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Wednesday, February 13 2019

The Consensus Is Clear: You Should Own Gold Now

With sentiment for the precious metals returning, outlook on prices turning bullish, and central banks piling on gold reserves, now is a great time to own the metals, according to panelists on the Ultimate Gold Panel.

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Tuesday, February 12 2019

Gold Investor

In this edition of Gold Investor, we look back to the financial crisis; we consider the effect on the gold market since then and we look to the future.

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Following the money in commodities leads to gold mines

The common theme at two mining investment conferences held last week in Cape Town was that putting cash into gold mining companies offers the best prospects in the commodity space.

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Tuesday, February 5 2019

The relevance of gold as a strategic asset

Why gold, why now

Well above inflation

A high-quality, hard currency

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Saturday, January 26 2019

Australia's ANZ bank closes Singapore gold vault

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd (ANZ), whose gold bullion business is one of Asia’s largest, said on Thursday it was closing its precious metals vault in Singapore.

The bank opened the vault - which could hold 50 tonnes of gold worth around $2 billion at current prices - in 2013. That year, ANZ said it distributed close to 15 percent of the world’s primary gold production.

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Thursday, January 24 2019

Why This Billionaire Just Bought Gold for the First Time in His Life

Billionaire Sam Zell just announced that he bought gold for the very first time in his life because, as he puts it, “it is a good hedge.” In a recent Bloomberg interview, the Equity International founder and creator of the real estate investment trust (REIT) admitted to seeing an opportunity in gold’s increasing supply shortage.

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Wednesday, January 23 2019

Arizona Legislator Proposes Securing State Reserves with Gold and Silver

An Arizona legislator has put forward a bill to de-risk the state’s financial holdings with a modest allocation to physical gold and silver in the state’s reserve fund.

Introduced by Representative Mark Finchem (R-Tucson), the Arizona Sound Money Stabilization Act (HB 2500) requires that at least 10% of Arizona’s Budget Stabilization Fund be held in the monetary metals in a secure depository.

Arizona’s Budget Stabilization Fund has almost $500 million in assets but is currently invested in debt instruments and the stock market. The state owns no gold or silver.

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Tuesday, January 22 2019

The Power of Gold Diversification

“The whole point about gold,” Tapsell concludes, “and the quality that makes it so special and almost mystical in its appeal, is that it is universal, eternal and almost indestructible. The Minister will agree that it is also beautiful. The most enduring brand slogan of all time is, ‘As good as gold.’ The scientists can clone sheep, and may soon be able to clone humans, but they are still a long way from being able to clone gold, although they have been trying to do so for 10,000 years. The Chancellor may think that he has discovered a new Labour version of the alchemist’s stone, but his dollars, yen and euros will not always glitter in a storm and they will never be mistaken for gold.”

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Tuesday, January 15 2019

Tocqueville Gold Strategy Fourth Quarter 2018 Investor Letter

Gold exposure, in our view, is the antidote to unknown adverse repercussions stemming from a sovereign-debt crisis. Gold has always protected capital from currency debasement. We believe it will prove to be a winning strategy in a bear market. Depressed gold and silver mining stocks have historically generated massive upside against a backdrop of systemic risk concerns. The tide of easy credit and risk-taking appears to be receding. The US is beginning to sport a debt-to-GDP ratio worthy of any banana republic. Therefore, we believe that exposure to gold is both timely and potentially rewarding.

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Thursday, January 10 2019

Gold mine production by country

In short, the world is a different place now than it was prior to the 2008 financial crisis in terms of gold production. Should physical demand soar once again as did in the 2009-2013 period, we could get the same price response we did then. Even as it is, substantially less metal is reaching the marketplace at a time when central banks have become net buyers of the metal and investor demand, though presently in a lull, is generally on the rise.

The trends now favor "strong-handed" long-term gold investors holding for asset preservation purposes and capable of weathering the market's ups and downs. As for the official sector, the trend toward building gold reserves is likely to continue. More and more emerging countries are likely to see diversification as in their best interest while established states are likely to hold close the gold reserves they already own.

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Saturday, December 29 2018

Gold Is Beating the Market for the Month, Quarter, Year and Century

With only one trading day remaining in 2018, I’m pleased to report that the price of gold has so far beaten the S&P 500 Index for the month of December (4.4 percent versus minus 10 percent), the fourth quarter (7.4 percent versus minus 15 percent) and the year (minus 2 percent versus minus 7 percent). Since stocks have stumbled recently, this might not come as such a shock.

What might surprise some of you is that gold has also outperformed the market for the century (344 percent versus 67 percent).

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Thursday, December 27 2018

Chinese scientists turn copper into ‘gold’

Process in which copper is blasted with argon gas creates particles with similar properties to gold

The new material cannot be turned into fake gold coins but could reduce use of precious metals in manufacturing

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Wednesday, December 26 2018

Russia's VTB Capital cuts gold exports due to higher demand from c.bank

Russia’s VTB Capital, one of the country’s biggest gold traders, reduced gold exports in 2018 due to higher demand from Russia’s Central Bank and lower demand in China, its commodities head, Atanas Djumaliev said.

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Saturday, December 22 2018

A discussion of the US$ and the gold standard

With all sorts of uncertainty ahead in 2019, what a great time to check in with Grant Williams, sound money advocate and co-founder of Real Vision.

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WGC - Trading Volumes

Gold is a liquid asset, ranking at levels comparable to many global stock markets as well as currency spreads. Its liquidity is often sourced during periods of stress in the markets, one of its appealing qualities. We examine liquidity across the global OTC, futures, and ETF markets. We then provide an overview/ aggregation of gold trading volumes across trading venues in US$ billions.

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Thursday, December 20 2018

Texas Bullion Depository Begins Construction

Last week, officials broke ground for construction of the Texas Bullion Depository building. The creation of the facility represents a power-shift away from the federal government and sets the foundation to undermine the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on money.

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Saturday, December 1 2018

This Holiday Season, Make It Silver and Gold

I believe this is a beautiful custom. Whether you observe Hanukkah, Christmas, Eid al-Fitr, Diwali or any number of other religious holidays around the world, gifting your children and grandchildren coins of precious metals such as gold or silver could be made into a tradition in your own family.

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Tuesday, November 27 2018

Grant Williams - Cry Wolf

Gold standard

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Saturday, November 24 2018

What is the future of gold?

Simon Popple and Ross Norman. We'll be discussing what the future might hold for gold markets,

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Wednesday, November 21 2018

London Gold Market Comes Clean: It's Not as Big as Thought

London’s gold market owned up to the biggest secret in bullion: it’s not as big as some thought and, for last week at least, smaller than New York’s.

An average of $36.9 billion of gold and $5.2 billion of silver changed hands each day in the city’s over-the-counter market, including metal for delivery in Zurich, according to figures released for the first time on Tuesday by the London Bullion Market Association. Previous World Gold Council estimates, based on 2016 data, were between three and six times higher.

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