Banxico Reveals Location And Lists Of Its Gold Ingots

In this space we have recommended that Banco de México (Banxico) and any investor with positions in gold as a value reserve and financial insurance, maintain material possession of their bars and coins, or at least, store them in a vault where they are well identified And segregated from the rest.

Banxico has taken notice and not only that, has revealed its list of ingots in which specifies the producer of each and its serial number. The downside is that 99 percent of its gold reserves are still held by the Bank of England

To the question of how many bars he has under shelter in the Bank of England, he says:

"The Bank of Mexico has the serial number of each ingot protected in accounts assigned abroad. From these accounts, the number of ingots rises to 7.265. It should be noted that for unallocated accounts there is no specific serial number and therefore the number of ingots can not be determined. "

Assigned accounts are those that are owned on specific ingots, with serial numbers and segregated from the rest. This complies with what we noted at the beginning of this article.

In contrast, ' unallocated accounts' are simple rights to a certain amount of gold, but without ownership over specific bars. That is why in that case Banxico can not tell us how many ingots correspond to him.

Banxico Reveals Location And Lists Of Its Gold Ingots