June 2015

Tuesday, June 30 2015

Why Gold Is Not Freely Priced

JPMorgan Just Cornered The Commodity Derivative Market, And This Time There Is Proof

Europeans Rush to Gold Coins as Bank of Greece Stops Sales

Gold ETP Holdings Increase Most in Four Months Amid Haven Demand

Sunday, June 28 2015

Stunning Decline In Gold Productivity

China plans to launch yuan gold fix by end of 2015

Saturday, June 27 2015

FRB Foreign Owned Gold

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

Friday, June 26 2015

Shanghai Gold Exchange in talks to list products on CME

Thursday, June 25 2015

Chinese Gold Standard Could Create 'Fireworks'

LBMA to start reporting OTC gold trade soon; exchange model seen as costly

In Gold We Trust 2015

Gold price benchmarking – let battle commence

Swiss Gold Imports & Exports for May

Implied Market Volatility - new charts

Wednesday, June 24 2015

China likely to get central bank nod for yuan gold fix soon

China moves to Stage 2 of its great gold grab

Gold in the Age of Soaring Debt

Tuesday, June 23 2015

What was it like, Dad?

Monday, June 22 2015

ICE Benchmark Administration Announces Two New Direct Participants to the Gold Auction

Sunday, June 21 2015

Strong Withdrawals Mainland & Hong Kong Gold Vaults

All The World's Investable Assets In Context

Saturday, June 20 2015

This Is The Most Profitable "Strategy" Of The World'sBiggest Hedge Fund In The Past Decade

India proposes gold-linked bonds to lower bullion imports

There’s a Pile of Gold in Manhattan. Texas Wants It Back

Greek Gold Sales to Raise Funds Seen Unlikely by Commerzbank

The world’s top 10 gold mines

Why $1,200 is important for gold

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

Russian Central Bank Holdings

Friday, June 19 2015


IMF's Vinals says central banks may have to be "market makers"

The Mysterious "Massive" Seller Who Flash Crashed Gold In 2014 Has Finally Been Revealed

Thursday, June 18 2015

Bank Of England Custodian Gold Drops 351t

Wednesday, June 17 2015

Is There a Shortage of Gold in Europe? Will It Be Confiscated?

Gold replacing the US Dollar as reserve asset

Tuesday, June 16 2015

Bank of China Joins Auction Setting Gold Prices in London

Monday, June 15 2015

European central banks step up gold repatriation

Gold Price Set To Rise To US$1,300 By Year-end

Five-time jump in gold smuggling; seizure worth Rs 1,120 cr

Sunday, June 14 2015

Texas Gold Bill Becomes Law, State to Remove $1B Worth of Bullion From New York

Friday, June 12 2015

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

A Guidebook to Investing in Gold

The Global Monetary Phenomenon That Almost No One Is Seriously Discussing

Even Coin Collectors Have Given Up on Gold

Thursday, June 11 2015

For Indians, gold a barbarous relic for barbarous times

Treasuries Collusion Said to Be Hunted in New Wave of Probes

Wednesday, June 10 2015

DOJ Probes Banks for Silver, Gold Price Manipulation

COMEX Hong Kong Gold KiloBar Future Charts

Monday, June 8 2015

Gold isn’t cheap, but nor should it be

Sunday, June 7 2015

GFC was ‘merely the beginning of the end’: What do you do when the iceberg hits?

Saturday, June 6 2015

Chindia Gold Demand

12 reasons to own gold now

Indian Gold & Silver Imports

The next great bull market: Gold $25,000

Gold At $64,000 – Bloomberg’s ‘China Gold Price’

40% drop in wedding days in 2015 may dent gold demand

Ten Things Every Economist Should Know about the Gold Standard

Worry about capital controls, not gold confiscation

Gold sales slump at mints from Perth to US

End of an era as largest gold ETF drops out of top 10

Russia to Increase Its Gold Reserves

India gold premiums plunge on murky met forecast

All You Know About Gold's Safe Haven Appeal Is Wrong

Friday, June 5 2015

Gold & Silver Support

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

Wednesday, June 3 2015

One Of The World's Largest Silver Miners Slams The CFTC About Silver Market Manipulation

Tuesday, June 2 2015

The Real Value of Gold in the Ground

Silver: Commodity or Money?

FRB Foreign Owned Gold

Monday, June 1 2015

Chinese troops to help guard gold vaults inside Fort Knox

Gold headed to $1,100/oz

The ‘great’ gold debate