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Beekeeping :- A Practical Guide For The Novice
by Werner Melzer

Beekeeping :- A Practical Guide
by Richard Bonney

How To Keep Bees :- & Sell Honey
by Walter Kelley

The New Complete Guide To Beekeeping :-
by Roger Morse

The New Starting Right With Bees :- A Beginner's Handbook On Beekeeping
by Gleanings Staff

ABC Of Poultry Raising :- A Complete Guide For The Beginner Or Expert
by J Florea

Chickens In Your Backyard :- A Beginners Guide
by Rick Luttmann

Raising Poultry Successfully :-
by Will Graves

Raising The Home Duck Flock :-
by Dave Holderread

Small-Scale Poultry Keeping :- A Guide To Free Range Poultry Production
by Ray Feltwell

A Celebration Of Heirloom Vegetables :- Growing & Cooking Old-Time Varieties
by Roger Yepsen

A Garlic Testament :- Seasons On A Small New Mexico Farm
by Stanley Crawford

Abundant Vegetable Garden :- A Handbook For Success
by Mother Earth News

Backyard Market Gardening :- The Entrepreneurs Guide To Selling What You Grow
by Andrew Lee

Building Your Own Greenhouse :-
by Mark Freeman

Burpee :- The Complete Vegetable & Herb Gardener
by Karan Cutler

Carrots Love Tomatoes :- Secrets Of Companion Planting
by Louise Riotte

Energy-Efficient & Environmental Landscaping :- Cut Your Utility Bills By Up To 30 Percent
by Anne Moffat

Flowers For Sale :- Growing & Marketing Cut Flowers - Backyard To Small
by Lee Sturdivant

Forest Gardening :- Cultivating An Edible Landscaping
by Robert Hart

Four Season Harvest :- How To Harvest Fresh Organic Vegetables
by Eliot Coleman

Greening The Deserts :- Techniques & Achievements Of Two Japanese Agriculturists
by Selei Toyama

Grow It! :- The Beginner's Complete In-Harmony-With-Nature Small Farm Guide
by Langer

Growing Great Garlic :- The Definitive Guide For Organic Gardeners & Small Farmers
by Ron Engeland

Harvest Of Hope :- Family Farming - Farming Families
by Lorraine Garkovich

Heirloom Vegetables :- A Home Gardener's Guide To Finding & Growing Vegetables
by Sue Strickland

How To Grow More Vegetables :- Fruits, Nuts, Berries, Grains & Other Crops
by John Jeavons

Introduction To Permaculture :-
by Bill Mollison

Let It Rot :- The Gardener's Guide To Composting
by Stu Campbell

Market Gardening :- Growing & Selling Produce
by Ric Staines

Medicinal Mushrooms :- An Exploration Of Tradition, Healing & Culture
by Christopher Hobbs

Natural Insect Control :- The Ecological Gardener's Guide To Foiling Pests
by The Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Onions, Leeks & Garlic :- A Handbook For Gardeners
by Marian Coonse

Permaculture :- A Designers' Manual
by Bill Mollison

Rodale's All-New Encyclopedia Of Organic Gardening :- The Indispensable Resource For Every Gardener
by Barbara Ellis

Roses Love Garlic :- Companion Planting & Other Secrets Of Flowers
by Louise Riotte

Saving Seeds :- The Gardeners Guide
by Marc Rogers

Seed To Seed :-
by Suzanne Ashworth

Self Sufficiency Gardening :-
by Martin Waterman

Smallholders, Householders :- Farm Families & The Ecology Of Intensive, Sustainable Agriculture
by Robert Netting

Solar Gardening :- Growing Vegetables Year-Round The American Intensive Way
by Leandre Poisson

Square Foot Gardening :- A New Way To Garden In Less Space With Less Work
by Mel Bartholomew

The Big Book Of Gardening Skills :-
by Andrea Chesman

The Flower Farmer :- An Organic Grower's Guide To Raising & Selling Cut Flowers
by Lynn Byczynski

The Mushroom Book :-
by Thomas Laesse

The New Organic Grower :-
by Eliot Coleman

The Organic Gardener's Handbook :- Of Natural Insect & Disease Control
by Barbara Ellis

