September 2014

Tuesday, September 30 2014

Gold production: Too much of a good thing?

China Aims For Official Gold Reserves At 8500t

Golden Rule

Why China thinks gold is the buy of the century

Barrick, Newmont add to 1H U.S. gold output decline

Monday, September 29 2014

Singapore Bourse to Start Kilobar Gold Trading to Lure Investors

Chinese Gold Demand Explosive

Russia's Gokhran Likely to Start Buying Palladium in 2015

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

Has The Gold Price Drop Run Its Course?

Saturday, September 27 2014

Gold Sentiment – How Bad Is It?

German Bullion Dealers Report Major Increase in Sales

Friday, September 26 2014

Big banks hold talks on U.K. fines over forex rigging

50 tonnes of gold smuggled into India in 10 days

Hathaway - Absolutely Stunning Developments In Gold

Risk Off The Menu As Gold Jumps And Stocks Plunge

Poor Man’s Gold!

The Better Inflation Hedge: Gold or Treasuries?

The Workings Of The Shanghai International Gold Exchange

Gold bottom update

Australia M&A deals slump most in a generation

A year's extraction of metal shown next to landmarks and cities

Traders Millions By The Minute

5 U.S. Banks Each Have More Than 40 Trillion Dollars In Exposure To Derivatives

LBMA names Citigroup as gold, silver market maker

Jim Rickards - The Currency Wars

Thursday, September 25 2014

Gold price seen near tipping point for mine cuts, closures

Gold Premiums in India Seen Doubling on Festival Demand

The worst isn`t over for gold - Goldman`s Currie

Weak gold prices has Dubai consumers clamouring for more

UK moves to extend Libor rigging laws to oil, gold and currency markets

Bullion Buzz

Venezuela Opens Gold Vault for BofA Analyst to Count Bars

Gold's fall to pump up Indian demand

Wednesday, September 24 2014

What’s Next For Gold?

An Empirical Study of Silver Markets in India

Jim Richards on Gold

Tuesday, September 23 2014

Silver to $14/oz, but discounting QE end

Palladium Fell 12% in September, Trading at its 200-day SMA

Monday, September 22 2014

The Gold Price Outlook

How much does it really cost to mine an ounce of gold?

Established rivals may keep Shanghai trade zone's gold exchange in check

Royal Mint’s tip for investors: go for gold

Gold Price Artificially Pressured Down

Sunday, September 21 2014

John Hathaway Tocqueville Keynote

Silver’s ETF Demand Outpaces Gold by Most Ever

Russians Stunned As Chinese Leader Pushes Gold Backed Yuan

Platinum Fixing Under the Microscope

Chinese Gold Demand 41t in week 37, 1331t YTD

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

Saturday, September 20 2014

Gold/Silver Ratio

Did The Bottom Just Fall Out Of Commodities?

Russian Central Bank Gold Reserves

Gold bottoming?

Shanghai launches its gold exchange

Shanghai imports USD16bn gold as it launches international gold trading board

Thursday, September 18 2014

China set to win Asia gold pricing race

GFMS sees gold price 'recuperating'

China Opens Gold Market to Foreigners Amid Price Ambition

Super-rich rush to buy 'Italian Job' style gold bars

It’s not the Fed taking gold down, but the vote in Scotland

Wednesday, September 17 2014

Gold loses luster on Fed; Barclays cuts forecast

Bullion Buzz

US Debt vs Gold

Tuesday, September 16 2014

The Global Economic Longwave 1950-2050

China Launches CNY500 Billion In "Stealth QE"

Gold imports soar 176% in India

Biggest Banks Said to Overhaul FX Trading After Scandals

China May Boost Gold Reserves Amid Imbalances in Holdings

Despite obvious benefits, gold still misunderstood

Brien Lundin's junior stock picks in late 2014

Monday, September 15 2014

Will The Swiss Vote to Get Their Gold Back?

Britain to include China's RMB as foreign currency reserve

The Silver Sentiment Cycle

Barclays: gold at downside risks from negative macro front

Anxious Scottish investors buying gold

HK bourse approved to build precious metal vault in China

Gold ETFs outflows - 15th consecutive month in India

Gold industry needs ‘cleansing’ of weakest miners

Global banks retreat as the US and China tighten in lockstep

Sunday, September 14 2014

Complete Second Quarter Gold All-In Costs Show That 'Peak Gold' May Be A Reality

Dow/Gold Ratio

Saturday, September 13 2014

India's June Gold Import Highest in 12 Months

Friday, September 12 2014

Is gold losing its shine?

How To Test For Fake Gold And Silver

India's love affair with gold may be over, as prices slide

PM charts

Gold Rising

China Holds “Gold Congress” - Positioning Itself As Global Gold Hub, “In China, Gold Is Money”

CME to launch gold futures contract in Hong Kong by year-end

Thursday, September 11 2014

Gold In The USA

Platinum Fixing Under the Microscope

Wednesday, September 10 2014

The Hottest Metal On The Planet Breaks Support

German Gold Repatriation Accelerating

Tuesday, September 9 2014

Transacting in Gold Can Shaft The IRS

Peru's gold output will likely fall 20 percent this year

Goldcorp CEO Jeannes Sees "Peak Gold" in Sector This Year or Next

Ownership of UK gold up for negotiation if Scotland votes "Yes"

Inside India's gold-centric Ganapati festival

These Kinds Of Market-Rigging "Practices" Will No Longer Be Allowed On The CME

Monday, September 8 2014

Another Week Of Strong Gold Demand In China

Sunday, September 7 2014

Goldcorp Inc CEO says gold price plunge to $900 would be an opportunity, not a disaster

Saturday, September 6 2014

LME pulls out of clearing OTC gold trades on lack of price data

China Imports From HK For July

Does The WGC Understand The Chinese Gold Market?

Gold monetisation scheme aims to treat gold as currency in India

YTD U.S. Mint gold sales plummet 54%

Thursday, September 4 2014

Hold Onto Your Gold: A Supply Shortage Is Coming

Why Goldman's gold man recommends shorting gold

Bullion Buzz

Wednesday, September 3 2014

Gold Sentiment

Tuesday, September 2 2014

Transparent Holdings Fall As Bullion Goes East To Russia and China

China Banks Boost Precious Metals Hoard Amid Lease Demand

Platinum group metals output to fall in South Africa in 2014: Deutsche Bank

Monday, September 1 2014

Audio on Switzerland bullion banking

Aussie annual gold output lifts 9pc to 282 tonnes

Some deferred gold-buying finally comes around in India

Gold hungry Indians boost imports in UAE

Chinese Weekly Gold Demand Highest Since February