November 2016

Wednesday, November 30 2016

Where does all Earth's gold come from?

A case for gold

Why gold will be a poor investment in 2017

Some Major Financial Firms See $1,440 to $1,550 Gold in 2017

Gold's 2016 Rally Was Built On Sand

Caught On Tape: Man Steals $1.6 Million Bucket Full Of Gold In Midtown Manhattan In Broad Daylight

The Value-added Tax System In China’s Domestic Gold Market

Tuesday, November 29 2016

Shanghai Gold Premium hits multi-year high

The Prospects for Gold as Trump's Agenda Kicks In

India's golden quest to tackle 'black money' and the lessons from a century ago

Royal Mint, CME Group launch blockchain-based gold trading platform

Central bank Gold Policies - Deutsche Bundesbank

Watch $40,000 Worth of Gold Endure a Hydraulic Press

'Real' Money & Why You Need It Now

Mr Trump Loves Gold. Does Gold Love Him Back?

Bullion market reopens after 16 days; gold tumbles Rs 1,750

Monday, November 28 2016

Gold/Silver - Futures - COTs - Commitment of Traders

Islamic finance body approves standard for gold-based products

Islamic finance body approves standard for gold-based products

Russell Napier: deflation is coming – hold on to your cash

Gold at support

Saturday, November 26 2016

A Note on Gold and India – What is Driving the Gold Price?

Gold not safe enough, hoarders opt for silver bars

Q1 - Q3 2016 China Net Gold Import Hits 905 Tonnes

Chinese SGE Deliveries

Transparent Precious Metal Holdings - Gold/Silver

Fractal Nature of Trading

China gold premiums hit near 3-year high; India premiums drop on subdued demand

Post-demonetisation, Mumbai's gold markets dull, deserted

India may impose curbs on domestic gold holdings

Demonetisation: No proposal to restrict gold holding by individuals

Friday, November 25 2016

Gold Options Traders Most Bearish Since July 2015

United Kingdom Gold Imports & Exports

Silver Enters Bear Market As Hedgies Flee

Shanghai Huatong International Silver Exchange records the first silver spot transaction in Shanghai free trade zone

Indian Gold Import Ban: Fact or Fiction?

Trump's Victory: What Does it Mean for Gold?

Thursday, November 24 2016

Gold & The Global Market Watch

French man finds $3.7M worth of gold in his new house


EuroStat Gold Imports & Exports

Switzerland Gold Imports & Exports

Turkey Gold/Silver Imports

Wednesday, November 23 2016

Trumpflation Might Not Help Gold if Real Rates Keep Rising

Gold: valuable reserve amid unprecedented policy environment

Potential gold-import ban by India could be biggest bombshell since Nixon


Trade Weighted US Dollar Indices

Gold sales heat up in Europe after Trump win but not in US

Dollar Gravity On Precious Metals

US President Elections

Tuesday, November 22 2016

USA's Day Of Reckoning - Hidden Secrets Of Money 7

Monday, November 21 2016

SA to exhaust gold reserves in 38 years

Russian Alchemists Turn Coal Into Gold

Two Billion-Dollar Buzz Saws

Why I sold some of my gold when Donald Trump won

Ask The Expert - Steve Keen

Silver and the Train Wreck

When The Barrel Gets Low The Knife Drops

Bidding far more than expected, Chinese firm wins Barrick's half of big Australian mine

The Gold Market - Where Transparency means Secrecy

Sunday, November 20 2016

Trump's Trump: Gold

"Brace For Economic Disruption" SocGen Sees "Sharp Rise In Gold" As India Plans Cap On Cash Holdings

Saturday, November 19 2016

Transparent Precious Metal Holdings - Gold/Silver

Gold price hike in Egypt leads to popularity of Chinese gold-plated ornaments

Gold Punished by Dollar’s Rally as Silver Nears Bear Market

4,000 kg of gold sold in just 2 days

Silver ETF Investors Exit as Bear Market Looms on Rate Concerns

Friday, November 18 2016

Russian Gold Reserves

Gold/Silver - Futures - COTs - Commitment of Traders

Synthetic Gold Leasing: More Details Regarding The “Precious Metals” On Chinese Commercial Bank Balance Sheets

Income Tax men may come calling on gold buyers

Trump Will Grow US Debt Exponentially

Thursday, November 17 2016

Performance Bond Requirements: Silver Metals Margins

UBS closes precious metal special switches overnight

Indian traders buy gold to pre-empt feared curbs on overseas purchases

US Dollar Index

Islamic Gold – Vital New Dynamic In Physical Gold Market

Gold Confiscation: History, Myths, and Real Solutions

Thomson Reuters Interim Silver Market Review

Wednesday, November 16 2016

Reverse Gold Rush

Gold imports jump over 2-fold to $3.5 bn in October

Dollar at highest since 2003

Gold: What's Next?

