March 2015

Monday, March 30 2015

87kg gold haul in Bengal is country’s biggest

Platinum & Palladium 2015 Outlook

Gold buying slows amid price rally; Akshaya Tritaya demand eyed in India

Kazakhstan extends gold buying spree as Russia keeps assets

Peak Gold Misunderstanding, is Gold About to Run Out?

Gold export duty increased to 2%

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

FRB Foreign Owned Gold

Reflections in a Golden Eye

Sunday, March 29 2015

Miners' gold forward sales surged 103 T last year, most since 1999

Saturday, March 28 2015

Peak Gold? Goldman Calculates There Is Only 20 Years Of Gold Supply Left

Friday, March 27 2015

When Will China Disclose Its True Official Gold Reserves And How Much Is It?

China should boost gold reserves to 5 pct, says World Gold Council

Conversation with the Candidate: Donald Trump

Thursday, March 26 2015

Deflation may be good for gold

Gold in a rising dollar environment

Casey Gathers Top Gold Experts to Share Secrets for Making Money in Any Market

S. Korea's gold bourse shows stable growth after 1-year opening

Kazakhstan Extends Gold Buying Spree as Russia Keeps Assets

More capital controls as France declares war… on cash

Gold is going to $1,300 by May: BofA technician

Bullion Buzz

SocGen’s ultra bearish gold and silver outlook

CPM sees gold declining for 3rd straight year

Tuesday, March 24 2015

HSBC Not Closing Gold Vaults – Safety Deposit Boxes of Clients‏ Being Closed

Indian Gold Import Exploding In March

Monday, March 23 2015

Gold’s price should be consistent with the prices of other things

Saturday, March 21 2015

US Dollar Index vs Gold

Switzerland Gold/Silver Imports & Exports For February

Friday, March 20 2015

Goldman, UBS join ex-"fixing" banks for new LBMA gold price

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

Russian Central Bank Holdings

Coppock Indicator

Bitcoin Scammers Run Off With $12 Million: “Going to The Caribbean… Hope You Guys Understand”

Thursday, March 19 2015

The Gold Chronicles: Interview with Jim Rickards

Russian Ruble: Soon to Be Backed by Gold?

Why Aren’t These Investors Worried About The Gold Price?

India Mulls Allowing Commercial Banks To Hold Reserves In Gold

New era of gold benchmarking to start with handful of pioneers

Wednesday, March 18 2015

The Way Gold Prices Are Set is Changing Forever

Bitcoin And Gold: When Worlds Collide

US Dollar Reverses

Double Bottom in Gold Price

Gold Fix Dead. Long Live the London Fix

Experts doubt WGC’s report on Vietnam’s gold consumption

Dollar Flash Crashes: Currency Market Pulverized As Dollar Implodes After Close

Gold demand in Asia set to double

Perth Mint platinum coin sales surge

Bullion Buzz

Tuesday, March 17 2015

US Dollar Strength

Hong Kong gold exports to China for January

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

Platinum Supply and Demand

Saturday, March 14 2015

Why gold could rebound to $1,400 an ounce

Friday, March 13 2015

Gold price likely to average $1,160/oz in 2015 and $975/oz in 2016

The decreasing importance of gold mining in South Africa

Thursday, March 12 2015

Gold may post longest losing run since ’98 on ‘crazy’ dollar

Three Catalysts for the Price of Gold

Wednesday, March 11 2015

World top 10 gold miners face negative free cash flows

Bullion Buzz

Silver marks record imports in 2014

Gold Miner Allied Nevada Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

US Dollar Index vs Gold

US Dollar Indices

New Charts

Wall Street expects high margins, respectable sales for launch of well-designed Apple Watch

Venezuela discussing gold swap with Wall Street banks

Will the Apple Watch Impact the Price of Gold?

Tuesday, March 10 2015

Lucky Aussie prospector finds massive 2kg gold nugget

Monday, March 9 2015

Will the Shanghai Fix fix the gold market?

UBS lowers gold price forecast

Gold Manipulation: The “London Bias,” 1970-2014

Flipping a coin: rare U.S. coin market hits records

Bangladesh seizes gold from North Korean diplomat

Sunday, March 8 2015

Gold Crisis 1968

Friday, March 6 2015

Gold Seizure at Mumbai International Airport Surges by 300 Per Cent

Ukraine Bans Gold Transactions Over $125

HSBC Shocks Clients By Closing All London Gold Vaults

Chinese Gold Fixing to Have ‘Decisive Influence’ on Global Prices

Bundesbank releases short film about Germany's gold reserves

Where is Germany's Gold?

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

Gold Prices and Real Interest Rates

Earmarked Gold at the Federal Reserve

Thursday, March 5 2015

Goldcorp sees investors taking shine to ‘beaten-up’ industry

Bears Eye View Of Gold

What Top Hedge Fund Managers Really Think About Gold

McEwen sticks to US$5,000 gold forecast

The Ups and Downs of Gold Recycling

The Chinese Buy Billboards Announcing The Renminbi As "The New World Currency"

Wednesday, March 4 2015

$3 Billion In Junior Companies Working Capital To Vanish

Bullion Buzz

Gold has worked for Indians, says Thomas Kaplan

Where Did The Gold In Fort Knox Come From?

Tuesday, March 3 2015

Why the U.S. is Letting China Accumulate Gold

Barclays gives information to U.S. precious metals probe

Total guesswork regarding China’s gold holdings

Intraday V-Bottom

The Powerful Story Of Global Gold Repatriation

$4.8M in Gold Bars Stolen in Armored Truck Heist on Highway

Indian Gold Imports To Rise On Pent-Up Demand Despite No Cut In Duties

Debt to GDP maps for the World

Australia’s gold output highest in 11 years

US Mint Coin Sales for February

Monday, March 2 2015

Intraday Averages for Gold & Silver for the Month of February

Revisiting the global boom/bust indicator

Could China actually have 30,000 tonnes of gold in reserves?

Sunday, March 1 2015

The Bank of England and the London Gold Fixings in the 1980s

Apple buying a third of world’s gold to meet demand for iWatch

HK January gold exports to China confirm strong demand

Switzerland accounts for 60% of India’s gold imports

Union Budget 2015-16 proposes steps to monetise gold, contain imports