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Thursday, April 6 2017

Silver Metal Margins - CME Group

CME lowers silver margins by 13%

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Thursday, March 16 2017

Strong Institutional Investment Pushes Silver Prices Higher

The strength of silver prices is largely due to improving sentiment among institutional investors. Changing expectations towards the outlook for U.S. interest rates and the proliferation of negative policy rates across other key reserve currencies has rekindled institutional investor interest in precious metals. Meanwhile, a marked improvement in silver industrial offtake, led by photovoltaics, which achieved a record high last year, is also helping. All these factors in turn have fueled investment inflows into silver futures, options, exchange traded products (ETPs) and over-the-counter products.

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Tuesday, March 7 2017

More Bad News for the LBMA Silver Price, but an Opportunity for Overhaul

On Friday 3 March 2017, in a surprise announcement with implications for the global silver market, the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) informed its members that the current administrator and calculation agent of its recently launched LBMA Silver Price auction, Thomson Reuters and the CME Group respectively, will be pulling out of providing their services to the problematic London-based silver price benchmark within the near future. Thomson Reuters and the CME Group issued identical statements.

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Saturday, March 4 2017

CME, Thomson Reuters step down from providing London silver benchmark

CME Group and Thomson Reuters are to step down from providing the LBMA silver price benchmark auction, the London Bullion Market Association said on Friday, less than three years after they successfully bid to provide the process.

"In consultation with the LBMA, CME Group and Thomson Reuters have decided to step down from their respective roles in relation to the LBMA Silver Price auction," the LBMA said in a members update seen by Reuters.

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Wednesday, March 1 2017

Silver News February Edition

The use of silver in photovoltaic (PV) cells and as a catalyst to produce ethylene oxide will together account for 120 million ounces per year of consumption on average from 2016 to 2020, an increase of 32% over 2015 levels, according to a report issued by The Silver Institute in December.

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Wednesday, February 8 2017

Silver the Key to a Sustainable Rally in Gold

This is one of the critical factors that must turn to signal a real bull run is coming. We did elect a Weekly Bullish in silver on Friday but not gold. However, we did get a Minor Monthly Bullish at the close of 2016 both in gold and silver. For a real bull market, we need the silver/gold ratio to break 60:1. It is currently in the 69:1 range. Here is a chart with 200 years of data for this ratio. A bull market requires BOTH metals to rally. Gold may have more trouble since it is being tracked by all governments. You cannot mail it outside the country nor jump on a plane with 10 ounces. Silver may become more viable if the world actually moves to electronic currency. So this ratio should start to come in after 2017.

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Friday, January 27 2017

Volkswagen Put an Invisible Layer of Silver in Its New Windshields to Melt Away Snow

The company’s new climate windshield, that can melt snow and ice without the need for distracting wires, delivers as promised—because the winter sucks if you own a car.

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Saturday, December 17 2016

Flation And The Surge Of Silver

If gold reaches $10,000 which I believe is a minimum without hyperinflation, that would give a silver price of $666 to $1,000. These are clearly levels that sound totally unrealistic currently with silver at $17 but are likely to be achieved within 5 years or so.

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Wednesday, December 7 2016

Indian Investors Stampede into Gold and Silver Bullion

India’s government was not finished creating problems. On November 11, excise tax authorities sent notices to 600 jewelers across the country asking for details about their inventories and their transactions from Nov. 7-10. Merchants were asked to provide details about the quantity and value of gold purchased from customers and the quantity and price of gold sold to other customers. The government reserved the option to then request customer details on any larger transactions.

Once the news was disseminated that the tax authorities might be checking on private citizens’ gold purchases, demand for this metal almost totally stopped. This development heightened fears that the government might try some kind of gold redemption or confiscation program. Such concerns were becoming so rampant that last week the government went out of its way to deny that any exchange or confiscation program would happen.

Throughout this fiasco, the government’s credibility has suffered. Such a reassurance that private gold holdings were safe did not have the intended effect. Instead, what has happened is that people are now focusing on buying physical silver. Since India is also one of the world’s largest silver consuming nations, I anticipate that this bump in demand will lead to significantly higher silver prices by the end of January.