Gold Price Skyrockets in India after Currency Ban

Manager Insights from the Sprott Gold Team

Decade of Gold Mine Declines Poised to Spur Deals, Prices

Gold and the Real Interest Rate

Tuesday, November 15 2016

European Central Bank gold reserves held across 5 locations. ECB will not disclose Gold Bar List

Is India Seriously Considering A Gold Import Ban?

Demonetisation impact: $1 billion worth of gold imported so far since Nov 9

Bullion firm in money laundering probe

Investing in gold Sharia Law

Gold purchase saw 23-fold spike

$2 billion pulled from top gold ETF since Trump win

Buzz of gold import ban spreads panic among traders

Platinum market may see first surplus in six years in 2017

Soros dissolves SPDR Gold trust shares in third-quarter, Paulson stays in

DX :-: US Dollar Index

Soros More Than Doubles Stake in Barrick Gold as Shares Drop

Monday, November 14 2016

Gold/Silver - Futures - COTs - Commitment of Traders

Sunday, November 13 2016

Transparent Precious Metal Holdings - Gold/Silver


Friday, November 11 2016

'Helicopter Money President' Trump To Create Inflation and Gold Will Rise

Gold, USD & Bond Yields

Thursday, November 10 2016

Gold Price Skyrockets in India after Currency Ban

Druckenmiller: "I Sold All My Gold On The Night Of The Election"

Bullion Banking 101

Late-night buying parked lakhs of rupees in gold

India's shock bank note ban sparks cash chaos

Gold vs US Dollars

Wednesday, November 9 2016

Jeff Christian On Gold In A Trump World

Trump and Gold

Gold Trading Hits Shanghai Record on Trump Victory But 'Price Fails at 2011 Downtrend'

Trump Win Sends Gold to Busiest-Ever Trading Day as Volume Jumps

Gold Seller Running Out of Bars, Coins in London After Trump Win

IntraDay Charts - Gold

Intraday Market Moves

Gold Jumping

Tuesday, November 8 2016

Jim Rickards and Ross Norman Discuss Gold Price Drivers - YouTube

This Diwali, an ATM dispenses gold coins in Bengaluru

Perth Mint Coin Sales

Government currency strike to push many to gold

Lovers and Central Banks Walk Away From Gold’s Scorching Rally

Islamic finance nears final standard for gold-based products

Gold Demand Trends Q3

Gold price to rise on back of US election

The Swiss National Bank’s Gold and Silver Mining Share Holdings Fall $111 million in the Third Quarter

U.S. presidential election, interest rate uncertainty spurs gold sales

The Presidential Election Won’t Stop the MOTHER OF ALL DEFLATIONS

Monday, November 7 2016

Update on the Comex fear-mongering

Chinese Gold Imports From Hong Kong

Chinese Gold Reserves

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

Sunday, November 6 2016

Gold Loses $1300 As Stocks, Peso Soar After Comey Clears Clinton (Again)

Friday, November 4 2016

Russia central bank biggest buyer of gold September 2016

Gold Could Rally To $1,400 If Trump Wins: Citigroup

Gold/Silver - Futures - COTs - Commitment of Traders

IntraDay Charts - Gold

Thursday, November 3 2016

US Mint Coin Sales

Russia's VTB aims to double its gold trade in three years

Swiss gold refinery Argor-Heraeus to be acquired by Private Equity investors

The Message From ETFs: Strong Gold Market Ahead

Intraday Averages For Gold/Silver

Wednesday, November 2 2016

Buy Gold No Matter Who Wins the Election, HSBC Says

SA Mint to make its first silver Krugerrand

CME Hike Metals Margins

The Hillary Clinton Takeover of the United States

Tuesday, November 1 2016

CME to Start London Gold Contract in Challenge to ICE, LME