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Friday, June 15 2018

Why a seemingly run-of-the-mill announcement yesterday by Fed chairman Powell might signal a major turning point for the gold market.

Obviously, a healthy number of market participants share our view that the Fed is interested in stimulating the money supply and inflation, or in the very least, interested in letting the markets know it will stay out of the way should both begin to increase. That message was received loud and clear, though it might take some time for the impact to be completely understood and priced into various markets.

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Monday, June 11 2018

Not All Forms Of Gold Ownership Are Equal

This week, the Goldnomics podcast ranks the safest ways to own gold to the least safe. The safest is, of course, owning physical gold bars. The next safest is to own allocated and segregated gold, which is owning physical gold kept in a separate physical account. The next level of safety is unallocated gold, then there are physically backed-ETFs and non-physically backed ETFs.

Further out the safety spectrum is owning shares of gold miners, which trade like equities (because they are). However, the vast majority of investors own gold via an ETF.

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Gold Investing Goes AWOL As Google Searches To 'Buy Gold' Hit 11-Year Low

Gold investing is often seen as a barometer of fear and financial stress.

But while the bullion price has responded to 2018's stock market drops and geopolitical tensions so far, appetite for gold is in fact weakening among private investors overall.

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Saturday, June 9 2018

Texas Gold Investors Just Got Their Own Fort Knox

If you live in Texas and have any extra gold bars, coins and/or jewelry lying around that need safekeeping, you’re in luck. The Texas Bullion Depository, the first of its kind in the U.S., officially opened to the public in Austin this week, putting a cap on three years of planning and construction. The private firm managing the facility, Lone Star Tangible Assets, calls it the “world’s most advanced depository.”

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Thursday, June 7 2018

Too much gold around the house? Store your bling at Texas' new precious metals depository

Texans who have long stored gold and precious metals elsewhere can bring the bling back to their home state. The country's first state-administered precious metals depository, the Texas Bullion Depository, officially opened Wednesday in Austin.

Like other facilities that store precious metals, the Texas Bullion Depository insures them and has complex security measures to guard people's assets. Depositors can buy metals from a dealer and have them shipped directly to the depository, or send in what they already own.

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Scotiabank to scrap half its metals business

Canada’s Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotiabank) is limiting lending by its ScotiaMocatta metals unit as it embarks on a radical restructuring likely to halve the size of the business, sources familiar with the matter said.

Mocatta is the largest financier of the global precious metals supply chain, accounting for some 15-20 percent of lending to clients ranging from refiners and jewelers to carmakers and petrochemicals producers, industry sources say.

Those sources place the value of its leases, credit lines and consignment lending of precious metal at $8 billion.

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Saturday, June 2 2018

Paulson nears launch of investor alliance to shake up gold sector

U.S. hedge fund Paulson & Co, led by long-time gold bull John Paulson, is set to name a group of investors that will work together to try to drive changes and better returns from gold mining companies after years of dismal industry performance, according to people familiar with the situation.

The Shareholders Gold Council (SGC), expected to be launched as early as June, will have more than a dozen investors, including Delbrook Capital, Livermore Partners and Tocqueville Asset Management, one of the people said.

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Sunday, May 27 2018

The “Axis of Gold” Will Drive Gold Higher by the End of 2018

A major blind spot in U.S. strategic economic doctrine is the increasing use of physical gold by China, Russia, Iran, Turkey and others both to avoid the impact of U.S. sanctions and create an offensive counterweight to U.S. dominance of dollar payment systems.

This is the Axis of Gold.

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Friday, May 25 2018

Biggest gold secret flying under the radar

Gossip Topic #5: The Gold bullion that will be backing the Dignity (DIG) token. There was a big stir in the Telegram groups about the wording of paying off “bullion debt” towards the gold in a communication sent on May 8th.

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Thursday, May 24 2018

London Metal Exchange to launch yuan-denominated futures in sign of Chinese currency’s growing cachet

The London Metal Exchange is planning to introduce yuan-denominated metal products, according its chief executive, a sign the currency’s status in international finance is on the rise.

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Saturday, May 19 2018

Blockchain Will Completely Revolutionize How We Mine Gold and Precious Metals

I want to mention that blockchain is also bringing change to gold investment. Consider Royal Mint Gold (RMG), which aims to provide the “performance of the London Gold Market with the transparency of an exchange-traded security.” There’s also the Perth Mint’s InfiniGold, which issues digital certificates guaranteeing ownership of gold and silver in the mint’s vault. A number of other platforms exist to help facilitate gold trading.

Should even one of these become hugely popular, it “could be as big a change to the gold markets as the development of ETFs, but with the added advantage of appealing to younger generations,” according to the World Gold Council’s (WGC) chief strategist, John Reade.

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Friday, May 18 2018

Gold 2048 | Future of the Global Gold Market

Gold 2048 brings together industry-leading experts from across the globe to analyse how the gold market is set to evolve in the next 30 years.

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11 Stunning Visualizations of Gold Show Its Value and Rarity

With all that value coming from such a small package, sometimes it is hard to put gold’s immense worth into context.

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Friday, May 11 2018

Iran's Gold Demand Set for Spurt Before Trump Sanctions Bite

Iran’s gold demand will probably be “strong” for the next few months and then gradually decline as U.S. sanctions start to take effect, according to the researcher who covers the country for Metals Focus Ltd.

After a previous set of sanctions was imposed on Iran in 2012, it took two years for the country’s gold demand to start falling, according to data from the World Gold Council. It sank to only 45.1 tons by 2016, the lowest in at least six years and 65 percent lower than in 2013, according to gold council data. It rose to 64.5 tons last year.

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Sunday, May 6 2018

Money Is Gold — and Nothing Else

Specifically, my intermediate term forecast is that gold will reach $10,000 per ounce in the course of the current bull market that began in December 2015.

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Thursday, May 3 2018

Gold Demand Trends Q1 2018

Soft start to 2018: Q1 demand down 7%

Gold demand of 973.5t was the lowest Q1 since 2008. The main cause was a fall in investment demand for gold bars and gold-backed ETFs, partly due to range-bound gold prices.

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Wednesday, May 2 2018

The case for gold in the era of financial virtual reality

In what has become an often confusing and somewhat frightening investment market governed by silicon-based machines, gold remains the most concrete of assets. It is a real-world island in a sea of algorithms, artificial intelligence, big data and high-frequency trading. If you are like me and do not trust that world instinctively, you will likely find a safe harbor in 'old reliable' – gold coins and bullion stored safely nearby. Gold, in the end, remains the most effective hedge against the excesses and unpredictability of the new financial virtual reality . . .and what could go wrong with it.

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Wednesday, April 25 2018

Gold market moves to the East

China has been the world’s largest gold producer, consumer, importer and processor, according to Song Xin, president of the China Gold Association.

“No matter whether in the production, processing and consumption of gold, or in related investment and transaction, we have the responsibility and capability in leading the healthy and harmonious development of the global gold market through international cooperation,” Song told the summit.

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Wednesday, April 18 2018

The Central Bank Crisis on the Immediate Horizon

Why Central Banks will turn even more to gold & a probable revaluation.

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Tuesday, April 17 2018

What Hyperinflation In Venezuela Really Looks Like

One of the most amazing things I have seen is that people are in total denial, and they refuse to accept that the money is not worth even the paper it is printed on.

They won’t innovate changing to cryptos easily, nor will they accept silver coins, much less other precious metals.

They won’t barter, they won’t trade their labor time (I mean major cities, in my small town things are a little different).

We had a good supply of silver coins in the 60s, but that changed.

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