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Thursday, October 3 2019

Rising Investor Interest in Silver Detailed in New Report by Metals Focus

The Silver Institute released a new market report today, entitled “Global Silver Investment,” prepared by Metals Focus, a leading global precious metals consultancy. The report examines current silver investment trends, as well as highlighting opportunities and identifying potential headwinds for the white metal.

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Performance Bond Requirements: Metals Margins - Silver

Silver margins raised 6%

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Thursday, September 5 2019

Performance Bond Requirements: Metals Margins

Silver Bond Margins increased by 19.5%

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Tuesday, July 23 2019

Silver Investors: Something Big Is Happening Here

Join Mike Maloney for a follow up from last week's video on the extreme event occurring in silver. You'll see the level of accumulation has only struck these levels before twice since 1969... what does it all mean?

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Thursday, April 18 2019

World Silver Survey 2019

World Silver Survey 2019

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Thursday, April 11 2019

World Silver Supply and Demand 2018

Mine Production = 855.7 m/oz

Physical Demand = 1,033.5 m/oz

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Thursday, March 14 2019

Performance Bond Requirements: Silver - CME Group

Silver margins lowered

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Monday, January 7 2019

2018 World Silver Survey

Last year, for the fifth year in a row, the silver market recorded another deficit; this time of 26.0 Moz (810 t). Mine supply fell for the second consecutive year by 4% in 2017, following 13 consecutive annual increases prior to 2016. This was a result of years of Capex reductions in combination with supply disruptions, particularly in the Americas. With scrap supply contracting by 1% in combination with net-hedging of 1.4 Moz (44 t), total silver supply fell by 2% to just under one billion ounces.

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Friday, November 16 2018

GFMS Releases 2018 Interim Silver Market Review

The silver market is expected to experience a physical surplus of 35.3 Moz which is substantially higher than the previous year. Net holdings of ETPs have contracted 0.5 Moz to-date, following seven annual increases in the last decade. On the other hand, exchange inventories have increased for the third consecutive year in 2018, particularly on COMEX which represents approximately 76% of total, rising by 52.5 Moz. As such, the net balance is expected to post a shortfall of 16.7 Moz.

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Thursday, September 13 2018

China to Continue Driving Global Silver Market Forward

China will continue to be a major driver in the global silver market for years to come, fueled by continued industrial demand and silver mining activity. China is by far the largest consumer of silver globally, accounting for 18% of global fabrication demand in recent years.

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Wednesday, September 5 2018

Over 1.5 Billion Ounces of Silver Forecast to be Consumed in Crucial Green Technologies Through 2030

The ongoing revolution in green technologies, driven by strong growth of new energy vehicles (NEVs) and continued investment in solar photovoltaic energy, should further boost global industrial demand for silver over the next decade and beyond. These sectors, along with silver demand in nuclear power, are explored in a new report, The Role of Silver in the Green Revolution, released by the Silver Institute.

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Wednesday, August 29 2018

360 video: Take a look around the London Silver Vaults

Deep beneath Chancery Lane in central London are the London Silver Vaults, containing the largest retail collection of antique silver in the world.

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Thursday, June 7 2018

Sharps Pixley Reduces SILVER Coverage

We regret to advise that we shall be significantly reducing our coverage of the SILVER markets this Friday - June 8th 2018.

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Friday, April 13 2018

Silver Industrial Demand Rebounded in 2017; Mine Supply Recorded Second Consecutive Loss

Industrial demand for silver, fueled by record photovoltaic growth, rose in 2017 for the first time since 2013. A stronger global economy led to healthy demand from the semi-conductor market, resulting in greater silver offtake in electrical and electronics applications as well as brazing alloys and solders. The jewelry and silverware sectors also experienced noteworthy gains in 2017. On the supply side, global mine supply fell for the second consecutive year, following an uninterrupted streak of 13 annual increases prior to 2016. Silver scrap supply, which has been in retreat since 2012, again registered a loss. These factors led to a tightening of the supply/demand balance, contributing to a physical deficit of 26 million ounces (Moz) in 2017, the fifth consecutive annual deficit.

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Friday, February 16 2018

Performance Bond Requirements: Metals

CME drops Silver Bond by 10%

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Thursday, January 18 2018

2018 Silver Market Trends

Silver Market Balance

The silver market balance (total supply less total demand) is expected swing into a slight market deficit again this year with both supply and demand reaching above 1 billion ounces. Silver from above ground stocks will have to be drawn down in order to serve the shortfall. That will be a welcome development as above ground stocks rose 9% last year in the face of weak physical demand from the United States and Asia.

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Wednesday, November 29 2017

Get Ready For It, Silver Will Rally to $130, Gold To $8,000

Is 2018 the year of the silver rally? Keith Neumeyer, CEO of First Majestic Silver Corp., thinks so and expects the metal to climb eightfold over the next 3-5 years.

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Thursday, November 16 2017

SI Interim Report Press Release

Release of Thomson Reuters Interim Silver Market Review

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Friday, September 29 2017

LBMA Silver Price Benchmark - Changes, but no Wider Participation

Therefore, yet again, with the LBMA acting as gatekeeper on who is allowed to be a direct participant in the LBMA Silver Price auction, ICE has its hands tied on meeting IOSCO’s requirement that the should be a reliable representation of interest, and there is zero chance that this silver auction will ever see the many 100s of silver trading entities taking part and zero chance that the auction will ever reflect the silver price discovery that these 100s of silver trading entities would bring to the table.

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Friday, September 8 2017

Silver Margins - CME Group

CME raises silver margins by 9.3%

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