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Friday, January 24 2020

Palladium trade body warns of supply pinch in London

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The body charged with overseeing London’s palladium market has issued a stern warning to its members to ensure trading still functions as it should, as fears grow over a chronic shortage of the metal used in catalytic converters.

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Monday, January 20 2020

'There's no metal': Record-breaking palladium races higher

A squeeze in ready availability of automotive metal palladium has driven up already record-high prices by 25% in just two weeks, accelerating a four-year rally and stoking expectations for further gains, analysts said.

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Thursday, December 19 2019

Unstoppable palladium flirts with $2,000 for first time

Palladium prices are within a whisker of breaking above $2,000 an ounce for the first time, with a gaping supply deficit fuelling a remarkable run that has seen the autocatalyst metal more than quadruple in value since 2016.

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Friday, October 4 2019

Palladium to build on record peak as market tightens again

Shortages of metal eased this summer, causing prices to dip, but auto manufacturers, who account for 80% of palladium consumption, have ramped up purchases in recent weeks, Mitsubishi analyst Jonathan Butler said.

“Over the next 12-18 months we are probably going to see $2,000 in range,” he said.

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Thursday, August 1 2019

Palladium primed for record highs as oversupply batters platinum

Once by far the more expensive of the two metals, both primarily used in vehicle exhausts to reduce harmful emissions, platinum’s market value has halved since 2011.

It has faced weakening demand and oversupply, while an acute deficit has more than tripled the cost of palladium since 2016.

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Saturday, December 30 2017

Annual Change in PMs

Palladium the out-performer.

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Wednesday, May 18 2016

Palladium left out of precious metals rally; investors shy away

Investor appetite for palladium-backed exchange-traded funds is failing to pick up after a dismal 2015, pointing to another difficult year for the metal despite the prospect of a deepening supply deficit.

"It is a big concern," Julius Baer analyst Carsten Meneke said. "Palladium had been a consensus bullish call for quite some time, and our fear was always what would happen if investors lost patience with that call."

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Thursday, April 9 2015

Is This $2 Billion Buy A Sign Of Opportunity In Palladium?

Critical item for the global platinum-group metals market this week. Suggesting that big changes may be ahead for buying and pricing in this space.

Major Russian PGM miner Norilsk said in an interview that it is creating an investment fund to buy palladium. Looking to consolidate much of the world’s privately-held stock of the metal under one umbrella.

Norilsk’s head of strategic marketing, Anton Berlin, told Bloomberg that the planned palladium fund will be of significant scale. With managers looking to buy up to $2 billion worth of the metal.

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Tuesday, January 20 2015

Palladium is a Metal Rarer Than Gold. Now It's Even More Rare, Thanks to Cheap Oil

The lowest oil prices in five years and cheap bank loans are helping to extend a rebound in automobile sales that began in 2009, boosting demand for everything from catalytic converters to Alcoa Inc. (AA:US)’s aluminum sheets and Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.’s wheels. Even after palladium prices soared to a 13-year high in September, Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank AG remain bullish because car parts account for 70 percent of the metal’s use.

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Saturday, November 22 2014

In Putin’s Russia, Gold and Palladium Hoard You!

The volume of palladium in Gokhran’s reserves is a state secret, but it holds one of the world’s biggest gold and currency reserves of around $460 billion, Reuters reported. By doling some of this out to Norilsk, Putin could help Potanin, a loyal ally, and help himself by boosting Norilsk’s ability to turn a profit in what is sure to be a brutal Russian economic landscape in 2015. By acquiring more gold and platinum and selling it to his friends in Russian industry, Putin’s finance ministry can then artificially boost the bottom lines of other Russian industrial giants. Palladium, of course, will need to be in supply deficit as Potanin is predicting it will be.

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Monday, October 13 2014

Palladium Still the Fairest Precious Metal

BMO Capital Markets made waves last week with the announcement that it’s lowered its price expectations for gold, silver and platinum.

That’s bad news for precious metals investors, but luckily there’s still one such metal that the firm believes will do well. That, of course, is palladium.

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Wednesday, October 1 2014

Standard Bank’s palladium ETF lists on the NSE

AfricaPalladium has attracted 560 000oz of palladium valued in excess of R5 billion from investors since its inception on 24 March, 2014, on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE).

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Tuesday, September 23 2014

Palladium Fell 12% in September, Trading at its 200-day SMA

Palladium is an element is used in electronics, fuel cells, and is important in filtering harmful gasses from exhausts into less harmful substances. In the past couple of months, we have seen commodity prices fall across many asset classes. Gold, silver, copper, oil, dairy etc. Palladium prices have been falling sharply as well. In the daily chart we can see that most of the year was bullish for Palladium, rising from a low on the year at 693.50 to 910.30. After this 30% gain prices fell to about 800 today (9/22), fading about 12% in September. Maybe we can expect some consolidation around 800?

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Friday, September 12 2014

Is gold losing its shine?

Mike Kane, CEO of Hedgeable, explains why palladium may be overtaking gold as the most attractive precious metal for investors, what it means, and why it is not necessarily just a temporary fixture.

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Wednesday, September 10 2014

The Hottest Metal On The Planet Breaks Support

When it comes to the metals complex, it's not been that great of a year for Gold or Silver. On the flip side, Palladium has had a very good year. It was up near 25% YTD a couple of weeks ago.

Of late, Palladium is breaking a support line that has been in place the past 9 months. I am of the opinion it pays to watch leadership. Keep a close eye here on Palladium price action over the next few weeks.

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Saturday, August 30 2014

Russian palladium supply seen slipping 2 pct in 2014-GFMS

Supply of autocatalyst metal palladium from Russia is expected to fall 2 percent this year, GFMS analysts said on Friday, but the impact of potential sanctions over the Ukraine conflict is likely to be minimal.

Speculation that the stand-off between Moscow and the West over Ukraine could hurt output from Russia has helped prices of the metal hit 13-1/2 year highs this month at $905 an ounce. Russia is the number one source of palladium, accounting for more than 40 percent of supply last year.

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Palladium price pushes past $900/oz on Russian uncertainty

Palladium was the star performer in the precious metals complex on Friday, with further supply concerns in an already strong demand environment pushing the metal above $900 for the first time in 13 years.

The metal has been toying with this psychological level for weeks and only managed break through on the current climate of uncertainty over Russian supplies.

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Saturday, August 23 2014

This surprising metal is crushing gold

While everyone is staring at gold, one surprising precious metal is trouncing it: palladium.

The metal is up 22 percent this year, and earlier this week, it made 13-year highs as it broke above $900 per troy ounce. Gold, meanwhile, is only up 5 percent in 2014.

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Monday, August 18 2014

Palladium skyrockets on Russia tensions, hits 13-year high

Palladium hit $900 a troy ounce on Monday for the first time since 2001, taking this year’s price gain to 25%.

The precious metal has benefited from real and potential supply disruptions in South Africa and Russia, the two main producing countries.

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Thursday, August 7 2014

Palladium weakens as bulls head for exit

The top performing precious metal of 2014 is beginning to come under pressure.

Since reaching its highest level in almost 14 years three weeks ago, palladium, used in catalytic converters that clean car exhausts, has dropped more than 4 per cent. It fell as much as 0.9 per cent to $835.90 a troy ounce on Wednesday, underperforming sister metal platinum as well as gold and silver.

Analysts say there is no fundamental reason for the recent weakness other than profit-taking by investors who have built large positions in palladium, a byproduct metal produced from platinum and nickel mines.

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