July 2015

Friday, July 31 2015

Goldcorp slashes dividend 60% amid dire gold market

Swiss Gold Refineries and the sale of Valcambi

Forecasts - what are they worth

Gold – It Ain’t Over Until the Fat Lady Sings

Russia Can't Help Being a Gold Bug

Mega-bear Albert Edwards says gold is a 'must-have' even after the latest price slump

Thursday, July 30 2015

Forecasts, forecasts, everywhere

Gold Miners, RIP

Gold and the Full Moon

As gold price falls, miners pick derivatives to protect income

4 Mainstream Media Articles Mocking Gold That Should Make You Think

Gold: Storm on the Horizon?

Gold Could Fall to the $1,000 Mark

Wednesday, July 29 2015

Deutsche Bank lifts 2013, 2014 gold-price outlook

Supply and Demand in the Gold and Silver Futures Markets

Is the gold price manipulated?

Upticks in Silver Demand Seen in First Half of 2015

The King Of Gold

Tuesday, July 28 2015

Gold: The Pending Question

How much gold does China really have?

Swiss Gold Imports & Exports for June

Trade Weighted US Dollar Indices

Raoul Pal: GroupThink Is Almost Ubiquitous (& The 1 Chart That Matters)

Deutsche Bank says gold's fair value is $US750 an ounce

2015 gold forecast isn't panning out. What happened?

Monday, July 27 2015

India’s Rajesh Exports Acquires Newmont’s Swiss Gold Refiner

Capitulation in Gold

Saturday, July 25 2015

Mining companies slash tens of thousands of jobs

The message behind the Chinese gold reserves announcement

Nachbar 90% Junk Silver Coin Index

The Dow/Gold Ratio

Potential Meltdown Ahead

Sitting On The Fence

The Death of Gold…….Or Not!

US Mint Sells Most Physical Gold In Two Years On Same Day Gold Price Hits Five Year Low

This Has Never Happened To Gold Before

3 Reasons Why Gold Isn’t Behaving Like Gold Right Now

There’s a Huge Disparity Between How Regulators Deal with Gold and Stock Market Manipulation

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

Friday, July 24 2015

How a China-US one-two punch floored gold price

Fall in gold price renders10% of production uneconomic

Bullion dealers trade blame in hunt for "bear raid" leader

Central Banks and Our Dysfunctional Gold Markets

Thursday, July 23 2015

RBC's Gero: Distortion in gold market

Gold mine closures not expected to happen quickly

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop; Why Gold Miners Just Keep Digging

Gold Seen Going Back to Boring by Chart Watchers at Commerzbank

Goldman’s Currie Sees Gold Dropping Below $1,000 on Dollar

Gold’s Plunge Sparks Retail Demand in China, India

Wednesday, July 22 2015

What’s the spin on the gold smash

Gold Warns Again

Tuesday, July 21 2015

Where Next For Precious Metals: This Is What The Charts Say

Last Night's Gold Slam So Furious It Halted The Market Not Once But Twice, And The Funniest "Explanation" Yet

China’s Total Gold Holdings Much Higher – Owns Gold In SAFE and CIC

Speculators smash gold as dollar squeeze tightens

Monday, July 20 2015

Russian Central Bank Holdings

Dissection of a gold price smash

Close up charts on the move

Gold's Sudden Plunge

Which Is A Bigger "Act Of Faith" - Owning Gold Or Stocks?

Sunday, July 19 2015

Let’s Be Honest About Gold: It’s a Pet Rock

Analyzing PBOC Official Gold Reserves Increment

Spot Gold

Spot Silver

Tocqueville Gold Strategy Investor Letter

Friday, July 17 2015

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals


Top money managers are turning to gold — should you?

So Who is Still Long in Gold?

China Gold Reserves Top Russia in First Disclosure Since ’09

Thursday, July 16 2015

Perth Mint sales surge on back of US Mint shortage

Are Gold Miners Oversold? Three Charts Show Not All That Glitters

Wednesday, July 15 2015

Greeks Can’t Tap Cash, Gold, Silver In Bank Safety Deposit Boxes

Gold And The Silver Stand-Off: Is The Selling Of Paper Gold And Silver Finally Ending?

Monday, July 13 2015

For Indians, paper gold can't beat the real thing


Sunday, July 12 2015

Seasonal Averages

Silk Road Demand

Acropolis Now, Again

Saturday, July 11 2015

Silver coin shortages, again

FIGs XAU Index

This Is How The Bottom Looks

Silver COTs

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

Friday, July 10 2015

Is confidence more precious than gold: impact of China crisis on gold

The Shanghai stock crash and China gold demand

Thursday, July 9 2015

China wants to steal gold-market ‘reins’ from New York, London

Wednesday, July 8 2015

Billionaire Ray Dalio Bought 463,000 Shares of Silver Wheaton Corp

China sees surge in precious metal trading

Somebody big’s sitting on the gold price says Sharps Pixley CEO Ross Norman

Tuesday, July 7 2015

U.S. Mint sold out of silver coins due to strong demand

Gold Gets Ignored in Greek Meltdown With Fewest Bulls Since 2006

Monday, July 6 2015

Oxi (No) is the vote – Increased demand for physical gold

SLG Daily Splash

Sunday, July 5 2015

Peter Hambro's nightmare when his Russian Gold miner nearly went out of business

Friday, July 3 2015

UBS Asks, 'Is Gold Ignoring Greece?'

Thursday, July 2 2015

Gold ownership as a lifestyle decision

What if Gold Is Declared Illegal?

US Mint Coin Sales for June

Indian Gold & Silver Imports for April

COMEX - Trading From Physical to Paper

Wednesday, July 1 2015

China targets counterweight in gold trade with yuan fix

Gold Shrugs Off Armageddon