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Anarchist Cookbook :-
by William Powell

Antioxidant Power :- 366 Delicious Recipes For Great Health & Long Life
by Dolores Riccio

Baking Soda :- Over 500 Fabulous, Fun & Frugal Uses You've Probably Never Thought Of
by Vicki Lansky

Bread Book :-
by Thom Leonard

Caprial's Soups & Sandwiches :-
by Caprial Pence

Cheapskate In The Kitchen :-
by Mary Hunt

Cheesemaking Made Easy :-
by Ricki Carroll

Clearly Delicious :-
by Elisabeth Ortiz

Cookin' With Beans & Rice :-
by Peggy Layton

Cookin' With Dried Eggs :-
by Peggy Layton

Cookin' With Powdered Milk :-
by Peggy Layton

Cooking The Dutch Oven Way :-
by Woody Woodruff

Doin' Dutch Oven Inside & Out :-
by Robert Ririe

Eat Healthy For $50 A Week :- Feed Your Family Nutritious Delicious Meals For Less
by Rhonda Barfield

Goat Cheese :-
by Ethel Brennan

Honey - God's Gift For Health & Beauty :- Cooking & Canning With Honey, Food Value Versus Sugar
by Joe Parkhill

Jams, Jellies & Relishes :- Cook Books From Amish Kitchens - Cookbooks From Amish Kitchens
by Phyllis Good

Joe's Book Of Mushroom Cookery :-
by Jack Czarnecki

Laurel's Kitchen Caring :- Recipes For Everyday Home Caregiving
by Laurel Robertson

Laurel's Kitchen Recipes :-
by Laurel Robertson

Let's Cook Dutch :- A Complete Guide For The Dutch Oven Chef
by Robert Ririe

Lost Arts :- A Cook's Guide
by Lynn Alley

Make-A-Mix :-
by Karine Eliason

Making Cheese :- Butter & Yogurt
by The Gardenway Staff

More-With-Less Cookbook :-
by Doris Longacre

Natural Meals In Minutes :- High-Fiber, Low-Fat Meatless Storage Meals
by Bozarth

New Recipes From Quilt Country :- More Food & Folkways
by Marcia Adams

Once-A-Month Cooking :-
by Mimi Wilson

Plain & Happy Living :- Amish Recipes & Remedies
by Emma Byler

Recipes From North American Native Cooks :-
by David Hunt

Solar Cooking :- A Primer/Cookbook
by Harriet Kofalk

Stories & Recipes Of The Great Depression :- Of The 1930's - Volume I

Stories & Recipes Of The Great Depression :- Of The 1930's - Volume II

Stories & Recipes Of The Great Depression :- Of The 1930's - Volume III

The Bread Bible :-
by Beth Hensperger

The Encyclopedia Of Country Living :- An Old Fashioned Recipe Book
by Carla Emery

The Fresh Foods Country Cookbook :-
by Mother Earth News

The Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book :-
by Laurel Robertson

The New Laurel's Kitchen :- A Handbook For Vegetarian Cookery & Nutrition
by Laurel Robertson

The Perfect Mix :- Bread, Soup, Dessert & Other Homemade Mixes From Your Kitchen
by Diane Phillips

The Southern Living Complete Do-Ahead Cookbook :- From Today's Gourmet
by Ann Harvey

The Splendid Grain :-
by Rebecca Wood

The Tassajara Bread Book :-
by Edward Brown

Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone :-
by Deborah Madison

Woodstove Cookery :- At Home On The Range
by Jane Cooper


101 Essential Tips :- Preserving Fruit
by Oded Schwartz

15 Minute Storage Meals :- Quick, Healthful Recipes & Food Storage Handbook
by Jayne Benkendorf

A Passion For Preserves :- Jams, Jellies Marmalades, Conserves Whole & Candied Fruits
by Frederica Langeland

Aproveche Mejor Frutas Y Verduras :- LA Huerta Familiar - Harvest Book
by Organic Gardening

Art Of Preserving :-
by Jan Berry

Beginners Guide To Family Preparedness :- Food Storage, Back To Basics, Survival Facts
by Rosalie Mason

Better Homes & Garden Presents :- America's All Time Favorite Canning & Preserving Recipes
by Better Homes & Gardens

Big Book Of Preserving The Harvest :-
by Carol Costenbader

Canning & Preserving Without Sugar :-
by Norma MacRae

Complete Guide To Home Canning :- Preserving & Freezing
US Department Of Agriculture

Cookin' With Home Storage :-
by Peggy Layton

Dehydrator Delights :-
by Noreen Thomas

Don Holm's Book Of Food Drying :- Pickling & Smoke Curing
by Don Holm

Don't Get Caught With Your Pantry Down :- When The Unexpected Happens!
by James Stevens

