April 2015

Thursday, April 30 2015

Gold and Silver Dealer Hedging

Wednesday, April 29 2015

India brushes off concerns over gold import spike - for now

Bullion Buzz

Gold v Dollar

Gold & a Future Bull Market

Negative interest rates put world on course for biggest mass default in history

Tuesday, April 28 2015

London Gold Trade Probably Won’t Move to Exchange, LBMA Says

Monday, April 27 2015

El Salvador’s gold reserves, the BIS, and the bullion banks

In Three to Five Years Gold Will Be Priceless

Gold sell-off not over yet, silver could hit $10/oz

Sunday, April 26 2015

Up to $1 trillion in gold is held by temples in India. Now Modi wants them to monetize this vast hidden wealth

COTS Managed Money

The Rehypothecation of Gold, and Why It Matters

El Salvador sells 80 pct of gold reserves to hedge risk

2001 – A Gold Odyssey

Friday, April 24 2015

Selling The Fix

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

Largest Bank In America Joins War On Cash

South Africa mine union plans to demand gold wage hikes of 75 percent

Swiss Gold Imports & Exports for March

Thursday, April 23 2015

Does any nation hold the gold it says it does?

Swiss Gold Exports Show Asia Buying More as Investors Sell Bars

Signs ‘flashing red’ on debt, Fed’s return

Sprott Said Planning Unsolicited Bid for Canadian Metals Trusts

Wednesday, April 22 2015

Bullion Buzz

4 Reports from the Dubai Gold Conference

Gold may reach $1,500 an ounce by 2017

Morgan Stanley remains bearish on Gold for next 2 years

Indian's obsession with Gold continues as Akshaya Tritiya sees record sales

Platinum: The Best Buy in the Metals Sector

Brinks new Hong Kong Warehouse Depository

Gold is not a play on "CPI inflation"

New York Apartments, Art Top Gold as Stores of Wealth

Tuesday, April 21 2015

Central banks to keep buying gold

Gold and the HUI are coiling

Gold imports may rise 89% to 100 tonnes in April

The Mystery of China’s Gold Stash May Soon Be Solved

Russia Returning to Gold With Biggest Purchases in Six Months

Monday, April 20 2015

Russian Central Bank Holdings

Precious waste: 300 tons of gold end up in landfills in 2014

Saturday, April 18 2015

Junior Mining Companies Have Taken a Senior Role

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

China silver stockpiles surge

Is gold tide beginning to turn?

Chinese Gold demand may shoot up in coming years

Wednesday, April 15 2015

State’s exports enjoying a gold rush

GSR Interviews Martin Armstrong

Martin Armstrong-Big Losses Coming in the Bond Market

Tuesday, April 14 2015

China gold demand to exceed 2,000t per year in 2-3 years

Monday, April 13 2015

Positives For Gold – Negative and Rising Interest Rates

Gold-Backed SDR "Is Quite Likely To Happen", LSE's Lord Desai Warns

Shanghai International Gold Exchange Comes To Life

Saturday, April 11 2015

The crappy gold-mining business revisited

Gold imports hit 125 tonnes in March

Many gold miners in dire straits despite costs cuts

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

Friday, April 10 2015

Annual gold trade reaches $22 TRILLION

Tocqueville Gold Strategy Investor Letter

India's rich temples may open gold vaults for PM Modi

Dollar Imperialism

GFMS Gold Survey 2015

Indian Gold Imports

Thursday, April 9 2015

Pro-Gold Governments and Central Banks

Top 20 gold consumers: China still No. 1

Is This $2 Billion Buy A Sign Of Opportunity In Palladium?

Wednesday, April 8 2015

Gold Bull Markets!

Bullion Buzz

Zooming In On The Chinese Gold Lease Market

Spelling Out The Big Reset

This Akshaya Tritiya emotional view of Indians towards gold needs to change

Turkish silver imports in March jump to highest on record

Gold supply boom ending as price slump means less mine spending

Tuesday, April 7 2015

We’ve Never Seen This Before In The Gold Market

COTs & Gold

Monday, April 6 2015

The Floating Kilogram

Saturday, April 4 2015

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

Gold, Governments and Central Banks

Faith Many People Have In Gold Is Rising As Instability Increases

Friday, April 3 2015

World Gold Council considers launch of new London exchange

Thursday, April 2 2015

Regulation of Gold, Silver, Crude and WM/Reuters London 4pm Fixes Starts Today

Wednesday, April 1 2015

Gold and Misery, Strange Bedfellows

Bullion Buzz

Gold’s Top 20 – Mines, miners and countries

Gold Focus 2015

UBS bullish again on gold, gold miners