November 2015

Monday, November 30 2015

Paper Gold Dilution Hits 294x As Comex Registered Gold Drops To New All-Time Low

What Happened To The Shanghai International Gold Exchange?

The Bitcoin Universe Explained

Sunday, November 29 2015

Gold & the Dollar Surge

Friday, November 27 2015

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

Half of Gold Output May Not Be ‘Viable’ as Price Sags

Gold imports may hit all-time high of 1,000 tonnes in 2015

Thursday, November 26 2015

Strong interest in making London gold market more transparent

The gold that’s as light as AIR: New foam could lead to revolution in jewellery

Wednesday, November 25 2015

'Silk Road' Countries Gold Reserves Accumulation Has Grown 450% Since 2008

Silk Road Gold Consumption

Tuesday, November 24 2015

Switzerland Gold Export China October 29t

Base Metals

Why is the gold price so high?

Monday, November 23 2015

Reuters Spreads False Information Regarding The Chinese Gold Lease Market

Can Investors Trust the New Gold Fixing?

Caterpillar sales down again, almost three straight years

A brutal year for mine financing explained in just one chart

Commodity prices have not bottomed yet - Goldman Sachs

From Good Delivery bars to Kilobars – The Swiss Refineries, the GFMS data, and the LBMA

Sunday, November 22 2015

Silver & Gold Extremes with Eric Sprott – Keith Neumeyer

Saturday, November 21 2015

Gold Is the Dollar’s Achilles Heel

Chinese Savers Turn to Gold as Rest of the World Exits Holdings

CME Deliveries vs SGE Withdrawals - Fiat Paper vs Pet Rock

Albert Edwards Explains What The Next Stage In Global Currency War Look Like

Whither Gold? What The Banks Think

Gold & Silver COTS

Russian Central Bank Holdings

Gold a bargain in real terms

Turkey Gold Imports

Friday, November 20 2015

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

Cracks appear in China's gold leasing trade as jewelers suffer defaults

Thursday, November 19 2015

Modi's gold deposit scheme attracts only 400 grammes so far

10th China Gold & Precious Metals Summit 2015

Wednesday, November 18 2015

Thomson Reuters Releases Interim Silver Market Review

Tuesday, November 17 2015

Platinum Hits 6-Year Low On Precious Metals Malaise

Soros called the bottom in Barrick Gold's stock

Paulson Maintains Gold Stake as Prices Touch Five-Year Low

The Delirium of Milliards

Monday, November 16 2015

SGE Withdrawals Break Yearly Record. World Gold Council Continues To Hide Insatiable Chinese Gold Demand.

Sunday, November 15 2015

Interpreting The Perth Mint’s Financial Results

Twice as nice: Could London gold groups join forces for the greater good?

Saturday, November 14 2015

COMEX Hong Kong Gold KiloBar Withdrawals

What Republicans Get Wrong About Gold

The Bullish Case for Aussie Gold

US Gold Imports & Exports

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

Thursday, November 12 2015

IntraDay Gold & Silver

Rising Silver Investment Demand Puts Record Squeeze On North American Supply

Record UK Gold Export To China In September, Chinese Gold Import Reaches 156t

Daily Continuous Runs

Gold price fall and market panic sparks bullion 'buying spree' in China

WGC Gold Demand Trends

I can’t deny it – the outlook for gold isn’t pretty right now

OECD Consumer Price Index

Silent Cal Speaks

Wednesday, November 11 2015

Silver Institute News

Massive Gold Deposit found 2000 meters Undersea in Shandong

Intraday Averages for Gold & Silver

Tuesday, November 10 2015

Edward Burtynsky’s Mesmerizing Images of Copper Mines

Lonmin: Thanks, but no thanks

International Sharemarket Indices

Monday, November 9 2015

Chinese Pet ROCK VS American Fiat PAPER

Gold's doing something it hasn't done since 1998

Gold Price Breakdown Could Result in Slide to $800

Indian gold monetisation schemes

Chinese state firm boss accused of stashing tonne of stolen gold, silver at his home has death sentence overturned

COMEX Deliveries vs SGE Withdrawals

China gold consumption rises 7.8%

Finance Minister inspected the safety of Lithuania’s gold in the vaults of the Bank of England

Sunday, November 8 2015

US Debt vs Gold - Percentage Growth

Competition for the Fed’s Money Monopoly

Saturday, November 7 2015

Chinese Gold Reserves

The LBMA Conference And The ‘Confusion’ About Gold Round Tripping

Perth Mint Coin Sales

US TIC Data - Foreign Ownership of US Treasures & Securities

China's gold imports from Hong Kong

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

Thursday, November 5 2015

India's Gold Stash Dwarfs Fort Knox Hoard and Modi Wants It

US Debt

Why Is USA's Gold Flowing East? Mike Maloney

United Kingdom Silver Imports & Exports

United Kingdom Gold Imports & Exports

Wednesday, November 4 2015

India's festivals, wedding season flop for gold traders

Why Austria Is Repatriating Gold From London

Tuesday, November 3 2015

Hedging HAL

Gold Trend

Monday, November 2 2015

Australia’s junior sector turns to crowdfunding

Sunday, November 1 2015

Silk Road: China, India, Russia & Turkey Gold Consumption

Chindia Gold Demand

Gold Clearing in London at Decade Low as Interest in Metal Wanes

Why Ever Gold

Venezuela says adiós to her gold reserves

US Mint Coin Sales for October

FRB Gold Stocks - US Stocks & Foreign Earmarked Gold