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Friday, December 13 2019

Gold Token Created By Crypto And Precious Metals Giants Opens Trading To The Public

DGLD, a network with more than $20M in investment grade gold allocated in Swiss vaults and secured using Bitcoin, has launched and is now available for purchase exclusively on The PIT, Blockchain.com's cryptocurrency exchange.

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Tuesday, November 19 2019

U.S. Gov’t Extradites Alleged Fraudster for Selling Fake Securities for $11 M in BTC

Karlsson allegedly used Eastern Metal Securities, as well as an array of false online identities, to funnel investors into paying $98 per share in the company on the promise of an eventual payout of 1.15 kilograms of gold per share — as of press time, worth nearly $60,000.

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Friday, July 26 2019

Industry Veterans Launch Dignity Holdings

Dignity Holdings, LLC, a leader in cryptocurrency and digital coin mining, today announced its official launch, and that its wholly owned subsidiaries Dignity Mining Group, LLC and Dignity Gold, LLC have acquired Cryptobontix, a family of tokens backed by SION Trading FZE's gold in Dubai. Through the acquisition, Dignity Gold now owns four of Crytobontix's digital cryptocurrencies: Dignity (DIG), Namaste (NAM), Honor (HNR) and Orectic (ORE). It will also continue the relationship with SION Trading FZE through the safe keeping receipt (SKR) for 395,000 kilograms of gold in addition to the tokens. The acquisition also includes Dignity Mining Group's acquisition of an extensive mining operation based in Upstate New York. The newly-formed companies are being led by investment, technology and real estate industry veterans Stephen Braverman, who will serve as President and CEO, and Kent M. Swig, who will serve as Chairman.

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Sunday, July 21 2019

Iran Announces Gold Backed National Cryptocurrency

The Tehran News agency has reported that Iran intends to launch a gold-backed cryptocurrency.

“Iran’s cryptocurrency will be supported by gold, but its function is similar to other cryptocurrencies. The crypto asset is designed to maximize the use of Iranian frozen bank assets.”

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Friday, May 24 2019

Russia’s Central Bank to Consider Gold-Backed Cryptocurrencies for Mutual Settlements

Russia’s central bank, the Bank of Russia, will consider issuing a gold-backed cryptocurrency

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Thursday, April 25 2019

When The Tide Goes Out

Investments: Gold and Bitcoin, Stronger Together

Technical Analysis: Spring Awakening?

Cryptocurrency Mining in Theory and Practice

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Tuesday, February 12 2019

Novem is a blockchain-connected hoard of gold

“Novem is a better way to buy gold, with all purchases verified by third-parties at the time of purchase, secure storage with third-party auditing, and at the time of sale. The differentiation from other gold-backed coins is 100% liquidity and ‘old economy’ precious metals industry certifications,” said a Novem spokesperson.

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Saturday, February 2 2019

Iran Launches Gold-backed Cryptocurrency as Anticipation for Crypto-Rial Grows to Evade US Sanctions

A gold-backed cryptocurrency has been launched in the Islamic Republic of Iran,. The cryptocurrency known as Peyman (the Persian word for covenant) is the fruit of cooperation between four banks and Ghoghnoos Company.

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Friday, November 16 2018

Forget Bars And Coins; Digital Gold Will Revolutionize Marketplace

Grosskopf said that he thinks a digital bullion marketplace will open up the gold market to a new category of investors and bring much-needed efficiencies for the market.

“Without exaggeration, I think a digital exchange is important for the gold market,” he said. “The gold market is ready for a whole new investor. We just have to bring the physical market into a digital world.”

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Monday, November 12 2018

Major gold bullion manufacturer may issue gold backed token on blockchain

One of the most prestigious gold bullion manufacturers and traders in the world is contemplating the issue of a gold-backed blockchain token to enhance its business operations, they hold the relevant licenses in London & Singapore and have been operating for decades. Gold-backed cryptocurrencies are constantly coming to the market at present, but this major issue will prove very popular with investors.

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Monday, November 5 2018

Arbitrade Ltd. Board of Directors Announces They Have Secured in Excess of $10 Billion U.S. Dollars in Gold to Back Their Tokens

Confirmed today, Len Schutzman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Arbitrade Ltd., on behalf of the Board of Directors, announced today via its Agency of Record for Traditional and Non-Traditional Media, Creative Management Partners LLC (CMP), that Arbitrade Ltd. has received title of gold bullion stored at independent security facilities in the amount of 395,000 kgs with a current market value in excess of $10 Billion U.S. (15.6b)

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Wednesday, October 31 2018

JP Morgan's Quorum blockchain opens new world of trading opportunities

A blockchain platform built by global investment bank JP Morgan is being used to "tokenise" gold bars to allow sustainable miners to earn a premium on global markets, an indication of new trading opportunities the disruptive technology will create over the coming decade.

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Monday, June 4 2018

Dignity Charts

There's a new Crypto Gold token called DIG: Dignity about to debut.

These charts show the volatility that will be in the tokens.

One to have & hold.

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Saturday, May 5 2018

Cryptos on Fire

Worth their weight in gold....

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Friday, April 20 2018


Wot U got?

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Thursday, April 19 2018


Two week performance

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