October 2016

Monday, October 31 2016

US elections will push gold to hit $1,500

Sunday, October 30 2016

Jim Rickards: How to make a fortune before 2018

TIPS vs Gold - 10-yr Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS) vs Gold

China & India - Gold Consumption

FRB Gold Stocks - Foreign Earmarked Gold

Bitcoin Is Soaring: Up Over 10% In One Week On Chinese Buying Spree

The History Of Business Depressions

Saturday, October 29 2016

China links gold market with Dubai

India Gold/Silver Imports

Transparent Precious Metal Holdings - Gold/Silver

Gold heading for best year in four in 2017

Gold Rallies to Three-Week High After FBI Reopens Clinton Probe

Gold/Silver - Futures - COTs - Commitment of Traders

Friday, October 28 2016

Sprott Precious Metals Watch

Tocqueville Gold Strategy Investor Letter

Reconciliation and discrepancies of gold flows into China

Thursday, October 27 2016

Next Leg In the Rally? Extreme Positioning in Gold, Silver, and 10-Year Bonds Has Moderated

Gold in US Dollars

Wednesday, October 26 2016

The Value of Gold

I Dislike Gold, BUT Couldn’t Get Any Cash

Tuesday, October 25 2016

If You Can’t Touch It, You Don’t Own It

Price Premium Returns for Diwali But India's Gold Industry Struggling

As Yuan Sinks, Goldman Flags Scope for Gold Demand in China

Bullion Banks pass the parcel on El Salvador's gold reserves

Gold Investor 2

Nano technology could be a game changer for placer mines

Gold coin worth £250,000 discovered in child's pirate treasure collection

Russia has gold in spades

Sunday, October 23 2016

Central Bank Austria Claims To Have Audited Gold at BOE. Refuses To Release Audit Reports & Gold Bar List

Saturday, October 22 2016

Transparent Precious Metal Holdings - Gold

British investors hold nerve on gold despite price fall

Morgan Stanley Named New LBMA Silver Price Participant

India's Oct gold imports to hit 9-month high on festive demand

Swiss gold exports to China hit highest since January

Switzerland Gold Imports & Exports

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

Gold/Silver - Futures - COTs - Commitment of Traders

Thursday, October 20 2016

Consumers will be hit by bank rules on gold, say refiners

Russian Gold Reserves

Government proposes 4 percent tax on gold under GST

India gold trades at premium for first time in 9 months

Beijing expects China’s gold demand growth to ease in 2016-2020

The Great Physical Gold Supply & Demand Illusion

Wednesday, October 19 2016

The World Will Return To Gold -- Doug Casey

Gold looking sassy

LBMA Conference attendees debate future investment role of gold

Hurst Cycles Webinar 17 October 2016

Tuesday, October 18 2016

INTL FCStone Announces Unique Online Physical Gold Trading Platform

China gold demand to stay firm at 900-1,000 tonnes in 2017

Deutsche Bank to pay $38 mln in U.S. silver price-fixing case

Monday, October 17 2016

Singapore makes another bid for Asia to help set gold price

The tangible and intangible factors will support the gold price

ICE Will Start Gold Futures for Clearing London’s Daily Auction

Sunday, October 16 2016

Indian Gold/Silver Imports

Saturday, October 15 2016

Is It Over For Gold?

Transparent Precious Metal Holdings - Gold Flows

Central Bank seeks to buy gold from treasury to bolster foreign reserves

Gold is going back to $1,050 says Wells Fargo analyst

Gold/Silver - Futures - COTs - Commitment of Traders

A recession is coming — so hide in gold, says influential investor Raoul Pal

HSBC: A Global Trade Slowdown Is a Reason to Buy Gold

Interactive Gold Mining Map

World’s biggest gold ring exhibited in Shanghai

Tiny Startups Revamp Gold Market After Besting Big Exchanges

Friday, October 14 2016

How London’s Gold Market, the World’s Largest, Evolved Over Time

The Gold Manipulators Will Be Punished

Ron Paul Interviews Jim Grant, the Ultimate Gold Bug

Perth Mint ‘tests out’ Indian gold import excise rort

PhD thesis stirs up a $1bn gold-price trial for global banks

The gold manipulation silliness continues

Platinum In Bear Market as Rates, Electric Cars Dent Outlook

Thursday, October 13 2016

Gold Prices Just Did Something They Haven’t Done All Year

Wednesday, October 12 2016

Gold needs to break past $1,303 to really resume recovery

Gold's Bull Market Over; Prices To Fall In Next Two Years - Natixis

Gold price 'uptrend is over', says ABN Amro

Gold: Why Did Fund Flows Vanish?

