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Thursday, December 12 2019

The Wealthy Are Hoarding Physical Gold

Trade data implies that gold in storage has increased far more rapidly than is reflected by financial market instruments, indicating a widespread preference for physical gold instead of gold-linked financial assets …

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Tuesday, December 3 2019

What happens to gold if COMEX collapses?

Murrell’s point is that the price of physical (today) should carry a substantial "physical premium" to the futures price, due to the almost certain possibility that (one day) the futures will be cash settled AND the physical price will jump higher on the same date.

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Sunday, December 1 2019

The Rally in Gold is Just Getting Started

Gold prices recently rose to more than $1,400 per ounce. Is this a fluke or could prices actually rally to over $10,000?

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Thursday, November 21 2019

Rick Rule audio

Rick Rule explains what to make of the existing political and market environment and how he plans to survive the troubled waters that lie ahead.

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Wednesday, November 20 2019

Repos, QE4 and the Fed's Failure

Why gold always maintains its purchasing power

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Friday, November 15 2019

Gold Macro Update by Ronald-Peter Stöferle

Gold Macro Update by Ronald-Peter Stöferle

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John Hathaway in Conversation with Anthony Vaccaro

John Hathaway in Conversation with Anthony Vaccaro

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Tuesday, November 12 2019

Five charts to contemplate as we prepare for the new year

Will 2019 be the year of the big breakout for gold?

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Saturday, October 5 2019

Tocqueville Gold Strategy Buy This Dip

Following a strong first eight months of the year, the precious-metals complex may be in the process of offering investors one final chance to enter on attractive terms before lurking systemic risks erupt into breakaway price action.

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Saturday, September 28 2019

Gold Metal Issues And Stops Report

Largest 1st day delivery since Dec 2011

7,214 Contracts

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Saturday, September 21 2019

Pierre Lassonde Says Gold Could Hit $25,000 in 30 Years

One of the highlights of Pierre’s presentation was his forecast for the price of gold in the next 30 years. After analyzing gold’s historical compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the past 50 years, ever since President Nixon formally took the U.S. off the gold standard, Pierre says he sees an average price target of $12,500 an ounce by 2049. And under the “right” conditions, it could go as high as $25,000!

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Tuesday, September 10 2019

Bank of England’s Carney delivers dollar shocker

Question: What do Jeffrey Gundlach, Ray Dalio, Mark Mobius, Stanley Druckenmiller, Paul Tudor-Jones, David Einhorn, Naguib Sawiris, Paul Singer, and Thomas Kaplan – some of the greatest financial minds of a generation – all have in common?

Answer: An attachment to gold and its presence in their personal financial holdings as a safe-haven hedge.

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Sunday, September 8 2019

Dalio’s Analogue

The Bond Blow-Off, Rising Gold Prices, and the Late 1930s Analogue

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Saturday, September 7 2019

Frank Holmes Says Gold at $10,000 Isn't Crazy

Some investors talk of $2,000 an ounce gold, but Frank thinks $10,000 an ounce wouldn’t be crazy. “I don’t think it’s going to happen in the next 12 months, but I think that the supply of gold has peaked.”

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Tuesday, August 27 2019

UBS Says It's Staying Long Gold as Price Destined for $1,600

Gold will extend its winning ways as the U.S.-China standoff harms growth, risking a deeper slowdown and inviting more central-bank easing, according to UBS Group AG, which jacked up price forecasts with a prediction the precious metal may hit $1,600 within three months.

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Sunday, August 25 2019

JPM: Is the dollar's "exorbitant privilege" coming to an end?

Given the persistent—and rising—deficits in the United States (in both fiscal and trade), we believe the U.S. dollar could become vulnerable to a loss of value relative to a more diversified basket of currencies, including gold. As we scan client portfolios, we see that many of them have far more U.S. dollar exposure than we feel is prudent. At this stage of the economic cycle, we believe this exposure should be more diversified. In many cases, our recommendation would likely be to place a higher weighting on other G10 currencies, currencies in Asia and gold.

Note: gold increased to 5% in chart.

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Wednesday, July 31 2019

Gold the Ultimate Asset as Fed Joins Race to the Bottom in Global Rates

With the spot gold price at or near highs in many major fiat currencies, today’s easing move by the Fed looks to be the first of a series and augurs well for continued gold price strength.

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Sunday, July 28 2019

Why Gold Price Is Likely To Touch $1,550

An important factor which investors should be paying attention to is the correlation between the gold price and the size of the negative-yield debt. The chart below shows that there is a strong correlation which means that the gold price rises as the size of the negative yield debt increases.

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Saturday, July 20 2019

Gold Heats Up and Silver Joins the Race

Now that gold has broken through the $1,450 an ounce level, a six-high year high, the next big test is $1,500. And as I’ve said before, it can do this in the blink of an eye under the right conditions.

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Saturday, July 13 2019

Has the Gold Market Spoken?

What is certain is that during gold’s six years in the penalty box, the underlying forces that have made the metal a superior strategic investment over centuries have not been idle. The extrapolation of current conditions into unrealistic expectations is a dependable flaw of human nature. The capacity of physical gold and precious metals mining shares to absorb inflows has greatly diminished because of the prolonged attrition of investment interest. Once capital market flows revive, there is real potential in our opinion for parabolic upside in the metal and the shares.

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