February 2016

Monday, February 29 2016

Buffett’s Math Trumped by Gold

Gold - The Big Picture

Gold in the zero-bound

As fear and uncertainty stalk markets, the world turns to gold

India imposes gold sales tax on top of record import duty

Six Reasons To Buy Gold In 2016

Australia’s gold output climbs to 12-year high

Sunday, February 28 2016

Gold Becomes the Biggest Winner of 2016

German regulator ends Deutsche Bank probes over fixing scandals

The Global Run On Physical Cash Has Begun: Why It Pays To Panic First

Saturday, February 27 2016

Gold logs best month since 2012, gets major push from Deutsche Bank, Citi

Venezuela Sees Savior in Gold as Country Fights to Avoid Default

Golden Cross For Gold

Friday, February 26 2016

3 reasons the gold rally is just getting started

WSJ: Everyone Is Piling Into Gold Any Way They Can

Why Are We Seeing the Move in Gold?

China's Gold Imports From Hong Kong Slump to Lowest Since 2011

Indian January gold bar imports down 55% on month to 60.7 mt

China plans to launch yuan-denominated gold fix on April 19

Thursday, February 25 2016

Venezuela is shipping gold to pay debt

CME Raises Gold Margins

COMEX Gold Futures Can Be Settled Directly With Eligible Inventory

People’s QE: Central bankers war on savings

India’s tariffs on gold working: February imports to be lowest since 2013

How the Economist(s) manipulate gold's value in one chart

Gold Is Breaking Out; Goldman Stumped

Gold Now?

Gold & US Dollar Rising

New Charts Added In

Wednesday, February 24 2016

Gold Flows for 2016

New Charts Added In

In Disturbing Twist, Canadian Bullion Dealer Offers To Pay Interest On Gold And Silver

Tuesday, February 23 2016

Trump candidacy is sign of a falling empire and a rising resource market

GOFO And The Gold Wholesale Market

Monday, February 22 2016

Gold & Ratios: Are They Really Worth Much?

Negative Rates & RISING Gold: Just a Taste of What's Coming

What's driving the recent rise in gold prices?

Sunday, February 21 2016

Thirty tonnes of gold

Gold - the Hedge Against Government

Saturday, February 20 2016

Russian Gold Reserves

Infinite Negative Rates, Infinity Gold Prices

Transparent Precious Metal Holdings - Gold

Gold At New Highs

Friday, February 19 2016

Venezuela Exported 36t Of Its Official Gold Reserves To Switzerland In January

Thursday, February 18 2016

All of the world's stock exchanges by size

Did Mark Cuban and the Dow just prove Goldbugs right?

Wave of deals to shake the global gold industry in 2016

Wednesday, February 17 2016

Sumitomo Metal Puts Gold Top of List After Freeport Mine Buy

Paulson Cut Stake in Top Gold ETF by 37% Before Rally

Gold Plays Best Defense Against Share Slump in Four Years

Gold outlook pits DBS overweight call against Goldman bears

The Dow/Gold Ratio

Tuesday, February 16 2016

Gold prices rise most to start year since 1980

Goldman Channels FDR's `Nothing to Fear' With Sell Gold Call

Monday, February 15 2016

Gold Low of Lows or Just A Low?

Saturday, February 13 2016

Is This Debt’s Last Rattle?

Why Most Investors Hate Gold

Gold COTs

Friday, February 12 2016

PM Growth For 2016

Gold: Here We Go Again?

Jose Canseco Says "Everyone Should Be In Gold", Predicts $1,500 By Memorial Day

Chasing Gold

This crisis has been caused by arrogant central banks

What a difference $200 makes

Strategic buying of S&P futures is managing stock market decline

CME raises margin for gold

The IMF and Central Bank Gold Price Manipulation

Thursday, February 11 2016

FRB Gold Stocks - US Stocks & Foreign Earmarked Gold

ETF Securities has record gold day amid investor panic

Gold & the February Crisis: The Prelude to Chaos

Everyone Jumping On The Bandwagon: BofA Says To Stay Long Gold Until $1,375, "$1,550 A Possibility"

JPM: "Things Have Gotten Out Of Control: People Have More Confidence In Gold Than In Paper Money"

Investors 'go bananas' for gold bars as global stock markets tumble

London Was Bleeding 184t Of Gold In December While China Imported At Least 217t

Gold’s monkey magic seen fading after biggest advance since 1980

Gold demand bounces back as fear grips markets

Import tariff value hiked on gold, silver - India

Canada sells nearly half of all its gold reserves

Switzerland Gold Imports & Exports

Wednesday, February 10 2016

End of the Bear

Is the global economy headed for another crash?

Tuesday, February 9 2016

Gold Price Oscillator

Chinese Gold Imports From Hong Kong

CEF Premiums

Bear Market Over

Volatility in Gold Prices

US Mint Coin Sales

The LBMA Silver Price – Broken Promises on Wider Participation and Central Clearing

The Gold Price Secret Wall Street Doesn’t Want to Talk About

Setting The Record Straight On The Massive Gold Supply Conspiracy

Monday, February 8 2016

Why gold will still be a safe haven in the next financial storm

Crunch Time?

Saturday, February 6 2016

SGE Continues To Publish Withdrawals Figures?

Venezuela central bank in talks with Deutsche Bank on gold swap

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

Friday, February 5 2016

Four Days After Predicting Oil Will Double, T. Boone Pickens Sells All Oil Holdings

Explaining gold’s relative expensiveness

Silver auctions to be suspended if it threatens benchmark’s integrity

Thursday, February 4 2016

The Declining Level of Confidence in Govt. & Gold

London gold market wrestles over future

India Gold/Silver Imports For November

The Matterhorn Interview – Jan 2016: Ronald Stoeferle

China 2015 gold output dips 0.4 pct, consumption rises

Wednesday, February 3 2016

How Low Can The Bank Of Japan Cut Rates? Ask Gold

Gold - It's Time To Pay Attention

The Coming Revaluation of Gold

Crude Oil / Gold Ratio - Long Term History

Tuesday, February 2 2016

More Delusional Gold Theories?

Gold/Oil Ratio: Is It Really Making Record Highs?

New Indian rule backfires, boosts unofficial gold trade

The silver fix may have its days numbered

World’s largest silver producer slams silver benchmarking controversy

Monday, February 1 2016

Gold - Willem Middelkoop

Perth Mint Coin Sales

Gold and Gold Stocks – A Meaningful Reversal?

Bring On the Cashless Future