September 2015

Wednesday, September 30 2015

Indian Gold & Silver Imports for July

Central Banks’ secrecy and silence on gold storage arrangements

Monday, September 28 2015

Swiss watchdog opens bank probe into precious metal collusion

Banks discuss shifts to how London gold traded for 300 years

Swiss Competition Body Probes Banks in Precious Metals Trade

Swiss Competition Commission investigates UBS and JuliusBaer on possible collusion in PM trading

Gold tipped to hit $2000 an ounce

Govt to make gold monetisation scheme attractive before launch

Latest SGE gold deliveries suggest enormous 2015 total of over 2650 tonnes!

Sunday, September 27 2015

European Silver Imports-Exports

European Gold Imports-Exports

Saturday, September 26 2015

Why a Gold Standard?

The Stock Markets Of The 10 Largest Global Economies Are All Crashing

Shorting The Federal Reserve

FRB Gold Stocks - US Stocks & Foreign Earmarked Gold

Turkey Gold Imports

Friday, September 25 2015

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

How Much of 1,740 Tons of London 'Good Delivery' Gold Monetized and Sent to China Central Bank

The London Float And PBOC Gold Purchases

Thursday, September 24 2015

All The Gold In The World

Christian bullish on gold but we may need to wait 2 years

The London Gold Market - Known & Unknown

Physical Gold Fund interviews Director of one of the largest Swiss Refineries

Time to warm up to gold?

Wednesday, September 23 2015

Surprisingly Tight Supply of Available Gold In the London Vaults For World Demand - Timely Caution

Fractional reserve bullion banking

Silver Coin Premiums

Central bank gold at the Bank of England

Tuesday, September 22 2015

Russian Billionaire's Miner Sees Gold Pain as Buying Opportunity

Sunday, September 20 2015

Bitcoin Is Officially a Commodity, According to U.S. Regulator

Saturday, September 19 2015

COMEX Hong Kong Gold KiloBar Deliveries

Foreign TIC Data

Time to Invest in Gold? Consider These Four Factors First

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

Russian Central Bank Holdings

Silk Road: China, India, Russia & Turkey Gold Consumption

Friday, September 18 2015

Gold/Silver Lease Rates

Deriding the Theory of Gold Tightness At the Comex, Oh My!

CME vs SGE Deliveries

Gold Shortage Theory Derided as Comex Seen Well Supplied

The US government is perpetrating 'the most illegal act of scale' with Fannie and Freddie

Thursday, September 17 2015

The Gold Chronicles Interview with Jim Rickards

Carrying Gold Into Foreign Countries: The Simple Truth

Wednesday, September 16 2015

Six months on ICE – The LBMA Gold Price

Gold New Highs

Don’t Believe The Hype; Comex Gold Warehouses Well Stocked

India imported 138t Gold In August. YTD 998t

Tuesday, September 15 2015

Gold Schemes Are Impractical And Unworkable. Amnesty Would Have Been Better and Here’s Why

Gold at new highs

LME to initiate gold and silver trading contracts

India shows its metal with plan to open gold mines across country

China’s SGE gold demand beating global new mined supply

Sunday, September 13 2015

Crossing Borders with Gold and Silver Coins - a Glimpse of Things to Come

Bank Caught Using Fake Gold As Reserve Capital In Russia

Saturday, September 12 2015

Brazilian Real Gold

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

Friday, September 11 2015

COMEX Hong Kong Gold KiloBar Future Charts

Thursday, September 10 2015

Shanghai Gold Exchange Expands Trading Collateral to Help Volume

It’s virtually impossible to get physical gold in London

India Precious Metals Import Explosive – August Gold 126t, Silver 1,400t

When the Unsustainable No Longer Sustains

Wednesday, September 9 2015

Something Just Snapped At The Comex

India's Modi Moves Closer to Tapping Gold Hoard to Cut Imports

South African Gold on the Brink With Half of Mines LosingMoney

Silver Recycling Volumes Forecast to Stagnate Over The Next Three Years - Even If Prices Rally Significantly

Is Gold Still a Safe Haven Asset?

Comex Gold - Owners Per Ounce

Golden Opportunities

Tuesday, September 8 2015

China Buys 16 Tons Gold In August – Dumps $94 Billion

Texas Gold Promoter Claiming to Store Metals Found $30 million missing

Platinum fundamentals still look positive

Chartbook - In Gold We Trust 2015 & Status Quo

Perth Mint Coin Sales

Chinese Gold Reserves

Monday, September 7 2015

How many Good Delivery gold bars are in all the London Vaults?….including the Bank of England vaults

St Louis Fed Financial Stress Index

Jim Rickards: Will Currency Wars Reorder the World?

How much gold should you have in your portfolio?

Gold is a safe-haven asset, Bank of Italy confirms

Sunday, September 6 2015

Moving the goalposts….The LBMA’s shifting stance on gold refinery production statistics

Exorbitant privilege: "The dollar is our currency but your problem"

Saturday, September 5 2015

Here’s Your Guide to What the Influencers Are Saying about Commodities

Chinese Gold Imports From Hong Kong

Record Monthly Gold Export UK to China

Friday, September 4 2015

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

Jim Rickards - The System Is Highly Unstable - If Confidence Is Lost, It Can Melt Down Very Quickly

Outlook for Aussie gold on exchange rate weakness

Don’t dismiss the EU investigation into alleged gold and silver price fixing

Thursday, September 3 2015

"It's A Tipping Point" Marc Faber Warns "There Are No Safe Assets Anymore"

US 90% Coin Premiums

Financial Media Wakes Up to 'Physical Tightness' In London Gold Bullion Market

Gold demand from China and India picks up

Wednesday, September 2 2015

Australian Dollar Gold

The Big Picture with Marc Faber

Gold forecast to drop to $800 an ounce in 2016

Gold demand to surge by 70 per cent during festive season, say jewellers

Why is there such a disparity in Chinese gold demand estimates?

Tuesday, September 1 2015

US Mint Coin Sales

Indian Gold & Silver Imports for June