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A Hut Of One's Own :-
by Ann Cline
A Shelter Sketchbook :- Timeless Building Solutions
by John Taylor

Adobe :- Build It Yourself
by Graham McHenry

Adobe & Rammed Earth Buildings :- Design & Construction
by Paul McHenry

All Thumbs Guide To Home Wiring :-
by Robert Wood

Alternative Housebuilding :-
by Michael McClintock

Analysis, Design & Construction Of Braced Domes :-
by Z Makowski

Build A Yurt :-
by Len Charney

Build A Yurt :- The Low Cost Mongolian Round House
by Len Charney

Basics For Builders :-
by Scot Simpson

Bridges & Cupolas :-
by Janet Strombeck

Build It With Bales :- A Step-By-Step Guide To Straw-Bale Construction
by MacDonald

Build Your Own Low-Cost Home :-
by Anderson

Build Your Own Underground Root Cellar :-
by Garden Way Editors

Building Small Barns, Sheds & Shelters :-
by Monte Burch

Building Stone Walls :-
by John Vivian

Building With Logs :-
by Allan MacKie

Building With Stone :-
by Charles McRaven

Buildings Of Earth & Straw :- Structural Design For Rammed Earth & Straw Bale Architecture
by King

Charas, The Improbable Dome Builders :-
by Syeus Mottel

Collector's Guide To Snow Domes :- Identification & Values
by Helene Guarnaccia

Complete Book Of Cordwood Masonry Housebuilding :- The Earthwood Method
by Rob Roy

Complete Book Of Underground Houses :- How To Build A Low-Cost Home
by Robert Roy

Complete Guide To Building Log Homes :-
by Monte Burch

Concrete Dome Roofs :-
by C Wilby

Dome - A Study In The History Of Ideas :-
by E Smith

Dome Builder's Handbook No. 2 :-
by William Yarnall

Dome Builders Handbook :-
by J Prenis

Dome Houses & Energy Conservation :- An Introductory Bibliography
by Staff Of The Bibliographic Research Library

