The silver boom is coming

History shows we’re likely to see more extraordinary gains ahead.

As we said, silver is up over 40 percent this year. GPL is up over 160 percent. AG is up an incredible 415 percent this year alone. But remember, the average gain in the price of silver after at least a 25 percent rise in silver, is 339 percent.

You may think you have missed the boat after the recent strength in the price of silver. But remember, silver is still 60 percent off its 2011 high.

We’re nowhere near the top in this current silver market. If silver passes its $50 peak (which might seem unlikely but is possible), some silver mining stocks may even see their prices worth 50 times more. And this isn’t just hype. These returns happened last time around for a number of silver mining shares. Catching the right silver mining stock on the way up can produce life-changing returns.

We’re potentially on the cusp of this happening once again. There may very well be a slight pullback in silver prices soon. But that will likely be a little speedbump as silver climbs higher.

The silver boom is coming