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Baruch My Own Story :-
by Bernard Baruch

Forbes Greatest Business Stories Of All Time :-
by Daniel Gross

Iacocca An Autobiography :-
by Lee Iacocca

Investment Biker :- On The Road With Jim Rogers
by Jim Rogers

Investment Gurus :- A Road Map To Wealth From The World's Best Money Managers
by Peter Tanous

Market Wizards :- Interviews With Top Traders
by Jack Schwager

Technically Speaking :- Tips & Techniques From 16 Top Analysts
by Chris Wilkinson

The Investor's Anthology :- Original Ideas From The Industry's Greatest Minds
by Charles Ellis

Trader Vic II :- Principles Of Professional Speculation
by Victor Sperandeo


25 Investment Classics Insights :- From The Greatest Investment Books Of All Time
by Leo Gough

A Fool & His Money :- The Odyssey Of An Average Investor
by John Rothchild

A Neglected Point In Connection With Crises :-
by Nicolas Johannsen

Bernard Baruch :- The Adventures Of A Wall Street Legend
by James Grant

Classics An Investor's Anthology :-
by Charles Ellis

Conservative Investors Sleep Well :-
by Phillip Fisher

Developing An Investment Philosophy :-
by Philip Fisher

Extraordinary Popular Delusions :- & The Madness Of Crowds & Confusion De Confusiones
by Charles MacKay

Fixed Income Masterpieces :- Insights From America's Great Investors
by Livingston Douglas

Only Yesterday :- An Informal History Of The 1920's
by Frederick Allen

Profits Interest & Investment :-
by Friedrich Hayek

Short Sales & Manipulation Of Securities :-
by Bernard Baruch

The Baruch Collection :- The Bernard M. & Annie Griffen Baruch Silver Collection
by Catherine Horne

The Battle For Investment Survival :-
by Gerald Loeb

The Stock Market Barometer :-
by William Hamilton

Thoughts Of Chairman Buffett :- Thirty Years Of Unconventional Wisdom From The Sage Of Omaha
by Simon Reynolds

Where Are The Customer's Yachts? :- Or, A Good Hard Look At Wall Street
by Fred Schwed

Where The Money Grows :- An Anatomy Of The Bubble
by Garet Garrett


Fixed Income & Interest Rate Derivative Analysis :-
by Mark Britten-Jones

Fixed Income Analytics :-
by Kenneth Garbade

Fixed Income Investments :- A Personal Seminar
by Nyif

Fixed Income Securities :-
by Frank Fabozzi

Fixed Income Securities :- Tools For Today's Markets
by Bruce Tuckman

Fixed Income Solutions :- New Techniques For Managing Market Risks
by Thomas Ho

Fixed-Income Portfolio Strategies :- State-Of-The-Art Technologies & Innovations
by Frank Fabozzi

Frontiers In Fixed Income Management :- The State-Of-The-Art In Credit Risk, Derivatives Valuation & Portfolio Strategies
by Thomas Ho

Practical Introduction To Fixed Income Securities :-
by Fisch


Credit Derivatives :- A Guide To Instruments & Applications
by Janet Tavakoli

Credit Derivatives :- Trading & Management Of Credit & Default Risk
by Satyajit Das

Emerging Market Portfolios :- Diversification & Hedging Strategies
by Michael Papaioannou

Fixed Income Analysis For The Global Financial Market Money :- Market, Foreign Exchange & Derivative Securities
by Giorgio Questa

Foreign Investments :- & The Management Of Politial Risk
by Dan Haendel

Global Asset Allocation :- Techniques For Optimizing Portfolio Management
by Jess Lederman

Global Investing :- A Handbook For Sophisticated Investors
by Summer Levine

Global Investing :- Eurobonds & Alternatives
by Julian Walmsley

Global Investing :- The Professional's Guide To The World Capital Markets
by Roger Ibbotson

Global Investing 1999 :- A Guide To The 50 Best Stocks In The World
by Andrew Leckey

Global Investing For Maximum Profit & Safety :- Think Globally - Diversify Your Investment Income To Take Advantage Of The Booming Worldwide Economy
by Jerome Schneider

Global Investing The Templeton Way :-
by Norman Berryessa

Global Portfolio Diversification :- Risk Management, Market Microstructure & Implementation Issues
by Raj Aggarwal

International Money & Foreign Exchange Markets :- An Introduction
by Julian Walmsley

Investing In Emerging Markets :-
by Mike Howell

Japan In East Asia Trading :- & Investment Strategies
by Wendy Dobson

Macro Trading & Investment Strategies :- Macroeconomic Arbitrage In Global Markets
by Gabriel Burstein

Market Unbound Unleashing Global Capitalism :-
by Lowell Bryan

Mobius On Emerging Markets :-
by Mark Mobius

Multinational Risk Assessment & Management :-
by Wenlee Ting

Protecting Foreign Investment Under International Law :- Legal Aspects Of Political Risk
by Paul Comeaux