Gold-buying headed for best Diwali in 4 years

The Current Gold Price Is A Gift


Famous Gold Bottoms

How The Gold Manipulation Trial Will Unravel

Tuesday, October 11 2016

No Love for Gold

Now may be the right the time to invest in gold

Gold imports decline by 59% during January-September

Scotia will have to reveal internal correspondence in gold fixing case, lawyer for plaintiffs says

The Wolves Get the Golden Fleece as the Sheep Get Shorn One More Time

Intraday Averages For Gold/Silver

Monday, October 10 2016

Gold ETPs continue to see gains in September

Sunday, October 9 2016

Ray Dalio Warns A 1% Rise In Yields Would Lead To Trillions In Losses

Saturday, October 8 2016

Gold's Sharp Drop Is "Strategic Buying Opportunity" - Goldman Sees Physical Demand Intact From China

Friday, October 7 2016

Gold/Silver - Futures - COTs - Commitment of Traders

Chinese Gold Reserves

Currencies in Crisis

OECD Consumer Price Index

% Deviation From The 200 Day Moving Average

Algos, Barriers, Rumors: Some Theories On What Caused The Pound Flash Crash

Gold in British Pounds

Thursday, October 6 2016

When support breaks traders sell.

As Gold Crashes, Gartman Has A Theory What Is Behind It

Dutch Central Bank To Move Its Gold From Amsterdam To A Former Military Air Base

Gold’s second waterfall drop this week

Banks must face U.S. gold rigging lawsuit; UBS is dismissed

China’s Hidden Plan to Accumulate Gold

Chinese Gold Imports From Hong Kong

The USA’s Day Of Reckoning

The IMF Sounds An Alarm As Global Debt Hits A Record $152 Trillion Or 225% Of World GDP

Perth Mint Coin Sales

UBS is dismissed in U.S. silver lawsuit, other claims narrowed

In Major Victory For Gold And Silver Traders, Manipulation Lawsuit Against Gold-Fixing Banks Ordered To Proceed

Judge Orders Gold Manipulation Case Valid

Deutsche Bank Strategist Says the Gold Crash Is Just Getting Started

UK consumers snap up physical gold after price slides under 1,000 pounds/oz

When markets go bump in the night


Price drop likely to spur demand

Tracking the gold held in London: An update on ETF and BoE holdings

Wednesday, October 5 2016

Top Forecaster Says Gold May Recover ‘Shine’ on Global Risks

EuroStat Gold Imports & Exports

Silk Road: China, India, Russia & Turkey Gold Consumption

FRB Gold Stocks - US Stocks & Foreign Earmarked Gold

Tuesday, October 4 2016

Gold Silver Slump

Gold Is 'Money' Because It Is Plentiful, Not Because It Is Scarce

Beware: Russia’s Hoarding Gold, Not Just Nukes

India Gold Imports

India's gold imports drop for ninth straight month in September

Many Mint workers fired for suspected theft, “gold-in-rectum” trial hears

The Perth Mint provides unique reassurances for precious metals storage clients

When the Bubble Bursts

Sunday, October 2 2016

Transparent Precious Metal Holdings - Gold/Silver

CPB World Trade

US Mint Coin Sales

Saturday, October 1 2016

Gold/Silver - Futures - COTs - Commitment of Traders

China gold imports from Hong Kong fall 15% in Aug to 7-month low

Gold demand likely to fall to 750 ton in 2016 on high price

UBS ‘Positive’ On Gold As Real Interest Rates Remain Low

Investors shy away from platinum as concern over inventories persists

Gold-Mining Investors Hit by the Jitters as Share Rally Sputters

LBMA Said to Enter Talks With Autilla, Boat on Gold Platform

Gold and World Debt