Dome Notes :-
by Peter Hjersman

Dome Scrap Book :-
by George Swanson

Domes :-
by John Koethe

Domes :-
by Ann MacGregor

Domes & Homes :-
by Geodesic Service Staff

Domes - A Bibliography :-
by Mary Vance

Domes Of America :-
by William Seale

Earthship :- How To Build Your Own
by Michael Reynolds

Earthship Vol 2 :- Systems & Components
by Michael Reynolds

Earthship Vol 3 :- Evolution Beyond Economics
by Michael Reynolds

Engineering A New Architecture :-
by Tony Robbin

Geodesic Domes :-
by Borin Van Loon

Handmade Houseboats :- Independent Living Afloat
by Russell Conder

Homemade Money :- How To Save Energy & Dollars In Your Home
by Richard Heede

How To Build & Furnish A Log Cabin :-
by Ben Hunt

How To Design & Build Your Own House :-
by Lupe Didorno

How To Find Your Ideal Country Home :- Ruralize Your Dreams
by Gene GeRue

Igloos, Yurts & Totem Poles :-
by F Boer

Independent Builder :- Designing & Building A House Your Own Way
by Sam Clark

Low Cost Pole Building Construction :-
by Doug Merrilees

Materials For Infrared Windows & Domes :-
by Daniel Harris

Mortgage-Free! :- Radical Strategies For Home Ownership
by Rob Roy

Retreats :- Homemade Hideaways
by G Lawson

Rustic Retreats :- A Build-It-Yourself Guide
by David Stiles

Shelter :-
by Lloyd Kahn

The Backyard Stonebuilder :-
by Charles Long

The Carved Masonry Domes Of Mediaeval Cairo :-
by Christel Kessler

The Cob Builders Handbook :- You Can Hand-Sculpt Your Own Home
by Becky Bee

The Dome :- A Study In The History Of Ideas
by E Smith

The Dome People :-
by Ruth Howell

The Earth :- Sheltered House
by Malcolm Wells

The Fifty Dollar & Up :- Underground House Book
by Mike Oehler

The Indian Tipi - It's History, Construction & Use :-
by Reginald Laubin

The Natural House Catalog :-
by David Pearson

The Rammed Earth House :-
by David Easton

The Straw Bale House :-
by Athena Steen

Tipis & Yurts :-
by Blue Evening Star

Towers & Domes In Architecture :-
by F Escrig

Treehouses :-
by Peter Nelson

Window & Domes :- Technologies & Materials
by Paul Klocek

Yoga Yurts & You :-


Chinese Biogas Manual :- Popularizing Technology In The Country
by Ariane Van Buren

Diesel Generator Handbook :-
by L Mahon

Living Without Electricity :-
by Stephen Scott

More Power To You! :- A Proven Path To Electric Energy Independence

Steam Plant Operation :-
by Everett Woodruff

Step-By-Step Wiring :-
by Benjamin Allen

The Harrowsmith Country Life Guide To Wood Heat :-
by Dirk Thomas

Wind Energy Comes Of Age :-
by Paul Gipe

Wind Power For Home & Business :-
by Paul Gipe


All Thumbs Guide To Home Security :-
by Robert Wood

Home Safe Home :- How To Safeguard Your Home & Family
by Helen Maxwell

How To Implement A High Security Shelter In The Home :-
by Joel Skousen

Protecting Your Life, Home & Property :- A Cop Shows You How
by Robert Snow

Strategic Relocation :-
by Joel Skousen

The Safe House :- Setting Up & Running Your Own Sanctuary
by Jennifer Mack

The Secure Home :-
by Joel Skousen


Consumer Guide To Solar Energy :-
by Scott Sklar

Cooking With The Sun :- How To Build & Use Solar Cookers
by Beth Halacy

Harnessing Solar Power :- The Photovoltaics Challenge
by Kenneth Zweibel

Passive Solar House Basics :-
by Peter Van Dresser

Practical Photovoltaics :- Electricity From Solar Cells
by Richard Komp

Solar Cells :- Practical Applications Of Photovoltaics
by T Byers

Solar Cells :- Understanding & Using Photovoltaics
by T Byers

Solar Cooking Naturally :-
by Virginia Gurley

Solar Living Source Book :-
by John Schaeffer

The Fuel Savers :- A Kit Of Solar Ideas For Your Home, Apartment Or Business
by Bruce Anderson

The Independent Home :- Living Well With Power From The Sun, Wind & Water
by Michael Potts

The New Solar Electric Home :- The Photovoltaics How-To Handbook
by Joel Davidson

The Passive Solar House :-
by James Kachadorian

The Solar Electric House :- Energy For The Environmentally-Responsive, Energy-Independent House
by Steve Strong

The Solar Home :- How To Design & Build A House You Heat With The Sun
by Mark Freeman

A Trip Down The Garden Path :-
by Jean Turner

Bathrooms :-
by H Kavet

Clean & Decent :-
by Lawrence Wright

Clean & Decent :- The History Of The Bath & Loo & Of Sundry Habits, Fashions & Accessories Of The Toilet
by Lawrence Wright

Compost Toilets :- A Guide For Owner/Builders

Contemporary Bathroom & Water Closet Design :- A Bibliography Of Periodical Articles
by Carole Cable

Dolls' House Bathrooms :- Lots Of Little Loos
by Patricia King

En El Bao/Toilet Tales :-
by Andrea Von Koningslow

Goodbye To The Flush Toilet :- Water-Saving Alternatives To Cesspools, Septic Tanks & Sewers
by Carol Stoner

Heads Of The Masters :-
by Anne Anderson

Hidden Assets :- Stories Behind The Throne
by Dori Hutson

Jokes For Your John :- The Full Bathroom Reader
by Omri Bar-Lev

Low Volume WC-Systems :- A Development Project In India
by Eskil Olsson

Privies Galore :-
by Mollie Harris

Quality Toilets :- Working Group Report

Telephones, Televisions & Toilets :- How They Work & What Can Go Wrong
by Melvin Berger

