January 2017

Tuesday, January 31 2017

FRB Gold Stocks - US Stocks & Foreign Earmarked Gold

LBMA Transfers

The Meaning Behind Trump's Love For All Things Gold - Donald Trump and Love of Gold

GLDW > SPDR Gold Shares

SPDR Launches New Gold-Backed ETF

Ultra Easy Money: Digging the Hole Deeper?

Ireland's Monetary Gold Reserves: High Level Secrecy vs. Freedom of Information

Monday, January 30 2017

Time to come out with comprehensive gold policy

Gold COMEX Trading Popularity on the Rise Compared to OTC

Considerable Changes Recorded in Turkish Gold Bullion Flows This Year

Gold Market Charts - January 2017

COMEX Gold Deliveries vs SGE

Saturday, January 28 2017

Matthew McConaughey takes on Bre-X, but the real story behind Gold is crazier than fiction

Transparent Precious Metal Holdings - Gold/Silver

Coppock Indicator For Silver

Coppock Indicator For Gold

Gold/Silver - Futures - COTs - Commitment of Traders

GFMS Gold Survey 2016: Q4 Update and Outlook

Friday, January 27 2017

Volkswagen Put an Invisible Layer of Silver in Its New Windshields to Melt Away Snow

All gold ever mined

Frank Holmes - The FED Holds Gold Because They Don't Trust Currencies

Kintsugi, The Japanese Art of Fixing Broken Pottery With Gold

Switzerland Gold Imports & Exports

Switzerland Gold Imports & Exports

Gold Exports to China Soar in Run-Up to Year of the Rooster

Thursday, January 26 2017

BlackRock Sees Merit In Owning Gold

Physical gold demand slides to 7-year low in 2016

I’m not wildly excited about gold in 2017 – but I just can’t be bearish

China Eats 62% of Global Gold Production

Trump & Yellen's Collision Course

Indian households have record gold hoard of Rs 24,000 tonnes worth $800 bn

Wednesday, January 25 2017

China retains crown as world’s top gold consumer, amid softening yuan and financial market volatility

Tuesday, January 24 2017

Gold ETF Lures Most Money Since ‘12 as Europe Frets on Trump

Investors pile into gold as Trump signals weaker dollar

India’s gold market: evolution and innovation

Monday, January 23 2017

Mongolia to increase its gold reserves

Dow Jones Industrials vs US Debt

New Addition To The White House


LME's pitch for share of gold market faces bumpy ride

Gold Price History from 30 B.C. to Today

How the National Debt Impacts the Price of Gold

The Complete Investor’s Guide From the Smartest Guy In the Room

The Gold Chronicles: Interview with Jim Rickards and Alex Stanczyk

Sunday, January 22 2017

Donald Trump put up gold drapes in the Oval Office because of course he did

Top 10 Donald Trump Tweets About Gold

Trump gives Oval Office a gold new look

Ron Rosen Report 2017

Saturday, January 21 2017

Russian Gold Reserves

Transparent Precious Metal Holdings - Gold/Silver

Gold/Silver - Futures - COTs - Commitment of Traders

Friday, January 20 2017

Chinese Investors See Comfort in Gold ETF

Bullion Bulls Have History on Their Side as Trump Takes Helm

Thursday, January 19 2017

Trump is waving adios to the longstanding strong dollar policy

Gold Supply Is Guaranteed to Fall - Here's How

Pension Funds May Need Gold before It’s Too Late

Tuesday, January 17 2017

Central-Bank Bashing Has Gold Only Asset Safe From Meddling

Cash Crunch Leaves India Gold Lovers No Way to Buy Wedding Rings

The Further Decline in International Reserves

Saturday, January 14 2017

Transparent Precious Metal Holdings - Gold/Silver

Silk Road: China, India, Russia & Turkey Gold Consumption

India Gold/Silver Imports

Gold in Presidential Transition Years

Gold/Silver - Futures - COTs - Commitment of Traders

Lady Liberty Will Be a Black Woman on a U.S. Coin

Friday, January 13 2017

The gold market in 2017

Thursday, January 12 2017

Edelson Predicts $5K Gold

Gold swaps by BIS exploded in 2016 from nothing to record level

Tocqueville Gold Strategy Investor Letter

Metals Margins - CME Group

GLD SPDR Gold Shares

Wednesday, January 11 2017

Ringing in the New Year with a Bullish Case for Gold

Prince didn't own any stocks when he died but he did own over $800,000 in gold bars

Global Gold Currencies

Tuesday, January 10 2017

Intraday Averages For Gold/Silver

Here Are The Final Numbers On A Terrible Year For Gold In India

Who Owns the World's Largest Gold Hoards? - Not the Central Banks!

Sunday, January 8 2017

China Reserves Hover Above $3 Trillion on Government Support

SBU seizes certificates for 400 kg of gold from officials of one of Ukraine’s agriholdings

Are Bitcoins now more valuable than gold?

Transparent Precious Metal Holdings - Gold/Silver

Chinese Gold Reserves

There Is No Limit On Holding Gold

Saturday, January 7 2017

Asia gold demand picks up as Indian wedding season drives fresh buys

How The West Has Been Selling Gold Into A Black Hole

Gold/Silver - Futures - COTs - Commitment of Traders

Friday, January 6 2017

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

Thursday, January 5 2017

India’s duty revenue from gold imports reduced to 50% in 2016

CME Group average daily metals trading volume up 34% in 2016

Turkey Gold/Silver Imports

Gold and Silver: 2016 in Review

Perth Mint Coin Sales

Central Bank Gold Policies - People's Bank of China

Wednesday, January 4 2017

Record-breaking year for DGCX

International Market Changes

Bitcoin: The Top Performing Currency For a Second Year in a Row

Enforcement Directorate smells a rat in November gold imports

It's War: World's Purest Silver Producer Prepares To Join Class Action Lawsuit Against Bullion Banks For Price Rigging

Infographic: Gold ETF Mechanics

US Mint Coin Sales

Tuesday, January 3 2017

The Gold Owner's Guide to 2017

Monday, January 2 2017

Note ban to shave off a third of gold demand in 2017