The Rodale Book Of Composting :-
by Deborah Martin

Worms Eat My Garbage :- How To Set Up & Maintain A Worm Composting System
by Mary Appelhof

A Beast The Color Of Winter :- The Mountain Goat Observed
by Douglas Chadwick

Americas Goat Man :- Mr Ches McCarthy
by Daryl Patton

Angora Goat :- & Mohair Production
by Maurice Shelton

Canada's Animal Genetic Resources :- Goat Breeds In Canada

Chevre - The Goat Cheese Cookbook :-
by Laura Chenel

Commercial Goat Production :-
by J Wilkinson

Controlled Reproduction In Sheep & Goats :- Controlled Reproduction In Farm Animals
by Ian Gordon

Dairy Goat Judging Techniques :-
by Harvey Considine

Dairy Goats Breeding, Feeding & Management :-
by American Dairy Goat Assn

Diseases Of The Goat :-
by John Matthews

Economics Of Goat Keeping In Rajasthan :-
by Vidya Sagar

Forty Acres & A Goat :- A Memoir
by Will Campbell

Fundamentals Of Improved Dairy Goat Management :-
by Robert Jackson

Genetic Resources Of Pig, Sheep, & Goat :-
by K Maijala

Get That Goat :-
by Michael Aushenker

Goat :-
by C Gibson

Goat & Sheep Production :- In The Tropics
by C Devendra

Goat Care :- A Complete Handbook
by Mary Turner

Goat Cheese Small Scale :-
by Mont Laurier Benedictine Nuns

Goat Farming :-
by Alan Mowlem

Goat Feeder :- Old West Collection Of WoodWorking Pattern Books
by Ron Hoke

Goat Husbandry :-
by David MacKenzie

Goat In The Garden :-
by Ben Baglio

Goat Meat Production In Asia :- Proceedings Of A Workshop Held In Tando Jam, Pakistan

Goat Medicine :-
by Mary Smith

Goat Milk Magic :- One Of Life's Greatest Healing Foods
by Bernard Jensen

Goat Nutrition :- European Association For Animal Production Publications
by P Morand-Fehr

Goat Production :-
by C Gall

Goat Production & Research In The Tropics :-
by J Copland

Goat Production In The Humid Tropics :-
by O Smith

Goat Production In The Tropics :-
by C Devendra

Goats & Goat Keeping :-
by Katie Thear

Goats & Goatkeepers :- A Socio-economic Study
by Kanta Ahuja

Goats - A Guide To Management :-
by Patricia Ross

Guide To Ruminant Anatomy :- Based On The Dissection Of The Goat
by Phillip Garrett

High Country Hunting :-
by Lloyd Bare

Home Goat Keeping :-
by Hetheringt

Hunting The Rocky Mountain Goat :-
by Duncan Gilchrist

Illustrated Standard Of The Dairy Goat :-
by Nancy Owen

Improving Goat Production In The Tropics :- A Manual For Development Workers
by Christie Peacock

Isotope Aided Studies On Sheep & Goat Production In The Tropics :- Proceedings Of The Final Research Co-Ordination Meeting On Improving Sheep & Goats

Marketing Of Goats In Rajasthan :-
by M Rathore

Mountain Goats :-
by Bill Ivy

Mountain Goats :-
by Frank Staub

Never Kiss A Goat On The Lips :- The Adventures Of A Suburban Homesteader
by Vic Sussman

No Place For A Goat :-
by Helen Sattler

Observations On The Goat :-
by M French

One Day With A Goat Herd :-
by C Stevens

Outline Of Clinical Diagnosis In The Goat :-
by John GMatthews

Overlook Guide To Small Scale Goat Keeping :-
by Billie Luisi

Practical Goat-Keeping :-
by John Halliday

Proceedings Of The First International Mountain Goat Symposium :- Kalispell, Montana, February 19, 1977

Proceedings Of The National Symposium :- On Goat Meat Production & Marketing

Proceedings Of The National Symposium :- On Dairy Goat Production & Marketing

Progress In Sheep & Goat Research :-
by A Speedy

Ram & Goat :-
by Ruth Manning-Saunders

Range & Ranch Wildlife, Sheep & Goat Handbook :- 1988 International Stockmen's School Handbooks
by L Pope

