May 2015

Sunday, May 31 2015

Chindia Gold Demand

A gold rush in Texas?

A gold rush in Texas?

Saturday, May 30 2015

Currency Wars, Gold Pools, and Comex Potential Claims Per Deliverable Ounce

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

Friday, May 29 2015

China to launch $16bn gold investment fund

Austria to repatriate large gold reserves from Britain

Thursday, May 28 2015

Could SA’s gold mining industry be gone by 2020?

JPMorgan added to LBMA Gold Price banks

Swiss gold exports to China drop 67% in April

Wednesday, May 27 2015

Bullion Buzz

Barrick sells 50% in Papua New Guinea unit to China's Zijin

Two Years Later: Gold Was Right About The ‘Dollar’ As Economists Should Have Been Far Less Giddy About It All

Gold smuggling at all-time high, seizures total Rs 1,000cr

Russia boosting gold holdings as defence against 'political risks'

Monday, May 25 2015

The Truth About The Impact Of Interest Rates On The Price Of Gold

Chinese do export gold – to Hong Kong

125 years of GoldStocks

Gold & Silver COTS

China sets up largest gold fund

Martin Armstrong's Tense

Saturday, May 23 2015

Austrian central bank to repatriate gold from Britain

Friday, May 22 2015

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

The Gold Chronicles

Gold Price Forecasting, the Hard Core Academic Way

Chinese Gold Leasing Not What It Seems

BitGold Inc. Announces CAD 51.9 Million Acquisition of

Austria Repatriates 110 Tonnes From UK

Indian gold monetisation scheme a temporary solution

Thursday, May 21 2015

UBS Shielded From Charges in U.S. Precious-Metals Probe

Americans Fear Beijing, Moscow May Introduce New Gold Standard

CME developing European gold futures contract

Switzerland is the Ultimate Safe Haven for Liberty and Wealth

BitGold disrupts financial services

One Canadian fund made a $700m bet on gold

PBOC Gold Purchases: Separating Facts from Speculation

Wednesday, May 20 2015

Saxo Bank forecasts $1,425-1,450 an ounce gold this year on Chinese policy shift

Bullion Buzz

India's gold monetisation plan lacks lustre

Chinese Gold Standard Would Need a Rate 50 Times Bullion’s Price

Today: War on Cash. Tomorrow: War on Gold?

A Cashless Society?

Tuesday, May 19 2015

LPPM WEEK – Russian government holding 3moz of platinum, 6.5moz palladium

India Moves a Step Closer to Tapping 20,000-Ton Gold Hoard

Why Most Gold Bugs Are Dead Wrong

BitGold Explained

BitGold: Great product, over-priced stock

Monday, May 18 2015

Traders warn on gold liquidity

Who Sets the Price of Gold? London or New York?

Soros Fund Management holds Market Vectors Gold Miners stake steady in Q1

Paulson Doesn’t Blink on Gold ETF Stake Even as Prices Sputter

Gold is now more important than ever

Goldman Cuts Platinum, Palladium Forecasts For 2015, 2016

Sunday, May 17 2015

The Coming Crash of All Crashes - but in Debt

Leading German Keynesian Economist Calls For Cash Ban

Economist on Gold – A Dissection

SGE Withdrawals vs WGC Demand Q1 2015

Saturday, May 16 2015

China could crash US dollar with 30,000 tons of gold

Gold & Silver COTS

Friday, May 15 2015

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

India's Gold imports reach 111 tons in April

India’s Gold Imports Total 85 Tons in April

Digital currencies: A gold standard for bitcoin

Aussie gold miners might be smaller but punch harder

India gold imports surpass 100 T for 2nd month

GFMS Platinum & Palladium Survey 2015

The trouble with cash

Thursday, May 14 2015

India, China likely to consume 900-1,000 mt of gold each in 2015

Gold 'cheap' safe haven

Germans pile into gold amid Greek eurozone default fears

Comex Gold Rises To A Near Record 107.7 Claims Per Registered Ounce

Gold Demand Trends Q1

The Real Reason China Is Buying Up The World's Gold

How to end boom and bust: make cash illegal

What Happens To Gold When A Stock Market Crash Occurs

Bullion Buzz

Why China Is Taking Control of Physical Gold Pricing

Venezuela's Gold Reserves

What might be behind today’s jump in the gold price

Wednesday, May 13 2015

Dark Gold

Sprott Silver ETF Signals XAU Upturn

BitGold begins trading on TSX Venture Exchange as gold transaction platform builds momentum

SA union NUM said to seek 80% pay rise

Tuesday, May 12 2015

April gold import estimated $3.5 bn

Silver no longer the poor man’s gold as solar demand surges

“One Belt One Road” And Gold

Weekday Averages

Intraday Averages for Gold & Silver for the Month of April

Monday, May 11 2015

Goldbugs, Silverbugs, or Balancedbugs: Sales Ratios

RBI holds 557.75 tonne gold; 20,000 tonne held by public

Sunday, May 10 2015

Counting gold in Switzerland

Saturday, May 9 2015

Russell Napier Explains What's In Store For Gold If Cash Is Outlawed

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

Turkey Gold Imports

Indian Gold Imports

Chinese Gold Imports From Hong Kong

What QE Hath Wrought

Thursday, May 7 2015

Spot gold trading shrinks as interbank deals dry up

France to restrict movement of cash, gold and crypto-currencies

Global silver output running low

45 year Returns Matrix for Gold

The Dow/Gold Ratio

Repatriation of Gold from Fed Suggests Historic Vote of No Confidence

Outlook for gold: positive and negative factors

Bullion Buzz

China tests yuan gold fix process amid pricing ambitions

China tests yuan gold fix process amid pricing ambitions

Key Components of Global Silver Demand Rose in 2014

Wednesday, May 6 2015

Silver to slump 14% in 2015

Announcing a new global operating system for gold

Hold precious metals as banks try to criminalize the use of cash in their latest act of financial repression

Monday, May 4 2015

Is Russia Moving to a Gold-Backed Currency?

Australia First to Introduce a Compulsory Tax on Money Itself

Silver Institute News

Silver investors corner the market, not JP Morgan

FRB Foreign Owned Gold

FRB Bail-ins: You don’t own your money

Sunday, May 3 2015

All that glitters is not gold

Saturday, May 2 2015

Can Gold Save The World From the Credit Bubble?

US Mint Coin Sales for April

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

Friday, May 1 2015

CME Group bars two gold futures traders for allegedly spoofing

The Oil Slump Is Emptying the Stores of Dubai