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Wednesday, April 26 2017

Why Now Precious Metals?

Have we indeed reached mined peak gold production? With future mines being on average much lower grade then mines currently in production, at the very least, considering it takes up to 20 years from discovery to production, it’s not hard to believe we are have reached peak mined gold for this mining cycle.

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May the ore be with you: Japan sells gold Darth Vader mask

A solid gold Darth Vader mask is going on sale in Japan, with a $1.4 million price tag for a one-of-a-kind likeness of science fiction's most famous villain.

Jeweller Ginza Tanaka on Tuesday showcased the 15-kilogramme (33-pound) sculpture, which has been commissioned to mark the 40th anniversary this year of the release of "Star Wars".

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Why India needs a bullion bank

How come a country with an insatiable demand for the yellow metal has little say in the global market? With the right policy, India can become a dominant player - See more at:

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U.K.’s Royal Mint, the Blockchain and Gold: A Look Ahead

Dovetailing off of its 2016 blockchain-backed project announcement aimed at providing physical gold that's cost-effective, convenient and assured, the UK's Royal Mint and the Chicago-based CME Group has now begun live testing Royal Mint Gold (RMG).

The CME system for RMG, powered by AlphaPoint, is currently undergoing rigorous testing with institutional traders. Its goal is to create a trading platform that satisfies customer demands for a more rapid, cost-effective and secure means of purchasing, storing and selling gold.

In addition, Blockchain security company BitGo has been collaborating with CME Group in developing the architecture, rules and parameters of the blockchain. The multi-signature wallet technology BitGo currently uses for its current client base will be the foundational security protocol for RMG. This is generally regarded as the safest way to deal with digital assets like gold. Developers, business and research are able to now access the code for evaluation and testing purposes.

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The formation of gold deposits in South Africa

The Witwatersrand basin in South Africa hosts the largest known gold repository on Earth -- but how was it formed? Scientists were able to figure out how parts of the Earth's largest gold deposits formed about three billion years ago. Crude oil and hot hydrothermal fluids played a major role.

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London Metal Exchange to delay launch of precious metal contracts

The launch of the London Metal Exchange's new precious metals contracts will be delayed until July 10, more than a month later than previously announced, it said on Monday.

The new gold and silver contracts, a mix of daily and monthly contracts designed to enable industrial users to hedge specific dates, were due to go live in early June.

But the LME decided to delay the start "in the interests of maximizing market readiness and participation", it said in a statement on Monday, adding that some prospective participants had indicated that they would not be ready to participate fully in the contracts until the July date.

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Indian physical gold buying may be behind Dubai tightness

A pick-up in buying demand for physical gold in India, the world's number two consumer of the yellow metal, was leading to tightness in the local Dubai market, sources said Tuesday.

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US gold recycling to remain subdued, despite forecast of rising gold prices

US gold recycling to remain subdued, despite forecast of rising gold prices

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Sprott Precious Metals Watch

At Sprott, our investment thesis for gold is significantly long-term in scope. We believe gold’s methodical advance since 2000 has had more to do with the growing disconnect between productive output (GDP) and ever-inflating claims on that output (debt and equity valuations), than with short-term fluctuations in variables such as CPI-type inflation or interest rates. Because we view gold as a highly productive, portfolio-diversifying asset until such time as these gaping imbalances are finally resolved (through default or debasement or both), we are generally loath to focus on short-term projections for gold markets. However, the current alignment of fundamental, technical and quantitative factors underpinning gold markets has become so asymmetrical to the upside, we have developed high confidence for an imminent and potentially significant rally in precious-metal valuations.

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China's net-gold imports via Hong Kong more than doubles in March

Net-gold imports by the world's top gold consumer through the port of Hong Kong rose to 111.647 tonnes in March from 47.931 tonnes in February, according to data emailed to Reuters by the Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department.

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Monday, April 24 2017

Sweden's Gold Reserves: 10,000 gold bars shrouded in Official Secrecy

he Swedish Riksbank claims to hold 10,000 large Good Delivery gold bars in 5 locations across the world and now claims to have conducted physical gold audits of this gold. Yet it has never published any physical gold audit results of any of these gold bars nor published any of the serial numbers of any of the 10,000 gold bars it claims to have in storage. For a so-called progressive democracy this is shocking, although not surprising given the arrogant and unaccountable company that central bankers keep with each other.

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Gold Fields South Deep Mine, Digging Two Miles Underground

Gold mining at South Deep, the world's second-biggest deposit, would never be easy. Located an hour's drive west of Johannesburg, the resource holds 63 million ounces that formed in an ancient lake, now crystallized in rock, three kilometers (1.9 miles) underground. Gold Fields Ltd. has spent 29 billion rand ($2.5 billion) on the mine and has repeatedly missed ramp-up targets due to fatal accidents, mistakes and changing mining methods. A complex geological formation, seismic activity as well as the difficulty of operating high-powered diggers in deep tunnels has slowed progress. Now, armed with a new mining plan and costs under control, it says South Deep will operate at full capacity within five years, and will churn out the precious metal for at least the next 70 years.

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Saturday, April 22 2017

Transparent Precious Metal Holdings - Gold/Silver

Flows this week

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Gold/Silver - Futures - COTs - Commitment of Traders

COTs this week

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Friday, April 21 2017

Investors Propel Purchases of Gold ETF on Geopolitics Trigger

Investors stepped up buying of the world’s largest gold-backed exchanged traded fund by the most in seven months amid concern about the outcome of European elections and a more aggressive U.S. stance on North Korea, Syria and Iran.

Holdings in SPDR Gold Shares climbed 1.4 percent Wednesday to 860.76 metric tons, the biggest one-day increase since September and the highest since Dec. 7. With gold futures up 11 percent this year, buyers are pouring funds into the non-interest bearing metal as the dollar fluctuates and Treasury yields hover close to the lowest levels this year.

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A physical gold dealer saw a 119% increase in sales when Theresa May called for a snap election

Prime Minister Theresa May surprised the public when she called for an early general election on Tuesday, and sent cautious savers to seek safety in physical gold.

The Pure Gold Company said it saw a 119% increase in customers buying physical gold after the announcement, with one person buying £1.3 million worth of one ounce gold Britannia coins.

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Graphene and gold make a better brain probe

The electrode starts with a thin gold base. Attached to the base are tiny zinc oxide nanowires, which are coated in a thin layer of gold, and then a layer of conducting polymer called PEDOT. These combined materials increase the probe's effective surface area, conducting properties, and strength of the electrode, while still maintaining flexibility and compatibility with soft tissue.

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Fusion efficiency boosted by exploding a tiny gold shell from the inside

The key to inertial confinement fusion is that the laser crushes a pellet of nuclear fuel, increasing the pressure and temperature to the point where fusion can occur. This works if you can get a set of laser beams that illuminate the pellet from all sides at once, delivering an even and clean crushing force.

But, what would happen if, instead of applying the force from the outside, the force was applied from the inside and directed outward?

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Thursday, April 20 2017

Russian Gold Reserves

Russia adds 800,000oz to it's reserves in March

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Gold's Top Forecaster Says Prices May Hit $1,350 by Year-End

Gold will end the year higher, spurred by faster inflation and political tensions in Russia, Syria and North Korea, according to Intesa Sanpaolo SpA, the best forecaster for the metal last quarter.

Prices could take a v-shaped path this year, with a swoon coming mid-year as the Federal Reserve raises U.S. interest rates, said Daniela Corsini, an analyst at the bank. Gold will likely bounce back by year-end, reaching a high of $1,350 an ounce in the fourth quarter, she predicted.

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