December 2014

Wednesday, December 31 2014

Happy New Year To All

Hugh Hendry Embraces The Central-Planning Matrix: "I Am Taking The Blue Pills Now"

The Gold Owner's Guide to 2015

"Peak Gold Production" Hits In 2015

Keiser Report focuses on gold

Tuesday, December 30 2014

Silver in 2015 – the gambler’s precious metal

The Netherlands Planned To Introduce New Currency In 2012

Monday, December 29 2014

China's net gold imports from Hong Kong hit 9-month high in Nov

FRB Foreign Owned Gold

$1,200 gold price the new normal?

Saturday, December 27 2014

Jewellers demand Narendra Modi government to cut import duty on gold

The economics of gold smuggling

Chinese gold demand already over 2,000 tonnes in 2014

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

Epic Price Reversal for Commodities in 2014

Gold Is Second Best Performing Currency Of 2014

Thursday, December 25 2014

Happy Goldbug Dreams

Deutsche Bank open to offers for London gold vault-sources

Tuesday, December 23 2014

Ask The Expert - Marc Faber

German Investors buy significantly more Gold

Mining CEOs Agree, We Could See A 2015 Gold Supply Crunch

Gold bugs be of good cheer

Monday, December 22 2014

$300,000 in gold missing from Ukraine Central Bank after swapped for lead bricks

UK to extend Libor manipulation laws to cover gold, oil, silver

Saturday, December 20 2014

Switzerland Gold Imports & Exports for November

Nearly 10,000 'cash-for-gold' violations found in six cities across N.J., officials say

Russian Central Bank Holdings

Russia Expanded Gold Reserves for 8th Month Amid Ruble Rout

Friday, December 19 2014

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

Russian Central Bank Gold Reserves

Russia Is Not Selling Gold, Bought 18t In November

India Silver Import 6789t YTD

Gold Will Either Go To $2347 Or $810

Wednesday, December 17 2014

This Is What Gold Does In a Currency Crisis

Bullion Buzz

Signing Off

The Russian Ruble Is Hereby Halted Until Further Notice

Gold hedging creeps back

Commodities Firm Gunvor Said to Exit Gold Trading After Year

Traders Betting Russia’s Next Move Will Be to Sell Gold

Gold Bullion Dealer: We’re Beginning To See a Heavy Buying Demand

Tuesday, December 16 2014

India to weigh gold policy impact after 38 pct spurt in Nov imports

3 Kerala companies have more gold than Sweden, Singapore, Australia

Gold in Russian Rubles

Monday, December 15 2014

Why Russia And China Are Buying Gold, According To An Economics Professor

Gold in Russian Rubles

Johnson Matthey Exits Gold & Silver Refining After 160 Years

Import of gold surge over 6 fold

Dama investors suffer heavy blow as gold frenzy subsides

Sunday, December 14 2014

Gold Charts R Us - FREE WEEK

Saturday, December 13 2014

Global Sharemarkets Topping Out?

Gold Charts R Us - FREE WEEK

Gold Charts R Us - FREE WEEK

Gold Charts R Us - FREE WEEK

Gold Charts R Us - FREE WEEK

Gold Charts R Us - FREE WEEK

Gold Charts R Us - FREE WEEK

Friday, December 12 2014

Tax office sleuths uncover gold standard scam through false GST credit claims

Global Financial Calamity! US economic collapse imminent - James Rickards

Austria Considers Repatriating Its Gold

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

What Do They Know? CME Implements Gold, Precious Metals Circuit Breakers Up To $400 Wide

Russia Is Fighting Its Financial Problems By Selling The Gold They’ve Been Hoarding

Thursday, December 11 2014

Gold Charts R Us - FREE WEEK

Silver to see 11 million ounce deficit in 2015

Six chart reasons why SIlver has bottomed

Wednesday, December 10 2014

Silver Demand for Industrial Applications Forecast to Reach Nearly 680 Million Ounces in 2018

Bullion Buzz

Indian households spend 8% of its daily consumption on gold jewellery and coins

Global Sharemarkets

Charts of interest

Swiss Gold & PM Imports & Exports

Gold Charts R Us - FREE WEEK

Gold Charts R Us - FREE WEEK

Gold Charts R Us - FREE WEEK

Tuesday, December 9 2014

Gold Charts R Us - FREE WEEK

A Close Look At The Chinese Gold Lease Market

Bullion Board Seen by Council as Way to Manage India Gold Demand

India should allow banks to hold gold as reserves

Gold-obsessed Chinese officer's graft case worth $5 billion

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Gold Charts R Us - FREE WEEK

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70 Year Gold Chart

We seem to have miscalculated

Monday, December 8 2014

Returning to gold standard a disaster to humble even Great Depression

China Net Gold Import 1,212t Jan – Nov

Sunday, December 7 2014

COTs Charts - Gold Charts R Us - FREE WEEK

CFTC Bank Participation Reports

Chinese Gold Imports From Hong Kong

There is no such thing as a Gold Shortage

Saturday, December 6 2014

Gold lending rates roar back after jobs data

Central Bank Reserves - Fold Charts R Us Free Week

CFTC Bank Participation Reports

Gold Charts R Us - FREE WEEK

The Gold Market - Must Listen

Belgium Investigating To Repatriate All Gold Reserves

Every ounce of new gold that is mined is being bought by the Chinese retail buyer

Indians have $1 trillion worth of gold!

Friday, December 5 2014

World Gold Council Rectifies 2013 Chinese Gold Demand

LBMA to scrap GOFO rates on January 30

An Inside Look At The Shocking Role Of Gold In The New Normal

Gold Charts R Us - FREE WEEK

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

Gold Charts R Us - FREE WEEK

Intraday Averages for Gold & Silver for the Month of November

Gold in Foreign Currencies

Draghi: We Have Nothing To Fear But Gold-Buying Itself

It's All Coming To An End, Bill Gross Warns

China Said to Consider Scaling Back Restrictions on Gold Imports

Thursday, December 4 2014

These Three Charts Should Terrify Precious Metals Investors

Wednesday, December 3 2014

Bullion Buzz

Shanghai Gold Trade Passes Record as China Seeks More Sway

The world’s number one gold forecaster utters

Eurosystem Increasing Allocated Official Gold Reserves

Gold lease rate curve inversion

Tuesday, December 2 2014

Huge Commodity Reversals; Is the Bottom In?

PMs Bottoming

Monday, December 1 2014

Silver Soars 17% From Intraday Lows - Biggest Swing On Record

India drops 80:20 gold import/export rule

Jordan Roy-Byrne Believes 2015 Will See the Renewal of Gold's Secular Bull Market

Internal Memo from Jomas Thordan, President of the National Bank

Is Bitcoin the Future?