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Act Y2k Basic Business Workbook :-
by Applied Resource Assoc

Act Y2k Small Business Workbook :-
by Christopher Whisman

After The Fireworks :- Business & Technology Strategies For Surviving Y2k Hits
by Unhelkar Bhuvan

Countdown Y2k :- Business Survival Planning
by Peter DeJager

Evaluating Success Of A Y2000 Project :-
by Howard Rubin

Evaluating The Y2k Project :- A Management Guide For Determining Reasonable Care
by Timothy Braithwaite

Finding & Fixing Your Year 2000 Problem :- A Guide For Small Businesses & Organizations
by Jesse Feiler

Healthcare In Crisis :- Preparing The Medical Office For The Year 2000
by Diana Driscoll

How To Financially Protect Your Business :- From Y2k Business Interruption
by Ken Lagasse

Managing The Millennium Bug :- & Its Implications For Your Organization
by Mike Levy

Managing The Year 2000 Crisis :- Strategies & Solutions
by Janet Butler

Mealey's Year 2000 :- Exposures & Coverage Conference 1998 Handbook
by Mealey Publications

Ncpea Yearbook :- Toward The Year 2000
by Muth Rodney

Practical Methods For Your Y2k Problem :- The Lowest Cost Solution
by Robert Chapman

Quandary 2000 :- The How To Guide For Developing & Implementing A Plan To Address The Y2k
by William Dudley

Solving The Year 2000 Software Problem :- Creating Blueprints For Success
US House Of Representatives

Stamp Of Approval :- 2000-Business Process Template
by Timothy Fowler

Teaching Chipmunks To Dance :- The Business Leaders' Guide To Making The Distributed Enterprise Y2k Compliant
by Chris Jesse

The Millennium Countdown :- A Practical Guide To Preparing Your Business For The Year 2000
by Lynn Craig

The Nuts & Bolts Guide To Year 2000 Solutions :- A Non-Technical Approach
by Kevin Beach

The Other Side Of Midnight, 2000 :- An Executive Guide To The Y2k Problem
by Martha Daniel

The Smaller Business Year 2000 Guide :- A Complete Y2k Compliance Program For Small & Mid-Size Businesses
by Allen Falcon

The Unofficial Guide To Y2k :- What Business Should Know Now & After The New Millenium
by Jim Cope

The Y2k Dossier :- A Compliance Backup Course-of-Action
by Aldwin Halvorson

The Y2k Issue :- Current Accounting & Auditing Guidance
by American Inst Of CPA

The Y2k Problem Solver :- A Five-Step Disaster Prevention Plan
by Bryce Ragland

The Y2k Software Problem :- Quantifying The Costs & Assessing The Consequences
by Capers Jones

The Y2k Workbook For Small Business :-
by Don Petersen

The Year 2000 Health Care Survival Guide :- Strategies & Solutions For Executives
by Audie Lewis

The Year 2000 How To Guide For Medical Laboratories :-
by Charles Shipp

Troubleshooting Employee Benefit Plans :- Strategies For Y2k Compliance
by Richard Wood

Y2k Assessment Guide For Health Care Providers :-
by MD Nicolette Francey

Y2k Assessment Workbook For Health Care Providers :-
by MD Nicolette Francey

Y2k Compliance :- A Guide To Successful Implementation
by Alea Fairchild

Y2k Compliance :- Management Control & Review
by MASP Consulting Staff

Y2k Compliance Manual :- For The Medical Office
by Frank Cohen

Y2k Crisis :- Developing A Successful Plan For Information Systems
by Janet Butler

Y2k Problem :- Strategies & Solutions From The Fortune 100
by Leon Kappelman

Y2k Risk Management :- Contingency Planning, Business Continuity & Avoiding Litigation
by Steven Goldberg

Year 2000 :- Home & Business Technological Emergency Management Guide
by Ronald Presson

Year 2000 :- The International Directory Of Y2k Conversion Resources
by Bohdan Szuprowicz

Year 2000 :- Mom & Pop's Small Business Guide
by Diana Driscoll

Year 2000 Best Practices Manual :-
by COG InfoTech Subcommittee

Year 2000 Business Preparedness Guide :-
by John Van Geldern

Year 2000 Contingency Planning :-
by J Kuong

Year 2000 Problems In Machinery :- Managing The Risk In Smaller Companies
by Inspec/IEE


