June 2014

Monday, June 30 2014

Five-month China HK gold imports flat y-o-y, but again trending down

Hedge funds add record 61% to bullish gold bets

Saturday, June 28 2014

Strike is over but platinum, palladium prices have plenty upside

South African Miners Quit World Gold Council on Costs

Bitcoin vs Gold Infographic

Wow. Mainstream press: “The US’s dollar domination is coming to an end

Gold/Silver Long Term Breakout

Three developing gold market situations to monitor for the rest of 2014

Thursday, June 26 2014

China Finds $15 Billion of Loans Backed by Fake Gold Trades

Missing China Gold Warns Of Catastrophic Bullion Bank Default

Turkey Sells 200 Tons of Secret Gold to Iran

Historical Canadian Gold Charts from 1978-1980

Bad News Is "Bad" News - Stocks Drop, Bonds/Gold Pop

Secretive Swiss vaults may hold missing link in platinum price equation

LBMA Weighing Seven Options To Replace London Silver Fix

China eyes gold market clout with new exchange

Is this the start of a new bull market for gold?

LBMA Forum Singapore: SGE Chairman Confirms Chinese Gold Demand In 2013 Hit 2000 MT

CPM predicts largest-ever platinum market deficit in 2014

Wednesday, June 25 2014

Gold delivery from London to Switzerland increased by 32 %

Huge gold nugget found in Siberia

Singapore to launch gold contract as Asia eyes price alternatives

Tuesday, June 24 2014

Platinum union declares end to South Africa's longest strike

In Gold we Trust 2014

Monday, June 23 2014

German Gold Stays in New York in Rebuff to Euro Doubters

Andrew Maguire Audio

Reflections in a Golden Eye

Sunday, June 22 2014

Russian Central Bank Gold Reserves

Saturday, June 21 2014

Ah, the Power of Mean Reversion

Friday, June 20 2014

World's Largest Gold Producing Countries

Gold can easily jump 30%, stocks 60% - Holmes

Deutsche Bank conducts internal probe into trading on gold fix

Australia's gold export to China boom as India imports fade

New Silver Benchmark Seen Heralding Gold Fix Revamp

The Recent False Breakout

Google – The New Bank – Rollover BitCoin & Banks – Its the Internet Revolution

Chinese gold demand seen flat to lower this year -China agency

The Coming Crash Of The Financial And Monetary System

Rickards: Connecting dots in the global mosaic

The Big Picture - Where Are We

Gold & Silver Breaking out

Fed is behind gold’s surge

Thursday, June 19 2014

2014 gold mine capital cost to peak at US$2,400/oz - SNL Financial

Place of gold in a perilous world

World Gold Council calls meeting to explore gold fix reform

Survey: 68 percent of Germans trust in Gold

Is It 2003 All Over Again? U.S. Global Investors' Frank Holmes Predicts a Resurgence of the Love Trade for Gold

Allocated Gold at Bank of England declines 755 tonnes

Wednesday, June 18 2014

Bonds' Liquidity Threat Is Revealed in Derivatives Explosion

Your gold ETF has changed

China National Gold Talks to Barrick About Potential Partnerships

The Bank Of England Lost 487 Tonnes Of Gold In 2013

China’s Role in the Gold Market

Mining’s bearish pendulum swinging, in a big way, in other direction

SA gold mining: Endgame?

Lonmin miners: We still have unresolved issues

Tuesday, June 17 2014

LME Aims for Test in Two Weeks of New Silver Benchmark

London Metal Exchange offers three alternatives to silver fix

Monday, June 16 2014

Central banks shift into shares as low rates hit revenues

DGCX to launch spot gold and agricultural contracts

Sunday, June 15 2014

Silver Getting Ready To Rumble?

Saturday, June 14 2014

Strike widens world’s palladium shortage

Gold Investors: Let This Cycle Be Your Guide

SGE Chairman: China Should Become First Class International Gold Market

Friday, June 13 2014

The Palladium Perfect Storm

March Indian Gold Import Highest In 10 Months

Platinum, palladium drop as union takes wage offer to striking S.African miners

Thursday, June 12 2014

Clive Maund - Gold Market Update

The End Of US Economic Dominance: Nails In The Dollar-Standard's Coffin

OCC Gold Derivatives vs Known Gold Pool

Palladium hits 13-year high on supply worries, strong demand

Shrouding China's gold trade, more imports go under radar

Palladium Hits Highest Price in Three Years

Gold brand power: Inside the changing face of India's gold market

China has world’s second largest gold resource

Gold to lose its shine with central banks says the WGC

Wednesday, June 11 2014

Gold price benchmark open to manipulation: London Metal Exchange CEO

Gold premium slides as Indian banks boost imports

Tuesday, June 10 2014

Indian, Chinese Central Banks on track to absorb 90% of Gold mine output

Federal Reserve "Shouldn't Be Intervening All The Time" In Markets, Fed President Admits

OCC Gold & Precious Metals Derivatives

China "Gold Mania" on Property Bust

Deutsche Bank sets up bullion vault in London

Demand for gold rising in S'pore, say dealers

Shanghai Gold Exchange International Board Another Blow To US Dollar

Sunday, June 8 2014

Law makes gold, silver coins legal tender in Oklahoma

Saturday, June 7 2014

Global Markets Roaring Ahead

Hong Kong Gold Exports to China for April

All that glitters: businessman 'who bought HK$270m of gold' ends up with metal bars

Gold rallies on 'severity of the ECB's actions'

Friday, June 6 2014

Gold’s key fundamental driver

The Gold Conspiracy

AFE - Interview with Jim Rickards

India's Gold Import Duty "About to Be Cut" from 10%

Gold jumps 1pc after ECB rate cut, easing measures

ECB hurls cash at sluggish euro zone economy, seeks to force bank lending

Thursday, June 5 2014

The Exchange: The value of money

JPM Gold & White PM Derivatives

ETF Securities enters race to provide silver price benchmark

Wednesday, June 4 2014

Are We Going To See Massive Confiscation Of Wealth By Banks!?

Gold price vs rates shows rally catalyst 'already in place'

Fake Tungsten Gold Coins - US Gold Eagle


Manipulation at the LBMA Fixes

Trading to influence gold price fix was ‘routine’

Tuesday, June 3 2014

Connecting the Dots

Global watchdogs rattled by lack of fear in the markets

The Velocity Of Money In The U.S. Falls To An All-Time Record Low

Unstoppable $100 Trillion Bond Market Renders Models Useless

Intraday Averages for AU/AG for May

Delayed monsoon in India could derail small spurt seen in gold sales

Ecuador Sends Gold Bricks to Goldman Sachs in Liquidity Hunt

Wall Street concerned over China's gold hoarding

Monday, June 2 2014

Precious Metals: A Golden Fall

China explores bond buying in first hint of QE

Precious metals moving closer to bottom

Sunday, June 1 2014

ECB prepares to launch fresh tools to battle low inflation