Sheep & Goat Breeding :-

Sheep & Goat Breeds Of India :- Animals Production & Health Papers
by R Acharya

Sheep & Goat Handbook :- International Stockmen's School Handbooks

Sheep & Goat Handbook :-
by Frank Baker

Sheep & Goat Practice :-
by Margaret Melling

Sheep & Goat Production :-
by I Coop

Sheep & Goat Science :- Animal Agriculture
by M Ensminger

Sheep & Goats In Turkey :- Fao Animal Production & Health Paper
by B Yalcin

Small Ruminant Production :- & The Small Ruminant Genetic Resource In Tropical Africa
by R Wilson

Texas Woolybacks :- The Range Sheep & Goat Industry
by Paul Carlson

The Biology & Management Of Mountain Ungulates :-
by Sandro Lovari

The Pack Goat :-
by John Mionczynski


Backyard Livestock :- Raising Good Natural Food For Your Family
by Steven Thomas

Backyard Meat Production :- Grow All The Meat You Need In Your Backyard
by Anita Evangalista

Basic Butchering :- Of Livestock & Game
by John Mettler

Contrary Farmer :-
by Gene Logsdon

Farming :- A Handbook
by Wendell Berry

Five Acres & Independence :- A Handbook For Small Farm Management
by Maurice Kains

Handy Farm Devices :- And How To Make Them
by Rolfe Cobleigh

Horse Packing In Pictures :-
by Francis Davis

Keeping Livestock Happy :- A Veterinary Guide To Horses, Cattles, Pigs, Goats & Sheep
by Bruce Haynes

On Good Land :- The Autobiography Of An Urban Farm
by Michael Ableman

Raising Milk Goats :- The Modern Way
by Jerry Belanger

Successful Small - Scale Farming :- An Organic Approach
by Karl Schwenke

The Family Cow :-
by Dirk Van Loon

The Humanure Handbook :- A Guide To Composting Human Manure
by Joseph Jenkins

The Merck Veterinary Manual :-
by Susan Aiello

The New Goat Handbook :- With A Special Chapter On Using The Milk, Meat & Hair
by Ulrich Jaudas

Veterinary Guide For Animal Owners :- Cattle, Goats, Sheep, Horses, Pigs, Poultry, Rabbits, Dogs, Cats
by C Spaulding


The Original Foxfire Book :- Hog Dressing, Log Cabin Building, Mountain Crafts & Foods, Planting By The Signs, Snake Lore, Hunting Tales, Faith Healing, Moon
by Eliot Wigginton

Foxfire 2 :- Ghost Stories, Spring Wild Plant Foods, Spinning & Weaving, Midwifing, Burial Customs, Corn Shucking, Wagon Making & More
by Eliot Wigginton

Foxfire 3 :- Animal Care, Banjos & Dulcimers, Hide Tanning, Summer & Fall Wild Plant Foods, Butter Churns, Ginseng
by Eliot Wigginton

Foxfire 4 :- Fiddle Making, Springouses, Horse Trading, Sassafras Tea, Berry Buckets, Gardening & Further Affairs Of Plain Living
by Eliot Wigginton

Foxfire 5 :- Ironmaking, Blacksmithing, Flintlock Rifles, Bear Hunting & Plain Living
by Eliot Wigginton

Foxfire 6 :-
by Eliot Wigginton

Foxfire 7 :-
by Eliot Wigginton

Foxfire 8 :-
by Eliot Wigginton

Foxfire 9 :- General Stores, The Jud Newson Wagon, A Praying Rock, A Catawba Indian Potter - & Hant Tales, Quilting, Home Cures & Log Cabins
by Eliot Wigginton

Foxfire 10 :- Railroad Lore, Boardinghouses, Depression-Era Appalachia, Chair Making, Whirligigs, Snake Canes & Gourd Art
by Eliot Wigginton


The Backyard Poultry Book :-
by Andrew Singer

Aquaculture :- The Farming & Husbandry Of Freshwater & Marine Organisms
by John Bardach

Catfish Ponds & Lily Pads :- Creating & Enjoying A Family Pond
by Louise Riotte

Freshwater Fish Pond :- Culture & Management
by Laurel Druben

Handbook On Small-Scale Freshwater Fish Farming :-
by The United Nations

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