1/1/2000 :- A Novel Of The Millennium
by R Pineiro

Binary Fusion & The Millennium Bug :-
by Beth Bridgman

Deadline Y2k :-
by Mark Joseph

Doubting Thomas :- Crisis 2000
by Kent Stauffer

Flee The Darkness :-
by Grant Jeffrey

Glitch The Y2k Conspiracy :-
by David Kedson

Noontide Night :- A Y2k Novel
by Andrew Burt

The Chaos Protocol :-
by Nancy McKibben

The Millennium Project :-
by Joseph Massucci

The Millennium Virus :-
by John Bassett

The Y2k Bug :- A Novel
by Frank Simon

Tomorrow Is Omega :-
by Darleen Urbanek

Why 2K?
by Sandra Ghost

Y2k :-
by R Pineiro

Y2k :- Three Scenarios
by James Halperin

Y2k :- The Millennium Crisis
by Bradford Morgan

Y2K-9 :- The Dog Who Saved The World
by Todd Strasser

Y2k Blackout :-
by Sharon Volk


Law Of The Year 2000 Problem :- Strategies, Claims & Defenses
by Richard Williams

The Y2k Business & Legal Survival Guide :- Surviving Litigation, Managing The Crisis
by Sean Melvin

The Year 2000 Issue :- Current Accounting & Auditing Guidance
by American Inst Of CPA

The Year 2000 Legal Handbook :-
by Howard Gutman

The Year 2000 Problem & The Legal Profession :- Managing The Risks
by Anthony Davis

Y2k Computer Crisis :- Law, Business & Technology
by Michael Scott

Year 2000 Law Deskbook :-
by Jeff Jinnett


2000.1-1998 IEEE Standard For Year 2000 Terminology :-

Ace The Technical Interview :- How To Get The Best Job In The Computer Industry
by Michael Rothstein

Bits & Bytes :- Y2k & Beyond
by Timothy Kelly

COBOL For OS/390 :- Power Programming With Complete Y2k Section
by David Kirk

COBOL Y2k In Plain English :-
by Arthur Griffith

Embedded Systems & The Year 2000 Problem :- Guidance Notes
Public Affairs Board Publications Series

Enterprisewide Disaster Recovery :- Damage Control For Y2k Conversion
by Bohdan Szuprowicz

Format C: :-
by Edwin Black

How To Move Your AS/400 Beyond Y2k :- The Complete Story
by Julie Ransom

Making Your IMS Ready For Year 2000 :- Migrating To IMS Version 5
by Gary Wicks

Programming For The Year 2000 :-
by Conor Sexton

Software Change Impact Analysis :-
by S Bohner

Software Engineering Economics :-
by Barry Boehm

Structured Cobol Programming :- Y2kUpdate
by Robert Stern

The Journal Of Year 2000 Compliance :- Jan-Feb Issue
by PPR Corporation

The Journal Of Year 2000 Compliance :- March-April Issue
by PPR Corporation

The Year 2000 Quick Reference & Pocket Guide :- For Computer Hardware & Software
by Kirk Lafler

Upgrading & Repairing PC's :- 10th Edition
by Scott Mueller

Y2k Notebook :-
by Eric Gottesman

Y2k Personal Computer Fix-It Guide :- With CD-ROM
by Dan McGrail

Y2k Resource CD-ROM :-
by Herbert Young

Y2k Run To Save Your PC From The Year 2000 Bug :-
by Eileen Buckholtz

Y2k Software Crisis :- Solutions For IBM Legacy Systems
by Keith Jones

Y2k Solutions For Microsoft Products :-
by JD Consulting

Y2k Survival Kit For AS/400 Programmers :-
by Ted Holt

Y2k Technical Reference For NT Server :-
by Han Van Doorn

Year 2000 Analysis :- Spreadsheets & Databases
by Allen Falcon

Year 2000 Mainframe Survival Guide With CD-ROM :-
by Sunny Easwaran

Year 2000 Software Testing :-
by William Perry

Year 2000 Solutions For Oracle(R) :- Applications & Databases
by Kirk Lafler

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