How the global reboot

Central banks could declare overnight, buy up all the gold in the world at a certain price. This would also give the gold in the balance sheets of central banks valuable in one fell swoop. The resulting gain could immediately distribute to its shareholders, ie the States, the central banks.

Suppose simplified, the central banks of the world would enhance its gold holdings to 10,000 US dollars per ounce. Based on the gold holdings of March 2016 then would result following one-off appreciation profits of central banks (roughly and rounded):

· USA: $ 2,615,000,000,000

· Germany: $ 1.087 trillion

· Italy: $ 788 billion

· France: $ 783 billion

· Greece: $ 36 billion

The frightening is that it would, however, not done with an appreciation of $ 10,000. Too big is the debt burden. In order to pay off the US national debt in one fell swoop, it would need an appreciation of gold holdings by US $ 70,000 per ounce. For Italy and France were enough US $ 25,000 to pay off all debts while Germany all sovereign debt would be at 18,000 US dollars going. Greece could ounce repay all debts until an appreciation of $ 80,000, at 40,000 almost halving would nevertheless already there. Japan, however, has clearly not enough gold relative to government debt to solve its problems on this path. After all, should the value of gold to rise by around 410,000 US dollars to the revaluation gain sufficient to pay off the national debt.

How the global reboot