Royal Mint opens gold vault to pension investors

From Wednesday, Royal Mint will make some of its gold bars available to investors wanting to hold it in tax-efficient pension pots.

Investors are to be offered a choice of bullion, from Royal Mint Refinery 100g and 1kg bars, to Signature Gold — a service that allows customers to purchase and own a share of a 400oz gold bar.

“Currently, only certain gold bars are authorised but no gold coins.”

“There has been renewed interest in gold as an asset class this year as investors — spooked by central bank policy lurches into areas such as negative interest rates and talk of ‘helicopter money’ — have started to lose faith in the invincibility of central banks and quantitative easing is becoming increasingly discredited,” said Jason Hollands, managing director, business development and communications, with Tilney Bestinvest, the independent financial advisers.

“Perceived as a store of value, gold is the asset of choice when investors worry about the fragility of the financial system and the potential for the further debasement of paper currencies.”

Royal Mint opens gold vault to pension investors