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50 Ways To A Safer World :- Everyday Actions You Can Take To Prevent Violence
by Patricia Giggans

50 Years Is Enough! :- The Case Against The World Bank & The International Monetary Fund
by Kevin Danaher

A Time To Heal :- John Perkins, Community Development & Racial Reconciliation
by Stephen Berk

A Tradition That Has No Name :- Nurturing The Development Of People, Families & Communities
by Belenky

Action Planning For Cities :- A Guide To Community Practice
by Nabeel Hamdi

Activism That Makes Sense :- Congregations & Community Organization
by Gregory Pierce

After Alinsky :- Community Organizing In Illinois
by Peg Knoepfle

All You Need To Know About Prayer :- You Can Learn From The Poor
by Louise Perrotta

Altars In The Street :- A Neighborhood Fights To Survive
by Melody Chavis

Alternatives To Global Capitalism :- Drawn From Biblical History, Designed For Political Action
by Ulrich Duchrow

America's Communal Utopias :-
by Donald Pitzer

An Alternative Future For America II :- Essays & Speeches
by Robert Theobald

An Alternative Future For America's Third Century :-
by Robert Theobald

Be A Global Force Of One! :- In Your Hometown
by John Boal

Beyond Charity :- The Call To Christian Community Development
by John Perkins

Beyond Despair :- Directions For America's Third Century
by Robert Theobald

Beyond Despair :- A Policy Guide To The Communication Era
by Robert Theobald

Breaking New Ground :- Community-Based Development Organizations
by Barbara Puls

Bridging The Class Divide :- & Other Lessons For Grassroots Organizing
by Linda Stout

Building A Better World :- Developing Communities Of Hope In Troubled Times
by Dave Andrews

Building Communities From The Inside Out :- A Path Toward Finding & Mobilizing A Community's Assets
by John Kretzmann

Called To Lead :- Leadership Development In A Small Community Context
Leader's Manual

Capital & Communities In Black & White :- Intersections Of Race, Class & Uneven Development
by Gregory Squires

Changing Places :- Rebuilding Community In The Age Of Sprawl
by Richard Moe

Civil War Two :- The Coming Breakup Of America
by Thomas Chittum

Collapse Of Complex Societies :-
by Joseph Tainter

Committed Spending A Route To Economic Security :-
by Robert Theobald

Common Purpose :- Strengthening Families & Neighborhoods To Rebuild America
by Lisbeth Schorr

Community Builders :- A Tale Of Neighborhood Mobilization In Two Cities
by Gordana Rabrenovic

Community Building :- What Makes It Work
by Paul Mattessich

Community Impact :- Creating Grass Roots Change
by William Berkowitz

Community Organization & Social Administration :- Advances, Trends & Emerging Principles
by Terry Mizrahi

Community Organizations In Latin America :-
by Juan Navarro

Community Organizing :-
by Specht

Community Organizing :- Building Social Capital As A Development Strategy
by Ross Gittell

Community Organizing & Community Building For Health :-
by Meredith Minkler

Community Organizing & Development :-
by Herbert Rubin

Community Power & Grassroots Democracy :- The Transformation Of Social Life
by Michael Kaufman

Community Technology :-
by Karl Hess

Community, Culture & Economic Development :- The Social Roots Of Local Action
by Meredith Ramsay

Creating Community Anywhere :- Finding Support & Connection In A Fragmented World
by Shaffer

Defending Community :- The Struggle For Alternative Redevelopment In Cedar-Riverside
by Randy Stoecker

Dialogue On Education :-
by Robert Theobald

Dialogue On Technology :-
by Robert Theobald

Dialogues On Women :-
by Robert Theobald

Ecodefense :- A Field Guide To Monkeywrenching
by Dave Foreman

Economic Empowerment Through The Church :- A Blueprint For Progressive Community Development
by Gregory Reed

Economizing Abundance :- A Noninflationary Future
by Robert Theobald

Empowerment :- The Politics Of Alternative Development
by John Friedmann

Fight Back :- How You & Your Neighbors Can Take Action To Improve Your Community
by Dennis King

Fighting Chance :- Ten Feet To Survival
by Arthur Robinson

Final Secret Of Pearl Harbor :-
by Robert Theobald

Final Secret Of Pearl Harbor :-
by Robert Theobald

Freedom, Justice & Hope :- Toward A Strategy For The Poor & The Oppressed
by Marvin Olasky

From Holy Power To Holy Profits :- The Black Church & Community Economic Development
by Dr Walter Malone

From Mondragon To America :- Experiments In Community Economic Development
by Gregory MacLeod

From Redlining To Reinvestment :- Community Responses To Urban Disinvestment
by Gregory Squires

Funding Sources For Community & Economic Development 1998 :- A Guide To Current Sources For Local Programs & Projects

Gaviotas :- A Village To Reinvent The World
by Alan Weisman

Generation React :- Activism For Beginners
by Danny Seo

Going Local :- Creating Self-Reliant Communities
by Michael Shuman

Good News To The Poor :- John Wesley's Evangelical Economics
by Theodore Jennings

