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Saturday, April 23 2022

Global Gold Forex

Gold prices around the world

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Tuesday, August 17 2021

Palantir Invests in More SPAC Companies, and Buys $51 Million in Gold Bars

Palantir also disclosed that it purchased $50.7 million in 100-ounce gold bars. “Such purchase will initially be kept in a secure third-party facility located in the northeastern United States and the company is able to take physical possession of the gold bars stored at the facility at any time with reasonable notice,” Palantir said in the filing.

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Thursday, April 22 2021

Bitcoin vs Gold: The Great Debate with Michael Saylor and Frank Giustra

It's the showdown that everyone has been waiting for. Gold financier Frank Giustra versus MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor in the ultimate gold vs bitcoin battle. Our Daniela Cambone moderates.

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Friday, April 2 2021

When paper money dies, precious metals prevail

The chairman of the Federal Reserve, in turn, would not be talking about driving the inflation rate over 2% to kick-start the economy, but 10% instead – once again

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Saturday, March 6 2021

The 2021 Preview Chartbook is out!

Preview Chartbook to the In Gold We Trust Report 2021.

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Monday, February 15 2021

U.S. Stock Market Capitalization vs GDP Hits Record 200%. What it Means for Gold

However, according to my analysis, fiat money is strongly overvalued. As, fiat is the air for the present financial bubbles—fiat facilitates the excessive leverage in the economy. When the bubbles eventually burst, fiat’s value will be corrected (inflation goes up), and the gold price denominated in fiat rises.

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Wednesday, February 3 2021

Gold, silver coin demand surging, straining U.S. Mint's capacity

The United States Mint said on Tuesday it was unable to meet surging demand for its gold and silver bullion coins in 2020 and through January, due partly to pandemic-driven demand and plant capacity issues.

For this year, the U.S. Mint has a limited window to produce its current gold and silver coins, with redesigned coins expected to debut in the summer. It is limiting distribution of its gold, silver and platinum coins to specific dealers because of heavy demand, and a limited number of suppliers of metals, it said in a statement.

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Monday, January 18 2021

The Staggering Levels of Real “Inflation-Adjusted” Gold and Silver Prices

And now for something that will blow your mind. Moving beyond the manipulated twilight zone of inflation data churned out by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, let’s look at gold and silver prices adjusted by the ShadowStats Alternate CPI (1980 Base).

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Tuesday, September 22 2020

'Free money' for banks as investors pile into fractured gold market

The world’s largest 50 investment banks are on track to double their income from precious metals this year to around $2.5 billion, most of it from gold, Coalition, a banking consultancy, told Reuters.

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Monday, August 10 2020

Do not take your eye off the prize

Gold’s value is relative. It doesn’t really matter how many digits it takes to express the price. Its true value lies in what those digits represent in terms of purchasing power.

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Friday, July 24 2020

The Impact of COVID-19 Shutdowns on the Gold Supply Chain

Chains are only as strong as their weakest link—and recent COVID-19 shutdowns have affected every link in the gold supply chain, from producers to end-users.

Increased investor demand for gold coupled with a constrained supply has led to high prices and a bullish market, which has been operating despite these pressures on the supply chain.

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Thursday, July 23 2020

Why Physical Gold Delivery on the COMEX in New York is Elevated

Three elements cause physical delivery on the COMEX to have reached record highs this year: strong demand for futures in New York, a persisting spread between the price of futures in New York versus spot gold in London, and arbitrage.

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Friday, July 17 2020

Europe Has Been Preparing a Global Gold Standard Since the 1970s

Research reveals that European central banks have prepared a new international gold standard. Since the 1970s, policies that paved the way for an equitable and durable monetary system have gradually been implemented.

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Wednesday, July 8 2020

'Mphm!' For many gold is a lifestyle decision too

You should not buy gold because you need to make money, but to protect the money you already have. Don’t look at the price at any given point in time as a barrier but as an incentive – especially if it is needed to fill a vacancy in your portfolio. Don’t buy the paper pretenders, but the real thing in the form of coins and bullion.

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Thursday, June 25 2020

Why Gold, and Why Now

For thousands of years gold is the ultimate store of value. Currently, gold is undervalued as there are massive bubbles in asset markets and central banks continue to print money, which supports these bubbles. This is an unsustainable situation; and when the bubbles burst the gold price will rise.

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A new era for gold: What’s next?

Introducing a new Thought-Leadership series to bring you thought-provoking insights from industry-leading experts.

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Saturday, June 13 2020

Banks Have Moved Gold Trading From New York to London, LBMA Says

An extreme dislocation in the global gold market earlier this year spurred banks to shift some positions out of New York futures and into the London over-the-counter market, according to a leading figure in the industry.

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The global gold market is breaking up

Gold, the universal currency and store of value, is being de-globalised. Mocatta, long the largest gold bullion dealer, is being unwound and shut down by Scotiabank. JPMorgan, the leading US bullion bank, is ever more reluctant and slow to take on new counterparties.

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Wednesday, May 27 2020

Scotiabank Takes $168 Million Hit as It Shuts Historic Gold Unit

Bank of Nova Scotia has set aside C$232 million ($168 million) to cover the cost of winding down its historic precious-metals unit as well as a potential settlement of U.S. investigations into the unit’s trading activities.

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Sunday, May 10 2020

Gold in the year of the pandemic

What it cannot do is cure the virus. What it could do, however, according to a good many analysts, is act as an effective hedge against its economic consequences. Since the beginning of the year through April, the metal was up 11.73% during probably the worst period in economic history since the 1930s Great Depression.

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