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Saturday, December 3 2016

Why Now Is A Great Time To Buy Silver

Going forward, however, industrial demand for silver is expected to recover due to several tailwinds. Firstly, the ongoing growth in the global solar PV industry is expected to continue, especially in China. This should continue to drive silver volume growth in the sector; more importantly, solar PV manufacturers are now hitting the limits of silver “thrifting,” i.e. it has been increasingly difficult for them to reduce the silver content in each solar cell. Secondly, demand for silver in the electronics sector—after having peaked in 2010 at 74.6 million ounces—is expected to recover.

As such, I expect global industrial demand for silver to rebound in 2017 and for it to embark on a structural uptrend over the next several years.

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Report explores the Global silver mining to 2020 - silver production historic & forecast data, prices & silver metal consumption

Global silver metal reserves totaled were 571,000 tones (t) at the end of January 2016. Peru accounted for the largest share, with 21%, followed by Australia and Poland with 14.9% each, Chile with 13.5%, China with 7.5% and with Mexico 6.5%.

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Saturday, November 26 2016

Gold not safe enough, hoarders opt for silver bars

Black money holders, who have been struggling to convert their money into white, are now buying huge amount of silvers bars at high prices. This illegal trade is picking up very rapidly in Salem City.

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Friday, November 25 2016

Shanghai Huatong International Silver Exchange records the first silver spot transaction in Shanghai free trade zone

Leading Chinese silver brand China Silver Group Limited ("China Silver Group" or "the Group"; Stock Code: 815.HK) is pleased to announce that its subsidiary Shanghai Huatong International Silver Exchange ("Huatong International Silver Exchange") has recently completed its first silver spot transaction in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. The transaction marks the beginning of the silver trading business of the commodity exchange platform in the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone.

In the first transaction of Huatong International Silver Exchange, Shanghai Hui Zi Metal Material Limited purchased approximately 300kg of silver with offshore RMB via Huatong International Silver Exchange.

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Monday, November 21 2016

Silver and the Train Wreck

Silver and gold prices erratically increase along with debt. Given that silver prices are near the low end of their 20 year “megaphone” pattern, expect much higher silver prices. Further, the cost of production is increasing rapidly and the ore quality is declining. Expect prices to increase based on limited supply.

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Thursday, November 17 2016

Performance Bond Requirements: Silver Metals Margins

CME raises silver margins by $700 (12%)

Strange considering silver is $4 off it's highs.

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Thomson Reuters Interim Silver Market Review

The silver market is expected to be in an annual physical deficit of 52.2Moz in 2016, marking the fourth consecutive year in which the market has realized an annual physical shortfall. While such deficits do not necessarily influence prices in the near term, multiple years of annual deficits can begin to apply upward pressure to prices in subsequent periods. This year, an expected 71.4Moz net inflow into ETP holdings and a 61.9 Moz derivatives exchange inventory build on a year-to-date basis (end-October) have increased the impact of the physical deficit, bringing the net balance to -185.5Moz, equivalent to approximately nine weeks of global demand. Above ground stocks, including ETP’s and exchange inventories, are estimated to reach 2,640.1 Moz in 2016; a 15% increase from the previous year.

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Saturday, October 22 2016

Morgan Stanley Named New LBMA Silver Price Participant

Morgan Stanley has become a new member of the London Bullion Market Association’s Silver Price, operators CME Group and Thomson Reuters report.

Morgan Stanley Named New LBMA Silver Price Participant Morgan Stanley, a global financial services firm, will be the seventh participant, joining China Construction Bank, HSBC Bank USA NA, JPMorgan Chase Bank, Bank of Nova Scotia, Toronto Dominion Bank and UBS AG. Morgan Stanley will first participate in the silver price auction on Tuesday.

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Thursday, September 22 2016

This chart predicts at least up to $164 silver

Since the beginning of the current bull market, silver is already up 40%. While not enough to get crazy in the Hamptons yet, silver has incredible torque to outperform gold and based on this chart, we predict silver will hit $70 an ounce this cycle. Silver is a unique commodity with great diversification potential, protection against systematic financial failure, and extreme upside!

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Saturday, September 10 2016

Panama Papers: Police seize silver bullion in tax raids

The Australian Federal Police have seized 170kg of silver bullion and coins in a raid in Queensland as the government's widening Panama Papers investigation targets "a number of high net wealth individuals" – the term the ATO uses for taxpayers with more than $30 million in net wealth.

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Tuesday, August 23 2016

The U.S. Mint Has NOT STOPPED Production Of Silver Eagles

According to the public affairs person at the U.S. Mint, the rumor that Silver Eagle production was halted due to lack of demand, is not true.

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