Gold Manipulation at the LBMA Fixes

It's interesting that since manipulation of gold at the London Fixes has come under scrutiny that it appears that the manipulation has stopped.

Silver is just the same....

There has been conjecture that the downward pressure seen on the gold price was evidence not of manipulation but rather a by product of the trades matching & how the flow of these trades affected the price. If this was correct then the downward pressure at the fixes would still be visible.

That we are no no longer seeing downwards pressure in the prices at the London Fixes speaks loudly that these visible effects of pricing pressure at the fixes were not because of the method but rather the manipulation. If it was otherwise then we would still be seeing the selling pressures at the fixes.

So here is a major look into manipulation of the LMBA Fixes looking back over the years.








And to point out the lack of manipulation here's the latest monthly charts September