The Adjust-A-Flush :- A Retrofit Device To Reduce Water Consumption In Toilets
by Eddie Aziman

The Compleat Loo :- A Lavatorial Miscellany
by Roger Kilroy

The Johns We'Ve Known :- Humorous Short Stories & Essays About Restrooms
by Janie Konigsberg

The Magic Lavatory :-
by Nicholas Allan

The Porcelain God :- A Social History Of The Toilet
by Julie Horan

The Toilet Book :- Knowing Your Toilet & How To Fix It, Sometimes
by Helen McKenna

The Toilet Papers :- Designs To Recycle Human Waste & Water - Dry Toilets, Greywater Systems & Urban Sewage
by Sim Van Der Ryn

The Toilets Of New York :- A Handy Guide To The Best (& The Worst) Public & Semipublic Relief Stations For Those With A Need-To-Know
by Ken Eichenbaum

The Water Closet :- A New History
by Roy Palmer

The Whistling Toilets :-
by Randy Powell

Thunder, Flush & Thomas Crapper :- An Encyclopedia
by Adam Hart-Davis

Toilets, Bathtubs, Sinks, & Sewers :- A History Of The Bathroom - Illustrated With Prints & Photographs
by Penny Colman

Toilets, Toasters & Telephones :-
by Susan Rubin

Unplugged :- The Bare Facts On Toilets Through The Ages
by Anna Ciddor

Up Shit Creek :- A Collection Of Horrifyingly True Wilderness Toilet Misadventures
by Joe Lindsay

Waterless Toilets :-
by Garden Ways Editors

We All Live Downstream :- For Everyone Who Wants Clean Water - A Guide To Waste Treatment That Stops Water Pollution
by Pat Costner

What Happens When I Flush The Toilet? :- Ask Isaac Asimov
by Isaac Asimov

Where To Go :- A Guide To Manhattan's Toilets
by Vicki Rovere


Builder's Guide To Wells & Septic Systems :-
by Dodge Woodson

Cottage Water Systems :- An Out Of The City Guide
by Max Burns

Earth Ponds :- The Country Pond Maker's Guide To Building, Maintenance & Restoration
by Tim Watson

Earth Ponds Sourcebook :- The Pond Owners Manual & Resource Guide
by Tim Matson

Finding Water :-
by Rick Brassington

The Home Water Supply :- How To Find, Filter, Store & Conserve It
by Stu Campbell

The Toilet Papers :- Recycling Waste & Conserving Water
by Wendell Berry

Wells & Septic System :-
by Max Alth


1001 Bright Ideas To Stretch Your Dollars :- Pinch Your Pennies, Hoard Your Quarters & Collar Your Dollars
by Cynthia Yates

Eating Economically :- Is Just Plain Smart
by Mary Jane

Feed A Family Of Four :- For As Low As Ten Dollars Per Week
by Marilynn Phipps

Frugal Luxuries :- Simple Pleasures To Enhance Your Life & Comfort Your Soul
by Tracey McBride

How To Survive Without A Salary :- Learning How To Live The Conserver Lifestyle
by Charles Long

Less Is More :- The Art Of Voluntary Poverty
by Goldian Vandenbrock

Living On Less :- An Authoritative Guide To Affordable Food, Fuel & Shelter
by John Vivian

Making Ends Meet :- How Single Mothers Survive Welfare & Low-Wage Work
by Kathryn Edin

Raising Kids With Just A Little Cash :-
by Lisa Reid

Saving Money Any Way You Can :- How To Become A Frugal Family
by Mike Yorkey

Shattering The Two-Income Myth :- Daily Secrets For Living Well On One Income
by Andy Dappen

The Best Of Living Cheap News :- Practical Advice On Saving Money & Living Well
by Larry Roth