Grassroots Leaders For A New Economy :- How Civic Entrepreneurs Are Building Prosperous Communities
by Douglas Henton

Habit & Habitat :-
by Robert Theobald

Healing Into Action :- A Leadership Guide For Creating Diverse Communities
by Cherie Brown

In Earth's Company :- Business, Environment & The Challenge Of Sustainability
by Carl Frankel

Individual & Community Responses :- To Trauma & Disaster
by Robert Ursano

Let The People Decide :- Neighborhood Organizing In America
by Robert Fisher

Man & Society In Calamity :-
by Pitirim Sorokin

Metropolitics :- A Regional Agenda For Community & Stability
by Myron Orfield

Middle Class Support :- A Route To Socioeconomic Security
by Robert Theobald

Moving To A Small Town :-
by Wanda Urbanska

Moving To The Country :- Once & For All
by Lisa Rogak

Neither Urban Jungle Nor Urban Village :- Women, Families & Community Development
by Sara Stoutland

Organizing For Power & Empowerment :- Empowering The Powerless
by Jacqueline Mondros

Organizing For Social Change :- A Manual For Activists In The 1990s
by Kim Bobo

Organizing The South Bronx :-
by Jim Rooney

Perpetuating Poverty :- The World Bank, The IMF & The Developing World
by Doug Bandow

Placemaking :- The Art & Practice Of Building Communities
by Linda Schneekloth

Planting & Growing Urban Churches :- From Dream To Reality
by Harvie Conn

Promoting Community Change :- Making It Happen In The Real World
by Mark Homan

Rebuilding The Inner City :- A History Of Neighborhood Initiatives To Address Poverty In The US
by Robert Halpern

Reclaiming Capital :- Democratic Initiatives & Community Development
by Christopher Gunn

Restorers Of Hope :- Reaching The Poor In Your Community With Church-Based Ministries That Work
by Amy Sherman

Restoring At-Risk Communities :- Doing It Together & Doing It Right
by John Perkins

Reweaving The Fabric :- How Congregations & Communities Can Come Together To Build Their Neighborhoods
by Ronald Nored

Reworking Success :- New Communities At The Millennium
by Robert Theobald

Roots To Power :- A Manual For Grassroots Organizing
by Lee Staples

Rules For Radicals :- A Practical Primer For Realistic Radicals
by Saul Alinsky

Shared Visions, Shared Lives :- Communal Living Around The Globe
by Bill Metcalf

Social Innovation In The City :- New Enterprises For Community Development
by Richard Rosenbloom

Soul Of A Citizen :- Living With Conviction In A Cynical Time
by Paul Loeb

Streets Of Hope :- The Fall & Rise Of An Urban Neighborhood
by Peter Medoff

Surviving The Global Financial Crisis :- The Economics Of Hope For Generation X
by Paul Hellyer

Sustainable Community Development :- Principles & Concepts
by Chris Maser

Sustaining The Common Good :- A Christian Perspective On The Global Economy
by John Cobb

Taking Back Our Neighborhoods :- Building Communities That Work
by Mary Wachter

Teg's 1994 :- An Anticipation Of The Near Future
by Robert Theobald

Tegs Nineteen Ninety-Four :- An Anticipation Of The Near Future
by Robert Theobald

The Activist's Handbook :- A Primer For The 1990s & Beyond
by Randy Shaw

The Careless Society :- Community & Its Counterfeits
by John McKnight

The Community Of The Future :- Drucker Foundation Future Series
by Frances Hesselbein

The Crisis Of Our Age :-
by Pitirim Sorokin

The Emergency Evacuation Of Cities :- A Cross-National Historical & Geographical Study
by Zelinsky

The Future Of Work :- 4 Cassette Set
by Robert Theobald

The Girard Reader :-
by Rene Girard

The Healing Century :- A Message Of Hope For The New Millenium - 4 Cassette Set
by Robert Theobald

The Living Wage :- Building A Fair Economy
by Robert Pollin

The Rapids Of Change :- Social Entrepreneurship In Turbulent Times
by Robert Theobald

The Scapegoat :-
by Rene Girard

The Triumphs Of Joseph :- How Today's Community Healers Are Reviving Our Streets & Neighborhoods
by Robert Woodson

Things Hidden Since The Foundation Of The World :-
by Rene Girard

Transforming Your Community :- Empowering For Change
by Allen Moore

Turning The Century :- Personal & Organizational Strategies For Your Changed World
by Robert Theobald

Violence Unveiled :-
by Rene Girard

Violence Unveiled :- Humanity At The Crossroads
by Gil Bailie

Working Together Against Crime :- Library Of Social Activism
by Victor Adint

Working Together Against Gang Violence :- Library Of Social Activism
by Margi Trapani

Working Together Against Homelessness :- Library Of Social Activism
by Eugene Hurwitz

Working Together Against School Violence :- Library Of Social Activism
by Sheila Klee

Working Together Against World Hunger :- Library Of Social Activism
by Nancy Bohac Flood

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