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Defend Yourself :- Every Woman's Guide To Safeguarding Her Life
by Matt Thomas

Fugitive :- How To Run, Hide & Survive
by Kenn Abaygo

How To Fight Back & Win :- The Joy Of Self Defense
by Judith Fein

How To Prevail :- In Hostile Environments
by Xavier Maniguet

In The Gravest Extreme :- Role Of The Firearm
by Massad Ayoob

Knife Self :- Defense For Combat
by Michael Echanis

No! No! No! :- A Woman's Guide To Personal Defense & Street Safety
by Kathy Long

Paintball! Strategies & Tactics :-
by Peter Wrenn

Stalk & Kill :-
by Adrian Gilbert

Survial-Fighting Knives :-
by Leroy Thompson

The Art Of War :-
by Sun Tzu

The Farnam Method Of Defensive Shotgun & Rifle Shooting :-
by John Farnam

The Koehler Method Of Guard Dog Training :-
by William Koehler

The Truth About Self Protection :-
by Massad Ayoob


AK47 :- The Complete Kalashnikov Family Of Assault Rifles
by Duncan Long

Ammo Forever :- The Complete What To Shoot & How Manual For Rifles & Shotguns
by Don Paul

Black Powder Hobby Gunsmithing :-
by Sam Fadala

Boston On Guns & Courage :-
by Boston Party

Brassey's Essential Guide To Military Small Arms :-
by Derek Allsop

Do-It-Yourself Submachine Gun :-
by Gerard Metral

Firearms For Survival :-
by Duncan Long

Firearms, Traps & Tools Of The Mountain Men :-
by Carl Parcher

Gunsmithing At Home :-
by John Traister

Handloader's Digest :-
by Bob Bell

Home Workshop Guns :- The .22 Machine Pistol
by Bill Holmes

Home Workshop Guns :- The Handgun
by Bill Holmes

Infantry Combat - The Rifle Platoon :- An Interactive Excercise In Small-Unit Tactics & Leadership
by John Antal

Modern Weapons Caching :- A Down To Earth Approach To Beating The Government Gun Grab
by Benson Ragnar

More Guns, Less Crime :-
by John Lott

Shooting Sports For Women :- A Practical Guide
by Laurie Morrow

Super Shotguns :- How To Make Your Shotgun Into A Do-Everything Weapon
by Duncan Long

That Every Man Be Armed :-
by Stephen Halbrook

The AR15/M16 :- A Practical Guide
by Duncan Long

The Art Of The Rifle :-
by Jeff Cooper

The Complete Black Powder Handbook :-
by Sam Fadala

The Concealed Handgun Manual :- How To Choose, Carry & Shoot A Gun In Self Defense
by Chris Bird

The Ultimate Sniper :- An Advanced Training Manual For Military & Police Snipers
by John Plaster

To Ride, Shoot Straight, & Speak The Truth :-
by Jeff Cooper


America's Achilles Heel :- Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Terrorism
by Richard Falkenrath

Nuclear War & You :- Before, During & After
by Jerrold Richards

Nuclear War Survival Skills :-
by Cresson Kearney

Nuclear War Survival Skills :- What You & Your Family Can Do
by Cresson Kearney

Survive The Coming Nuclear War :-
by Ronald Cruit


Army Officer's Guide :-
by Lawrence Crocker

Chemical Alert! :- A Community Action Handbook
by Marvin Thomas

Chemical Warfare Agents :- Toxicology & Treatment
by Timothy Marrs

Close Quarter Combat :- A Soldier's Guide To Hand-To-Hand Fighting
by Leonard Holifield

Fighting In The Streets :- A Manual Of Urban Guerilla Warfare
by Urbano

First Responder Chem :- Bio Handbook
by Ben Venzke

Guidebook For Marines :-
by Marine Corps Assn

Jet Stream - Part 1 Of WWIII :- The Breakup Of America - A 21st Century Thriller
by R Muehlberg

Military Manual Of Self :- Defense
by Anthony Herbert

Resistance Warfare :-
by Carlos Jurado

Testing The War Weapons :-
by Timothy Mullin

The Art Of Maneuver :-
by Robert Leonhard

The Close-Combat Files :- Of Colonel Rex Applegate
by Rex Applegate

The Eleventh Plague :- The Politics Of Biological & Chemical Warfare
by Leonard Cole

Tomorrow When The War Began :-
by John Marsden


Advanced Bowhunting Guide :-
by Roger Maynard

America's Special Forces :- Weapons, Missions, Training
by David Bohrer

Basic Stick Fighting For Combat :-
by Michael Echanis

Bowhunting Equipment & Skills :-
by Dwight Schuh

Everybody's Knife Bible :- The All-New Way To Use & Enjoy Your Knives In The Great Outdoors
by Don Paul

Home Workshop Explosives :-
by Uncle Fester

Knifemaking :- A Complete Guide To Crafting Knives, Handles & Sheaths
by Bo Bergman

Modern Law Enforcement Weapons & Tactics :-
by Tom Ferguson

Put 'em Down, Take 'em Out :- Knife Fighting Techniques
by Don Pentecost

The Bowhunter's Handbook :-
by M James

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