March 2017

Friday, March 31 2017

Dubai begins GOLD-PLATING £35 million structure

Oversupply won't dent gold's allure for investors this year: industry report

Thursday, March 30 2017

CME Gold Margins

What sets the Gold Price - Is it the Paper Market or Physical Market?

Wednesday, March 29 2017

Brits Hoard Gold on Brexit Nerves

Russia, China Lay Groundwork For BRICS Transactions in Gold

US Debt vs Gold

Shandong Gold Says It May Have Found China's Biggest Gold Mine

Gold investment seen rising for 4th year in 2017

Tuesday, March 28 2017

Sprott Precious Metals Watch

Massive 100 Kilogram Gold Coin Worth $4.5 Million Stolen From German Museum

Monday, March 27 2017

Gold Resistance

Sunday, March 26 2017

New Electrocatalyst Uses 99% Less Platinum Than Conventional Designs

Transparent Precious Metal Holdings - Gold/Silver

Gold/Silver - Futures - COTs - Commitment of Traders

Friday, March 24 2017

Inside a Chinese Coin Counterfeiting Ring

Oregon teens used fake gold bars to scam people out of $

Reviving King of Gold Means Getting Mine Workers Off Their Knees

Struggling with dore imports, MMTC Pamp banks on domestic gold scrap

This Gold Rally Has Recent History on Its Side

Wednesday, March 22 2017

Switzerland Gold Imports & Exports

10,000 pieces of 300yo gold & silver treasure found in Chinese river

Gold is breaking free from Fed rate expectations

The Natural Order of Money and Why Abstract Currencies Fail

Tuesday, March 21 2017

The Biggest Gold Story Not Being Reported

ICE delays launch of clearing for London gold benchmark

Rising Demand, Falling Supplies Equals Higher Gold Prices

Monday, March 20 2017

Russian Gold Reserves

Saturday, March 18 2017

Transparent Precious Metal Holdings - Gold/Silver

Gold/Silver - Futures - COTs - Commitment of Traders

SGE Intraday Premiums

China gold premiums rise on limited supply

Russia's Nornickel says its fund buys palladium from central bank

Gold Explorers Set for 2017's Best Week as Moribund Metal Stirs

Friday, March 17 2017

US Interest Rates vs Gold

Real Rates Of Return - CPI

Hopes of gradual Fed rate rises fuel gold rally

Thursday, March 16 2017

Strong Institutional Investment Pushes Silver Prices Higher

London gold rush - ICE to launch clearing before banks are ready

Wednesday, March 15 2017

Idaho House of Representatives Votes Overwhelmingly to Remove Income Taxation from Precious Metals

Tuesday, March 14 2017

Solving the Secret Behind the Chinese Gold Market

Sunday, March 12 2017

Egon von Greyerz meets with Grant Williams

Consuming our future

Mexico's Earmarked Gold Bars at the Bank of England vaults

Saturday, March 11 2017

Transparent Precious Metal Holdings - Gold/Silver

Gold/Silver - Futures - COTs - Commitment of Traders

Government mobilises 6.4 tonne gold under monetisation scheme

Friday, March 10 2017

Perth Mint Coin Sales

Chinese Gold Imports From Hong Kong

What Drives the Price of Gold?

Thursday, March 9 2017

The Path to $10,000 Gold

Indian demand will recover from 2016’s lows

Sprott makes $3.1-billion US hostile bid for Calgary-based Central Fund of Canada

Arizona Committee Passes Bill to Treat Gold and Silver as Money, Remove Capital Gains Taxes

Wednesday, March 8 2017

Indian Gold Imports Said to Almost Triple on Wedding Demand

India Gold/Silver Imports

The man who called the bottom for gold now sees this

Midas touch: China's tech, financial firms eye virtual gold rush

Tuesday, March 7 2017

The Bank of Mexico reveals its gold bar list

More Bad News for the LBMA Silver Price, but an Opportunity for Overhaul

Chinese Gold Reserves

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

Monday, March 6 2017

What is the root cause of a gold bull market?

World's top 10 gold mining companies – 2016

Sunday, March 5 2017

Will banks' excess reserves fuel a new monetary crisis?

Saturday, March 4 2017

How bitcoin reached parity with gold

Transparent Precious Metal Holdings - Gold/Silver

Gold/Silver - Futures - COTs - Commitment of Traders

I've Never Seen Stars So Aligned For Gold

Gold Moves Higher Even if the Fed Raises Rates

Gold and silver are a ‘gift’ right now, strategist says

CME, Thomson Reuters step down from providing London silver benchmark

Germany's Gold remains a Mystery as Mainstream Media cheer leads

It Will All Go Horribly Wrong

Friday, March 3 2017

Gold and Silver: Outlook 2017 – Dan Popescu

Who Needs Dollars? Russia and China Are Now Dominating Global Gold Production

Myths of Gold Confiscation

Turkey Gold/Silver Imports

Intraday Averages For Gold/Silver

Bitcoin Reaches Parity With Gold

Thursday, March 2 2017

CME lowers gold & silver margins

Wednesday, March 1 2017

US Mint Coin Sales

February gold import seen at 50 tonnes as demand returns

Why does the Turkish Banks hold gold at Turkish Central Bank and how they do it?

Silver News February Edition