Sovereign Rescheduling :- Risk & Portfolio Management
by Ronald Solberg

The Hedge Fund Edge :- Maximum Profit - Minimum Risk Global Trend Trading Strategies
by Mark Boucher

The Investor's Guide To Emerging Markets :-
by Mark Mobius

The Investor's Guide To Emerging Markets :-
by Mark Mobius

The Irwin Guide To Investing In Emerging Markets :-
by Marjorie Stanley


10 Minute Guide To Mutual Funds :- 10 Minute Guides
by Werner Renberg

A Commonsense Guide To Mutual Funds :-
by Mary Rowland

Bogle On Mutual Funds :- New Perspectives For The Intelligent Investor
by John Bogles

Building Your Mutual Fund Portfolio :- A Passport To Low-Risk, High-Return Investing
by Albert Fredman

Business Week Guide To Mutual Funds :-
by Jeffrey Laderman

But Which Mutual Funds? :- How To Pick The Right Ones To Achieve Your Financial Dreams
by Steven Goldberg

Buying Mutual Funds For Free :-
by Kirk Kazanjian

Common Sense On Mutual Funds :- New Imperatives For The Intelligent Investor
by John C. Bogle

Complete Idiot's Guide :- To Making Money In Mutual Funds
by Alan Lavine

Create & Manage :- Your Own Mutual Fund
by Vita Nelson

Every Investor's Guide To High-Tech Stocks & Mutual Funds :- Proven Strategies For Picking High-Growth Winners
by Michael Murphy

Fidelity Select Money :- The Complete Investor's Guide To Track & Improve Fidelity Select Mutual Fund Performance
by Donald Pickinpaugh

Fidelity's World :- The Secret Life & Public Power Of The Mutual Fund Giant
by Diana Henriques

Funding Your Future :- The Only Guide To Mutual Funds You'll Ever Need
by Jonathan Clements

Getting Started In Mutual Funds :-
by Alan Lavine

Global Investing With Mutual Funds :-
by Jon Woronoff

Herzfeld's Guide To Closed-End Funds :-
by Thomas Herzfeld

How Mutual Funds Work :-
by Albert Fredman

If You're Clueless About Mutual Funds :- & Want To Know More
by Seth Godin

Index Mutual Funds :- Profiting From An Investment Revolution
by Scott Simon

Index Your Way To Investment Success :-
by Walter Good

Investing In Closed-End Funds :- Finding Value & Building Wealth
by Albert Fredman

Keys To Investing In Mutual Funds :-
by Warren Boroson

Managing Your Investment Manager :- Complete Guide To Selection, Measurement & Control
by Arthur Williams

Morningstar 500 1998-99 :-
by Don Phillips

Morningstar Closed-End Fund 250 1996-97 :-
by Curt Cronister

Mutual Fund Investing On The Internet :-
by Peter Crane

Mutual Fund Mastery :- Wealth-Building Secrets From America's Investment Pros
by Kurt Brouwer

Mutual Funds For Dummies :-
by Eric Tyson

Mutual Funds On The Net :- Making Money Online
by Paul Farrell

Power Investing With Sector Funds :- Mutual Fund Timing & Allocation Strategies
by Peter Madlem

Sheldon Jacobs' Guide :- To Successful No-Load Fund Investing
by Sheldon Jacobs

Successful Investing With Fidelity Funds :-
by Jack Bowers

The 100 Best Mutual Funds :- To Own In America
by Gene Walden

The 100 Best Mutual Funds You Can Buy :-
by Gordon Williamson

The Art Of Astute Investing :- Building Wealth With No-Load Mutual Funds
by C Conover

The Complete Guide :- To Managing A Portfolio Of Mutual Funds
by Ronald Rutherford

The Foolish Four :- How To Crush Your Mutual Funds In 15 Minutes A Year
by Brain Bauer

The Morningstar Approach To Investing :- Wiring Into The Mutual Fund Revolution
by Andrew Leckey

The Mutual Fund Business :-
by Robert Pozen

The Neatest Little Guide To Mutual Fund Investing :-
by Jason Kelly

The New Commonsense Guide :- To Mutual Funds
by Mary Rowland

The Only Guide To A Winning Investment Strategy You'll Ever Need :- Index Mutual Funds & Beyond - The Way Smart Money Invests Today
by Larry Swedroe

The Right Way To Invest In Mutual Funds :-
by Walter Updegrave

The Vanguard Experiment :- John Bogle's Quest To Transform The Mutual Fund Industry
by Robert Slater

Wall Street's Picks For 1999 :-
by Kirk Kazanjian

Winning With Index Mutual Funds :- How To Beat Wall Street At Its Own Game
by Jerry Tweddell

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