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Thursday, October 27 2022

COMEX Deliverable Silver far less than imagined as 50% of ‘Eligible’ is not Available

Specifically, that correspondence (which was a certifying a doubling in ‘position limits’ on gold futures trading from 3000 contracts to 6000 contracts) contained the bombshell admission that 50% of the ‘Eligible’ gold in the COMEX-approved vaults in New York should be subtracted from ‘Deliverable Supply’ since that portion of gold in the ‘Eligible’ category is held by long-term investors and has nothing to do with COMEX gold futures trading.

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Thursday, August 25 2022

Russia Presents Proposal To Create New Precious Metals Exchange

This committee would fix precious metals prices to national currencies from member countries or to a new monetary unit for international trade, such as the newly proposed BRICS currency . Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that a new currency based on commodities will positively benefit member nations.

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Thursday, January 20 2022

CME Gold Margins

CME lower margins 7.7%

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Wednesday, January 5 2022

CME Gold/Silver Margin Bonds

CME drops gold margins by 13.3% - silver by 8.2%

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Thursday, August 19 2021

Performance Bond Requirements: Gold Margins

Gold margins drop 8.3%

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Monday, July 12 2021

Britain carves out exemption for gold clearing banks from Basel III rule

Banks clearing gold trades in London can apply for an exemption from tighter capital rules due in January 2022, a British regulator said on Friday, removing what some said was a threat to the functioning of the market.

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Friday, July 9 2021

CME Silver Margins

CME lowers silver margins by 10%

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Saturday, June 19 2021

In Ongoing Saga, Dubai Stands its Ground with the LBMA

“there is an increasing awareness that LBMA’s purpose has become one of industrial hegemony with an agenda to disrupt any centres that threaten its market share.”

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Wednesday, June 2 2021

Will Basel 3 Boost Gold and Silver Prices?

The Basel 3 accord. The most important change for precious metals is that banks would be required to hold reserves against their assets. Under the coming regulations, banks would count unallocated precious metals at 85 percent of their value on the bank’s books in making the determination of how much it needs to hold in reserves against these assets.

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Friday, May 7 2021

CME Lowers Bond Margins

Gold margins down 10% & silver margins down 9.1%

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Monday, March 8 2021

Scotia Sells its COMEX NY Vault, in Slow Motion Exit from Gold and Silver Markets

On Monday 1 March, CME Group, which runs COMEX, made a short announcement saying that long time COMEX approved gold and silver vault operator, Bank of Nova Scotia was withdrawing its New York vault from being COMEX approved and that the withdrawal was ‘effective immediately’.

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Tuesday, February 2 2021

SilverSqueeze: Physical Silver Shortage vs. Paper Silver

The silver short squeeze in physical silver at present is unprecedented. Even so, the spot price of paper silver is not even close to the real physical equilibrium price of silver. BullionStar may soon have no option but to abandon setting prices based on silver spot price altogether and move to fixed prices.

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Monday, February 1 2021

Performance Bond Requirements - Metal Margins - CME Group

CME raises silver margins 17.9%

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Thursday, January 14 2021

Behind the Headlines of Record Gold Stocks in London Vaults

Last week, the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) published its latest monthly update on gold holdings in the LBMA vaults in London, claiming that there are now record gold stocks of 9452 tonnes of gold held in these vaults.

Trumpeting record physical gold holdings in the London vaults is one thing, but it’s a very hollow proclamation if only a fraction of these total holdings are available to ‘back-up’ the gigantic fractionally-backed London paper gold edifice.

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Monday, January 4 2021

Worrisome News for Precious Metals

Two months ago, Goldman Sachs announced that it had entered into a $500 million agreement to acquire the Perth Mint Physical Gold Exchange Traded Fund (traded in US markets under the symbol AAAU).

With the potential for compromised ownership of the physical gold, the past guarantees of the Perth Mint and the government of Western Australia will no longer offer any recourse.

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Thursday, December 3 2020

Performance Bond Requirements: Metals Margins

CME drops silver margins 6.7%

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Wednesday, November 25 2020

In Delusional Push, LBMA Threatens to Blacklist Entire Gold Trading Centres

In a move in early November which is already causing controversy, self-styled gold market authority, the bullion-bank controlled London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), issued a letter to a group of leading bullion markets around the world, threatening to blacklist gold bullion from any country that fails to meet new LBMA recommendations covering gold sourcing and supply chains, the elimination of cash transactions, and the support for artisanal and small scale mining (ASM).

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Monday, November 16 2020

Performance Bond Requirements: Metal Margins

CME drops silver margins by 11.8%

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Friday, September 4 2020

London gold vault Bait-and-Switch as LBMA prepares bigger changes

Thus with this new shift from a 3 month to a 1 month vault reporting lag, the COMEX-LBMA gold pool tag team can, with a bit of spin, hold up a copy of the FEMR report and claim that the London vaults have made a Herculean transparency effort, indeed one that has the blessing of regulators, and successfully ‘lobby’ for a COMEX rule change to allow the London vaults a derogation to only report to COMEX on a 1 month lagged basis instead of the daily end of day requirement of their New York brethren.

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Tuesday, August 25 2020

LBMA-COMEX collusion intensifies as CME approves 267 LBMA gold and silver bar brands

Are the COMEX and LBMA bullion banks that desperate that they are now scraping the proverbial bottom of the London gold vaults, planning to deliver the GC 100 contract into long forgotten 400 oz gold bars in deep storage under the Bank of England?

Is there such an upcoming shortage of physical silver that the COMEX needs to approve every silver refinery on the planet, both current and former, so as to have a large enough universe of silver bars to tap including long forgotten silver bar brands?

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