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Thursday, December 17 2020

Kaplan and Rule: The Golden Ticket

Dr. Thomas Kaplan joins Rick Rule, to discuss the opportunities he sees at this juncture for precious metals and precious metals miners.

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Wednesday, December 2 2020

The Once & Future Fourth Turning

Howe ends on a hopeful note. “The Fourth Turning,” he says, “is a dangerous era, an era of rapid change and clashing group loyalties. But it’s also an era in which we solve enormous national or even global problems. They are eras of creative destruction in which we reinvent our national identity.” If we indeed have a date with happy destiny in 2030, let it be that we arrive there with our wealth intact – a mission for which gold and silver have proven thus far to be particularly well suited.

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Tuesday, November 24 2020

Dan Tapiero on Gold and Bitcoin

In this conversation, Dan and Anthony discuss the gold thesis, the bitcoin thesis, the recent divergence, whether they will co-exist in the future, how to think of an ideal allocation to either, and stock-to-flow models.

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Wednesday, October 7 2020

Gold Macros Are Beyond Powerful

Gold remains the most undervalued trade in global financial markets

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A complete paradigm shift will make gold the generational trade

Gold tends to move to the forefront when things go bump in the night, but then again, gold has been in the forefront for most of 2020 – prompting some analysts to proclaim the launch of a new leg in its long-term secular bull market.

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Sunday, October 4 2020

Planned in Advance by Central Banks – A 2020 System Reset

The legal implications for top central bankers are grave and serious if they not only knew of a 2020 Reset and its Covid trigger, but actively planned years in advance with prior knowledge to prepare for such a reset event. Only time will tell.

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Monday, August 31 2020

A New Bull Market for Precious Metals

Here are just some of the reasons Crescat is selling richly valued stocks at large and buying undervalued gold and silver including mining companies today:

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Tuesday, August 18 2020

Bull Market Point of Recognition…sitting at the cusp

“We are in a secular bull market in gold that you will never see in your life again. This is a powerful move that has so much horsepower that it’s not for trading. You should take your hands off the wheel and just let it go.”

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Saturday, August 15 2020

Did Buffett Just Bet Against The US? Berkshire Buys Barrick Gold, Dumps Goldman

Berkshire took a new stake (20.9 million shares) in Barrick Gold, a holding that was valued at about $564 million at the end of that period.

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Friday, July 24 2020

Gold and Silver Roar Higher: The Canaries in the Coal Mine

This week has the makings of an historic one for gold and silver, a week which will be remembered for the stellar performances and breakout of the US dollar denominated gold price and silver price across spot, futures and physical markets. This has ignited everything from gold and silver mining shares, to gold and silver mining ETFs and Indexes, and sparked increased interest across the financial media, as well as across the institutional and retail investor bases.

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Monday, May 25 2020

Gold and Volatility in a Brave New World

Raoul and Hugh explore how gold could perform in a debt deflation and whether central bank largesse is sufficient to help risk assets weather the storm. A

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Friday, May 22 2020

The Big Cycles Over The Last 500 Years

In brief, after the creation of a new set of rules establishes the new world order, there is typically a peaceful and prosperous period. As people get used to this they increasingly bet on the prosperity continuing, and they increasingly borrow money to do that, which eventually leads to a bubble. As the prosperity increases the wealth gap grows. Eventually the debt bubble bursts, which leads to the printing of money and credit and increased internal conflict, which leads to some sort of wealth redistribution revolution that can be peaceful or violent.

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Thursday, May 14 2020

HSBC lost nearly $200 million in a single day amid gold-market turbulence

HSBC's mark-to-market losses soared to nearly $200 million on a single day in March when gold prices in different markets sharply diverged

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Wednesday, April 22 2020

"Fed Can't Print Gold": BofA Calls Gold "Ultimate Store Of Value", Raises Price Target To $3,000

As central banks and governments double their balance sheets and fiscal deficits respectively, we have also decided to up our 18m gold target from $2,000 to $3,000/oz.

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Sunday, April 19 2020

Why gold should do well on the way to hyperinflation

All the reasons gold should do extraordinarily well in the new environment of beyond-infinite money provided by the Federal Reserve and other central banks on the way to hyperinflation are brilliantly detailed in the first-quarter 2020 report by Lawrence Lepard.

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Monday, March 30 2020

The Gold Chronicles - Next Great Depression

Opening salvos of Global Financial Crisis II

The entire precious metals complex (gold and silver) has been cleaned out globally

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Friday, March 27 2020

Famous Gold Bottoms

One must respect market turns.

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Friday, March 20 2020

Point of No Return

Gold and precious metals mining shares are casualties of panic selling across all financial markets. The scenario is similar to what happened in 2008 during the global financial crisis (GFC). When the general selling exhausted itself in late 2008, gold and mining shares delivered superior absolute and relative performance for the following three years. We believe that this pattern is likely to repeat following this sell-off.

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Wednesday, January 22 2020

Gold is like “life insurance”; Rick Rule has never seen this in his life

With bond yields at historical lows, and even negative in some parts of the world, investors are navigating uncharted waters, and gold demand could see a surge, says Rick Rule,

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Wednesday, January 15 2020

World’s largest hedge fund sees gold price rising 30 per cent

The co-chief investment officer of the world’s biggest hedge fund has said gold could surge to a record high above $2,000 an ounce as global political uncertainties increase.

Jensen also told the paper he believed the US Federal Reserve would let inflation run hot for a while, creating the circumstances for higher gold prices as investors turn to the precious metal to hedge inflationary forces.

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