December 2015

Thursday, December 31 2015

Gold-Backed Digital Currency Ditches the Blockchain

World Gold Council Wants to Create Standard to Avoid Islamic Finance Disputes

Gold Undervalued Due To Massive Stock Dilution & Debt

Market Talk

Something Broke In The U.S. Silver Market

Monday, December 28 2015

2015 Year In Review - Scenic Vistas From Mount Stupid - David Collum

Sunday, December 27 2015

Dubai gold website launches legal action amid claims of fraud, mismanagement

The Mystery Of Dubai's Vaporized Gold: The Plot Thickens

Gilder Book: The 21st Century Case for Gold: A New Information Theory of Money

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

Friday, December 25 2015

Debunking Anti-Gold Propaganda

"And It's Gone... It's All Gone" - The One Gold Scandal That Goes To The Very Top

Thursday, December 24 2015

Gold Is The Money Of The Future: Gilder's 21st Century Case For Gold

Wednesday, December 23 2015

Canadian lawsuit names Bank of Nova Scotia in gold price manipulation

Monday, December 21 2015

Australia Gold Export To China In August A Record 13t

Sunday, December 20 2015

Gold-rich temples weigh monetisation scheme, but 'melting' a dampener

Saturday, December 19 2015

Thirty Years of Zero Price Discovery in Silver

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

Friday, December 18 2015

Russian Gold Reserves

All of the World’s Money and Markets in One Visualization

Thursday, December 17 2015

Hopes Dashed Again in Hunt for Fabled Nazi Gold Train in Poland

Howzat? Treasury staffers find a gold nugget worth $3.7 MILLION in an old box they used as a wicket to play CRICKET in the office corridor

Wednesday, December 16 2015

Grant Williams: The End Of The Road

Gold: “The Canary of the Currency Markets”

U.S. Mint: American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins Set New Record

WGC Review of 2015 and Outlook for 2016

IBJA to launch World Silver Council in January

Goode insights on China gold

Tuesday, December 15 2015

Trade Weighted US Dollar Indices

Paper Money Versus The Gold Standard

Monday, December 14 2015

Out of Rand Crisis, Opportunity for World's Costliest Gold Mines

The PBOC Was Buying Gold in London In The Nineties

Sunday, December 13 2015

Chinese Gold Import At 1,152t YTD, Annualized 1,438t

Bitcoin mystery: Sydney ‘founder’ sold $85m in currency for gold

Saturday, December 12 2015

Austria Proudly Shows Off The 15 Tons Of Gold It Repatriated From London

Intraday Averages For Gold/Silver

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

Austria says it has repatriated 15 tonnes of gold from London

Thursday, December 10 2015

China to launch yuan gold benchmark in April

Gold Market Update

Wednesday, December 9 2015

The Screaming Fundamentals For Owning Gold

Good News: Gold Speculators Haven’t Been This Gloomy In 13 Years

Tuesday, December 8 2015

COMEX Delivery Decline vs China's Appetite for MORE

COMEX Gold Deliveries

Anglo American cuts dividend and 85,000 jobs in ‘radical’ restructuring

Chinese Gold Imports From Hong Kong

LBMA Gold & Silver Transfers

Monday, December 7 2015

FRB Gold Stocks - US Stocks & Foreign Earmarked Gold

Keynes on the menace of printing money

China Adds Most Gold in November in 5 Months as Price Slumps

Chinese Gold Reserves

Gold Majors Trading at Just 4% of In-Situ Metal Value

Vanishing Gold Trade Prompts Singapore to Refine Contract

Extended interview with Jim Rickards

World's richest Hindu temple may move stash to Modi's gold scheme

Sunday, December 6 2015

The Gold Market

China understands the Bullion game

Saturday, December 5 2015

Renminbi Internationalization And China’s Gold Strategy

China’s Gold Army

Silk Road Demand

Gold COTs

India Gold/Silver Imports

Chinese SGE Gold Withdrawals

Thursday, December 3 2015

James Richards

India targets temple gold hoard to rescue monetisation plan

Switzerland Gold Imports & Exports

Wednesday, December 2 2015

COMEX is fiction; a casino for paper gold – Hathaway

The Good Old Days of the Gold Standard? Not Really, Historians Say

Tuesday, December 1 2015

Canadian Mint Coin Sales

COMEX Hong Kong Gold KiloBar Deliveries

Perth Mint Coin Sales

Gold COTs

How are Premiums Calculated

US Mint Coin Sales

U.S. Mint American Eagle gold coin sales surge, silver at record