The Gold Price Secret Wall Street Doesn’t Want to Talk About

It is simple: right at this moment, it is now possible to classify every gold commentator and reporter on the planet as belonging to one of two camps: those who believe gold has been actively manipulated by government agents from 2011 to the present and those who believe the gold numbers (hence, the gold charts themselves) are pristine, correct, accurate, and reflect true demand and supply.

I have talked about this before and it is a good bet that I will revisit this topic in the future. The reason you need to understand this is that commentators of the latter school—those trusting that the numbers we have been seeing for years are genuine—may, in fact, be basing their research and their analysis on highly compromised data. If this is correct, they will likely be the last ones to spot a true “turn” in the market, not the first.

On the other hand, those writers and researchers of the former camp—those who accept government intervention in the PM sector as a fact of life, like bad weather and chicken pox—will constantly be looking for other, non-traditional, indicators to spot the turn.

An example? Well, as recently as a year ago, a $20.00 gold smash of the type described above would have effectively quelled the gold market for at least a few days, possibly a week or more. In this case, however, as Zerohedge reported, the spot price bounced back in minutes like it was on a trampoline.

That single fact would be meaningless to those in the “no manipulation” group, but very telling to those in the second category.

The Gold Price Secret Wall Street Doesn’t Want to Talk About