Gold Algos Run Wild

Goldbugs hearts were racing today as gold roared up whilst Comex was closed for 1/2 hour. The price started leaping once it got over 1200 & topped out at the price of $1466.38 - a 22% rise of$270.

It was live on multiple websites & datafeeds across the web so many got to watch the excitement. Goldbugs watched the prices on NetDania, iFeed & eSignal datafeeds & on websites such as & so the price increase appeared real.

Comex shorts must have been wetting themselves.(:-))))

What must be asked is what was happening to these live quotes that gold rose almost $270 on multiple datafeeds? Who was doing the watching & who did the monitoring & then the correction? Someone in control was watching these live feeds & reacting to them? What was happening to the quote stacks - who was buying/selling - did it really happen?

Surely there must be bids & sells for the price to rise thus & hence if the price is reverted then someone is covering....

One must also wonder - was this a test run?