Note on the manipulation

The charts supplied by ZeroHedge show the major price decline at a few seconds after 10am NYT & blame it on Barclay's trader Plunkett. Yet the event the Barclay's trader was fined for happened the same day at 10:06am NYT - 6 minutes later. This is commented on in the FCA report where they mention the major decline that happens 6 minutes prior to the traders manipulation.

So it seems someone even larger was at work at the 10am NYT event selling far more than Trader Plunkett was at 10:06am NYT as his selling of 100 odd bars barely moved the price.

So this waterfall event was a multiple player manipulation event - did both parties conspire prior to the event?

Here's the chart that shows the 10am NYT event & you can see when trader Plunkett made his move at 10:06am NYT

Click on chart for large chart pop-up.