale Godfrey

Money Management For College Students :-
by Larry Burkett

Money Troubles :- Legal Strategies To Cope With Your Debts
by Robin Leonard

Money, Money, Money :- The Search For Wealth & The Pursuit Of Happiness
by Jacob Needleman

Never Balance Your Checkbook On Tuesday :- & 300 More Financial Lessons You Can't Afford Not To Know
by Nancy Dunnan

Never Throw Out A Banana Again :- & 364 Other Ways To Save Money At Home Without Knocking Yourself Out
by Darcie Sanders

On The Manipulation Of Money & Credit :-
by Ludwig von Mises

Paper Money Of The United States :-
by Arthur Friedberg

Personal Finances :- Includes Family Budget Models
by Larry Burnett

Prince Charming Isn't Coming :- How Women Get Smart About Money
by Barbara Stanny

Raising Kids With Just A Little Cash :-
by Lisa Reid

Real Wealth :- A Spiritual Approach To Money & Work
by Jonathan Robinson

Repair Your Own Credit :-
by Bob Hammond,

Saving Money Any Way You Can :- How To Become A Frugal Family
by Mike Yorkey

Shattering The Two-Income Myth :- Daily Secrets For Living Well On One Income
by Andy Dappen

Shop, Save, Share :-
by Ellie Kay

Taming The Money Monster :- Five Steps To Conquering Debt
by Ron Blue

The 9 Steps To Financial Freedom :- Practical & Spiritual Steps So You Can Stop Worrying - Audio Cassette
by Suze Orman

The Beardstown Ladies :- Guide To Smart Spending For Big Savings - How To Save For A Rainy Day Without Sacrificing Your Lifestyle
by Beardstown Ladies' Investment Club

The Budget Kit :- The Common Cents Money Management Workbook
by Judy Lawrence

The Case Against The Fed :-
by Murray Rothbard

The Cheapskate's Guide :- To Living Cheaper & Better
by Leslie Hamilton

The Complete Idiot's Guide :- To Managing Your Money
by Christy Heady

The Complete Tightwad Gazette :- Promoting Thrift As A Viable Alternative Lifestyle
by Amy Dacyczyn

The Credit Repair Kit :-
by John Ventura

The Fix Your Credit Workbook :- A Step By Step Guide To A Lifetime Of Great Credit
by Todd Bierman

The Gospel Of Good Success :- A Six-Step Program To Spiritual, Emotional & Financial Success
by Kirbyjon Caldwell

The Guerrilla Guide To Credit Repair :- How To Find Out What's Wrong With Your Credit Rating-And How To Fix It
by Todd Bierman

The Guerrilla Guide To Mastering Student Loan Debt :- Everything You Should Know About Negotiating The Right Loan For You, Paying It Off, Protecting Yourself
by Anne Stockwell

The Guide To Personal Budgeting :- How To Stretch Your Dollars Through Wise Money Management
by David Scott

The Insider's Guide To Managing Your Credit :- How To Establish, Maintain, Repair & Protect Your Credit
by Deborah McNaughton

The New Rules Of Money :- 88 Strategies For Financial Success Today
by Ric Edelman

The No-Nonsense Credit Manual :- How To Repair Your Credit Profile, Manage Personal Debts & Get The Right Home Loan Or Car Lease
by Shaun Aghili

The Overspent American :- Upscaling, Downshifting & The New Consumer
by Juliet Schor

The Rookie's Guide To Money Management :- How To Keep Score Of Your Finances
by Carolina Edwards

The Simple Life :-
by Larry Roth

The Smart Woman's Guide :- To Spending, Saving & Managing Money
by Ellie Clinton

The Theory Of Money & Credit :-
by Ludwig von Mises

The Wall Street Journal Guide :- To Understanding Money & Investing
by Kenneth Morris

The Wall Street Journal Lifetime Guide :- To Money Everything You Need To Know About Managing Your Finances - For Every Stage Of Life
by Frederic Wiegold

Tightwad Gazette III :- Promoting Thrift As A Viable Alternative Lifestyle
by Amy Dacyczyn

Time & Money Management For Dummies :- - Abridged
by Jeffrey Mayer

Tiptionary :-
by Mary Hunt

Tug Of War :-
by Paul Erdman

Two Incomes & Still Broke? :- It's Not How Much You Make, But How Much You Keep
by Linda Kelley

Wealth On Minimal Wage :- Living Well On Less
by James Steamer

What Every Credit Card User Needs To Know :- How To Protect Yourself & Your Money
by Howard Strong

What Has The Government Done To Our Money :-
by Murray Rothbard

Where Does All The Money Go? :- Taking Control Of Your Personal Expenses
by Andy Mayer

You're Retired, Now What? :- Money Skills For A Comfortable Retirement
by Ronald Yolles

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