Food Storage 101 :- Where Do I Begin?
by Peggy Layton

Home Book Of Smoke-Cooking :- Meat, Fish & Game
by Jack Sleight

Home Canning :-
by Sunset Magazine

Home Food Dehydrating :-
by Jay Bills

How To Develop A Low-Cost :- Family Food-Storage System
by Anita Evangelista

How To Dry Foods :-
by Deanne Delong

Just Add Water :- How To Use Dehydrated Food
by B Salsbury

Just Jerky :- The Complete Guide To Making It
by Mary Bell

Keeping The Harvest :- Preserving Your Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs
by Nancy Chioffi

Making & Using Dried Foods :-
by Phyllis Hobson

Mary Bell's Complete Dehydrator Cookbook :-
by Mary Bell

Perfect Preserves :- Provisions From The Kitchen Garden
by Nora Carey

Preserving :-
by Oded Schwartz

Preserving Fruits & Vegetables :- Well-Stocked Pantry
by Carol Costenbader

Preserving In Today's Kitchen :- Easy, Modern Canning Methods
by Jeanne Lesem

Preserving Summer's Bounty :- A Quick & Easy Guide To Freezing, Canning, Preserving & Drying
by Susan McClure

Putting Food By :-
by Janet Greene

Root Cellaring :- Natural Cold Storage Of Fruits & Vegetables
by Mike Bubel

Root Cellaring :- Natural Cold Storage Of Fruits & Vegetables
by Mike Bubel

Stocking Up :-
by Carol Hupping

Summer In A Jar :- Making Pickles, Jams & More
by Andrea Chesman

The Big Book Of Preserving The Harvest :-
by Carol Costenbader

The Book Of Preserves :- Jams, Chutneys, Pickles & Jellies
by Mary Norwak

The Busy Person's Guide :- To Preserving Food
by Janet Chadwick

The Canning, Curing & Smoking :- Of Meat, Fish & Game
by Wilbur Eastman

The Food Lover's Guide To Canning :-
by Chris Rich

The Joy Of Pickling :- 200 Flavor-Packed Recipes For All Kinds Of Produce From Garden Or Market
by Linda Ziedrich

The Perfect Pickle Book :-
by David Mabey

Well Preserved :- A Jam-Making Hymnal
by Joan Hassol


A Taste Of Nature :- Edible Plants Of The Southwest
by Kahanah Farnsworth

Acorn Pancakes, Dandelion Salad :- And Other Wild Dishes
by Jean George

An Instant Guide To Edible Plants :-
by Pamela Forey

Best Tasting Wild Plants :- Of Colorado & The Rockies
by Cattail Seebeck

Bill & Bev Beatty's :- Wild Plant Cookbook
by Bill Beatty

Billy Joe Tatum's :- Wild Foods Cookbook & Field Guide
by Billy Tatum

Creepy Crawly Cuisine :-
by Julieta Elorduy

Designing & Maintaining :- Your Edible Landscape Naturally
by Robert Kourik

Drinks From The Wilds :-
by Steven Krause

Eat A Bug Cookbook :-
by David Gordon

Eat Like A Wild Man :-
by Rebecca Gray

Eat The Weeds :-
by Ben Harris

Edible & Useful Wild Plants :- Of The United States & Canada
by Charles Saunders

Edible Flowers :- Desserts & Drinks
by Cathy Barash

Edible Flowers :- From Garden To Palate
by Cathy Barash

Edible Native Plants :- Of The Rocky Mountains
by H Harrington

Edible Wild Plants :- Of Eastern North America
by Merritt Fernald

Edible Wild Plants :- A North American Field Guide
by Thomas Elias

Edible Wild Plants :- Of Pennsylvania & Neighbouring States
by Richard Medve

Field Guide To Edible Wild Plants :-
by Bradford Angier

God's Free Harvest :- Successful Harvesting Of Nature's Free Wild Foods & Wild Edibles For Your Survival
by Ken Larson

Identifying & Harvesting :- Edible & Medicinal Plants In Wild Places
by Steve Brill

Man Eating Bugs :-
by Peter Menzel

Native Indian Wild Game :- Fish & Wild Foods Cookbook
by David Hunt

Stalking The Wild Asparagus :-
by Euell Gibbons

The Bounty Of The Earth Cookbook :- How To Cook Fish, Game, & Other Wild Things
by Sylvia Bashline

The Complete Book Of Edible Landscape :-
by Rosalind Creasy

The Encyclopedia Of Edible Plants :- Of North America
by Francois Couplan

The Foraging Gourmet :-
by Katie Lyle

The Wild & Free Cookbook :-
by Thomas Squier

The Wild Food Trail Guide :-
by Alan Hall

Wild Roots :- A Foragers Guide Of North America
by Douglas Elliot

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