Deutsche Bank lifts 2013, 2014 gold-price outlook

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Deutsche Bank AG Tuesday raised its outlook for gold and silver prices in 2013 and 2014, citing support from stimulus measures by central banks such as the U.S. Federal Reserve.

The bank raised its 2013 gold forecast by 3% to $2,113 a troy ounce and its 2014 outlook by 11.1% to $2,000/oz. Next year, the price of gold could exceed $2,200/oz, it said.

Similarly, Deutsche Bank increased its 2013 outlook on silver by 3% to $44/oz and its 2014 forecast by 11.1% to $40/oz.

A major support for precious metal prices are the recent moves by central banks to expand their balance sheet, said the bank. Since gold is often sought as a hedge against currency weakness and inflation at times of loose monetary policy, such moves tend to boost its appeal to investors.

"We believe central bank action to stimulate growth, avoid deflation and reduce systemic risk is unambiguously bullish for the precious metals sector and specifically gold," said Michael Lewis, a research analyst at Deutsche Bank.

"While we have targeted gold prices moving above $2,000/oz since the beginning of 2011, we believe the Fed's open-ended program of QE announced last month increases our confidence that a surge in the gold price above this level is only a matter of time," he added.
Deutsche Bank lifts 2013, 2014 gold-price outlook

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The Deutsche "gold price model", which factors in world growth, the US dollar, money supply and central bank gold purchases, calculated fair value at $US785 per ounce.
Deutsche Bank says gold's fair value is $US750 an ounce