January 2016

Sunday, January 31 2016

Antal Fekete: Resurgence of the Golden Bull

London OTC Gold Forwards

PRECIOUS - Gold set for biggest monthly gain in a year

Saturday, January 30 2016

Should central banks hold gold home or in the US?

Where’s the silver lining? Metals market airs concerns over global benchmark process

Gold the Bounce

Friday, January 29 2016

LBMA Silver “Price”: A Perfect Storm of Stupidity

F(r)actions Of Gold

LBMA Silver Fix

PBOC May Buy 215 Tons of Gold This Year, Barclays Forecasts

'Anti-Arb Compliance' Sinks London Silver 'Fix' 6% to 7-Year Low, Spot Rallies Straight Back

Silver market in disarray after benchmark price fixed far below spot rate

Thursday, January 28 2016

Wholesale Physical Markets are Broken

Research Revives Manipulation Debate; Suggests Gold & Silver Collusion

The gold market just lost its best measure of Chinese demand

2016 Silver Market Trends

US FED Balance Sheet

Wednesday, January 27 2016

Update on Bundesbank Gold Repatriation 2015

Tuesday, January 26 2016

Comex Snaps: Gold Dilution Hits Record 542 Oz For Every Ounce Of Physical

The Periodic Table of Commodity Returns 2015

China’s Gold Imports From Hong Kong Jump to Highest Since 2013

China Stops Publishing SGE Withdrawal Figures

Gold & US Dollar Rising

Gold Growth Since 2000

Sunday, January 24 2016

SGE Gold Withdrawals vs World Gold Production

More than 900 kgs of gold mobilised under monetisation scheme

Russia and Gold

Saturday, January 23 2016

Comparisons to 2008 Spark Gold’s Fear Trade

Friday, January 22 2016

Banks to get commission for unlocking household gold

Thursday, January 21 2016

G4S London Gold Vault 2.0 – ICBC Standard Bank in, Deutsche Bank out

In China Everyone Can Buy Gold At The SGE

Russian Gold Reserves

Famous Gold Bottoms

Wednesday, January 20 2016

We Know How This Ends

Major Goldstocks

US Dollar Indices

World faces wave of epic debt defaults, fears central bank veteran

Chinese Gold Imports for 2015

Tuesday, January 19 2016

Chinese Demand for 2014

Monday, January 18 2016

The Gold Chronicles: January, 11th 2016 Interview with Jim Rickards

India's gold bonds seen luring investors in search of safe haven

China launches interbank gold trading system

What Crisis Is The Gold/Oil Ratio Predicting This Time?

Keith Neumeyer – Triple Digit Silver Is Coming

Silver At Support

Sunday, January 17 2016

Are SGE Withdrawals Gone?

Gold miners say output has peaked as losses reshape the industry

Gold import bill up 12%, reaches $35 bn in 2015

Annual Price Performance

Saturday, January 16 2016

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

Banks to launch 2nd tranche of gold bonds on Jan 18

Thursday, January 14 2016

Hyperinflation Yes, But Not Where We Expected

Gold – No Time Left for Conspiracy Theories

World Gold Reserves

Wednesday, January 13 2016

Is gold stretched?

SP500 vs US Banks Ratio vs Gold

Japanese Yen vs Gold

Tuesday, January 12 2016

Investors on Gold ETF Buying Spree Amid Global Stock Rout

Paper Gold: Utopia for Alchemists

"Unprecedented Demand" - US Mint Sells Nearly As Much Gold On First Day Of 2016 As All Of January 2015

Gold mining stocks breaking down

RBS cries 'sell everything' as deflationary crisis nears

Investors Fleeing China’s Stock-Market Turmoil Seek Safety in Gold

Monday, January 11 2016

South African Gold

The Illusion Of Inflation

Saturday, January 9 2016

How Gold Got Its Groove Back

Microscopic 3D-Printed Gold Walls Could Make More Sensitive Touchscreens

Friday, January 8 2016

Perth Mint Coin Sales

CME Hong Kong Gold KiloBar Withdrawals

ICBC Standard Bank buys Deutsche's London bullion vault

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

Golden opportunity? The capital cycle is turning

A Unique Tactical Opportunity: Sell High, Buy Low

Hillary Emails Reveal True Motive for Libya Intervention

Russell Napier Explains How The Decline Of The Yuan Destroys Belief In Central Banking

Live Forex PMs

Thursday, January 7 2016

FRB Gold Stocks - US Stocks & Foreign Earmarked Gold

Chinese Gold Reserves

Investment Commentary: 2015 review and 2016 outlook

A Disturbing Warning From UBS: "Buy Gold" Because A 30% Bear Market Is Coming

Wednesday, January 6 2016

Comex Registered Silver Inventories Plunge Nearly 10% In One Day

The Drain Continues: U.S. Exports More Gold To Hong Kong Than It Produces

Tuesday, January 5 2016

Foreign banks in China could face curbs if they snub gold benchmark

Are rising interest rates bullish or bearish for gold?

Something Weird Is Happening to Gold Prices That No One Is Talking About

Nobody Cares

International Sharemarket Indices

Dow/Gold Ratio

Monday, January 4 2016

Ratio trading gold and silver

Sunday, January 3 2016

Was Bretton Woods a real gold standard?

US Mint Coin Sales

India Gold/Silver Imports For October

Saturday, January 2 2016

Gold's Timeless Truth

A Year of Sovereign Defaults?

Friday, January 1 2016

Gold Protecting Wealth

Precious Metals Performance for 2015

Hope for the New Year: 3 Asset Classes for 2016

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals