Gold’s Crazy Secret

Believe it or not, gold is an excellent delivery vehicle for a variety of biotech-related applications, since it has the ability to take up and hold proteins on its surface.

It can carry everything from genes to stem cells. As a plus, gold isn’t rejected by the human body.

Because of this, gold could be revolutionary in the treatment of disease.

Instead of waiting days or weeks for an expensive blood test done at a lab, you will be able to have an answer to your health-related question in a matter of minutes — in your very own home.

It’s currently in the works. And since early detection is key to curing many diseases — including cancer — in-home, gold-enabled diagnostic technology will help save countless lives.

The use of nano-sized gold particles to detect cancer could be a major leap forward in the all-important world of diagnosis…

…But as I mentioned earlier, we could see the same minute gold particles revolutionize cancer treatment.

Gold’s Crazy Secret