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Saturday, August 31 2019

How Much Platinum is in the World?

This estimated 8 million ounces of .999 fine platinum bullion above ground supply is valued at approximately $6.4 billion USD in current value based on a current $800 oz platinum spot price.

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Friday, August 30 2019

Gold vs Platinum

Many do not realise but traditionally platinum is more expensive than gold (because it is much rarer) - so platinum has a lot of catching up to do as gold moves higher.

Platinum & silver are the 2 most undervalued metals out of the 4 & will strongly follow gold higher.

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Platinum Prices Jump On China Stimulus Hopes; Seen As Catch-Up Trade To Gold & Silver

Platinum is up 10% in 68 trading hours on hopes China's domestic automobile industry can be revived.

Among the contributing factors mentioned above of why platinum prices are rising, it could be soon considered a catch-up trade to gold and silver, which have exploded over the course of this year thanks to dovish tilts by global central banks, an escalating trade war between the US and China, and macroeconomic risks pertaining to a worldwide synchronized slowdown.

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Saturday, January 20 2018

Platinum Plays Catch-Up But It Has A Long Way To Go

Every dog has its day, and right now platinum looks like it is heading for a test of technical resistance at $1026.50, the early September 2017 high. A move above that level would break the pattern of lower highs and could put the volatile precious metal in a position to test its 2016 peak at $1199.50 per ounce. Even though platinum has rallied more than gold, it remains at around a $325 discount to the yellow metal, and at over $105 per ounce below palladium. On a historical basis, even though platinum is well off its lows, it remains cheap compared to both gold and palladium.

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