OCC Gold & Precious Metals Derivatives

Some charts from a recent study into the OCC Precious Metals Derivatives. A US Gov't quarterly release from here: http://www.occ.gov/topics/capital-markets/financial-markets/trading/derivatives/derivatives-quarterly-report.html All up over 160 charts were created from this dataset.

The top chart shows all the derivatives for Precious Metals (AU/AG/PA/PL) in all maturities showing the major banks & their positions. It is clear that there are three major plays in the US PM Derivatives market - JP Morgan, HSBC USA & Citigroup.

Here we see the derivatives for Gold

And here for the White PMs (AG/PA/PL)

Here's JP Morgan's position with $66.4 billion

HSBC USA with $31 billion

And Citigroup with $21.3 billion

And here's a chart worth perusing - it puts JP Morgan's gold & silver derivatives into perspective.
As can be seen JPM's gold derivatives are 0.0732% of their total derivatives.
And their silver derivatives are 0.0216% of their total derivatives.
JPM's precious metals derivatives are a miniscule amount of their total.