The Best Of The Cheapskate Monthly :- Simple Tips For Living Lean In The 1990s
by Mary Hunt

The Simple Life :-
by Larry Roth

The Simple Living Guide :- Sourcebook For Less Stressful, More Joyful Living
by Janet Luhrs

Tightwad Gazette I :-
by Amy Dacyczyn

Tightwad Gazette Il :-
by Amy Dacyczyn

Tightwad Gazette Ill :-
by Amy Dacyczyn

Voluntary Simplicity :- Toward A Way Of Life That Is Outwardly Simple, Inwardly Rich
by Duane Elgin

Wealth On Minimal Wage :- Living Well On Less
by James Steamer

Yankee Magazine's Make It Last :- Over 1,000 Ingenious Ways To Extend The Life Of Everything You Own
by Earl Proulx


Place Called Simplicity :-
by Claire Cloninger

Lucifer's Hammer :-
by Larry Niven

Mother Earth News Alcohol Fuel Handbook :-
by Mother Earth News

Pocket Ref :- The Best Technical Reference Book
by Thomas Glover

Revelations 2000 :- Your Guide To Biblical Prophecy For The New Millennium
by M Agee

Black Helicopters Over America :-
by Jim Keith

Compromised :- Clinton, Bush & The CIA
by Terry Reed

David's Tool Kit :- A Citizen's Guide To Taking Out Big Brother's Heavy Weapons
by Ragnar Benson

Lost Rights :- The Destruction Of American Liberty
by James Bovard

No More Wacos :- What's Wrong With Federal Law Enforcement
by David Kopel

Patriots :- Surviving The Coming Collapse
by James Rawles

Shakedown :- How The Government Screws You
by James Bovard

Desiderata :- A Poem For A Way Of Life
by Max Ehrmann

Richest Man In Babylon :- As A Man Thinketh - Audio Cassette
by Georges Clason

Seven Life Lessons Of Chaos :- Timeless Wisdom From The Science Of Change
by John Briggs

The Desiderata Of Faith :- A Collection Of Religious Poems
by Max Ehrmann

The Desiderata Of Happiness :- A Collection Of Philosophical Poems
by Max Ehrmann

The Richest Man In Babylon :-
by Georges Clason

The Richest Man In Babylon :- The Laws Of Financial Success
by Georges Clason

4 Wheel Freedom :- The Art Of Off-Road Driving
by Brad Delong

Bicycle Repair :- Step By Step
by Rob Van Der Plas

Hummer :- The Next Generation
by Michael Green

RVing Basics :-
by Bill Moeller

The Off :- Road 4-Wheel Drive Book
by Jack Jackson


Aftermath :-
by Levar Burton

Alas, Babylon :-
by Pat Frank

Armageddon :-
by M Bolin

Armageddon At Defcon 1 :-
by Teretha Houston

Eclipse Of The Sun :- Children Of The Last Days Trilogy #3
by Michael O'Brien

Father Elijah :- An Apocalypse
by Michael O'Brien

Into The Forest :-
by Jean Hegland

Messiah :-
by Andrei Codrescu

Moonfall :-
by Jack McDevitt

Nightfall :-
by Isaac Asimov

Plague Journal :- Children Of The Last Days Trilogy #2
by Michael O'Brien

Shiva Descending :-
by Gregory Benford

Strangers & Sojourners :- Children Of The Last Days Trilogy #1
by Michael O'Brien

The Folk Of The Fringe :-
by Orson Card

The Hammer Of God :-
by Arthur Clarke

The Last Day :-
by Glenn Kleier

The Magic Circle :-
by Katherine Neville

The Memoirs Of A Survivor :-
by Doris Lessing

The New Madrid :-
by Michael Reisig

The Postman :-
by David Brin

The Termination Node :-
by Lois Gresh

The Third Pandemic :-
by Pierre Ouellette

The Trigger Effect :-
by Dewey Gram

Visions Of Armageddon :-
by Mark Vaz

Wolf & Iron :-
by Gordon Dickson

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