AuBit: Board the New Freeway Trading Platform

AuBit is a brand new asset management platform that ‘networks’ the world’s top financial products like gold, stocks, bonds and crypto for greater total returns with no additional risk.

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AuBit envisions a world where everyone has equal access to the world’s top investment products from as little as just $1 — no matter where they’re from, what they earn, or where they live.

AuBit’s world-class management team and advisors have worked at some of the largest financial and technology companies in the world including Goldman Sachs, Fidelity, HSBC, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, IBM, Google and The Prudential.

In traditional asset management, only the value of the asset varies — the price of your stock, bonds, or gold goes up or down.

The volume of assets in your account, the quantity of stocks, bonds, or gold you own, remains unchanged.

With the AuBit network-enhanced model, however, asset volume grows over time, too, from ongoing trading revenue redistributions.

That means that, with AuBit, you get the chance for value growth AND volume growth.

AuBit redistributes 80% of network revenues back to investors for asset growth.

That is, every time anyone places a trade, AuBit automatically uses 80% of that fee to buy more of the same underlying assets and redistributes it among users.

For example, if you buy and hold AuBit-networked gold, you get more AuBit-networked gold in your account every time anyone anywhere in the world trades that same product.

This network-enhanced “AuBit Edge” is designed to give users greater total returns over time with no additional downside risk compared to investing through traditional gold investment accounts.

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