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A Bibliography Of The Gold Coast :-
by Allan Cardinall

A Chain Of Gold :-
by Judith Wall

A Deadly Shade Of Gold :-
by John MacDonald

A Different Kind Of Gold :-
by Cecily Stern

A Gift More Precious Than Gold :-
by Robert Hicks

A Gold Comb :-
by Chen Li

A Gold Mine In Your Pocket :-
by Do Bale

A Gold Miner's Daughter :- Memoirs Of A Mountain Childhood
by Shyrle Hacker

A Gold Star For Eric :-
by Colleen Reece

A Killing In Gold :-
by Joe Hensley

A Nugget Of Gold :-
by Maureen Pople

A Trap Of Gold :-
by Alison Smith

A Wheelbarrowful Of Gold & More :-
by Rosetta Bell

Above The Midas Touch :-
by John Jenkins

Acapulco Gold :-
by Edwin Corley

Adelong, Glimpses At The Past :-
by Rosalyn Bird

All The Gold In The World :-
by Robert Leeson

All The Green Gold :- An Irish Boyhood
by Colm Luibhaeid

Allan Quatermain :- & The Lost City Of Gold
by H Haggard

Amazon Gold :-
by Patrick Andrews

Amethyst & Gold :-
by Kate Holmes

An Idyll Of Gold Valley :-
by Zhong-Xian Wu

Ancient River Of Gold :-
by Raymond Wallace

And Gold Was Ours :-
by Rebecca Brandewyne

And The Other, Gold :-
by Susan Wojciechowski

Anna's Gold :-
by Julie Harris

Anybody's Gold :-
by Joseph Jackson

Anything Book :- Midnight Gold

Apache Gold :-
by Joseph Altsheler

Apache Gold :-
by Mark Roberts

Apache Gold :-
by J Hardin

Appalachian Gold :-
by William Campbell

Apples Of Gold :- Wings Of Silver - Treasures Of Silver
by Jo Petty

Apples Of Gold :-
by Jean Evans

April Gold :-
by Grace Hill

Arab Gold :- Heritage Of The Uae
by Peter Vine

Ashes Of Gold :-
by Kashity Mohin

Aspen Gold :-
by Janet Dailey

Bacon & Beans :- From A Gold Pan
by George Hoeper

Bailyn's Gold :-
by Vito Tamboli

Baker's Gold :-
by R Cohn

Banana Gold :-
by Carleton Beals

Band Of Gold :-
by Zita Christian

Bandit Gold :-

Banners Of Gold :-
by Pamela Kaufman

Barkerville :-
by Lorraine Harris

Batlow :- The Growing Years From Gold To Apples

Belt Of Gold :-

Better Than Gold :-
by Clinton Howell

Better Than Gold :-
by George Adams

Better Than Gold & Silver :-
by Sandra MacKey

Bits Of Gold :-
by Georgia Gold

Bitter Gold Hearts :-
by Glen Cook

Bitterroot Gold :-
by Monty Spears

Black & Gold :- Tycoons, Revolutionaries & Apartheid
by Anthony Sampson

Black Gold Conspiracy :-
by Stan Timmons

Black Gold With Grit :-
by Jospeh Fitzgerald

Black Gold, Red Death :-
by David Lindsey

Black Sand & Gold :-
by Ella Martinsen

Blaze Of Gold :-
by Dee Woods

Blood River Gold :-
by Swain Adams

Blood, Sweat & Gold :-
by J Hardin

Blue Angels :- A Portrait Of Gold
by Brian Shul

Bob Mathias :- Across The Fields Of Gold
by Chris Terrence

Bonanza Gold :-
by P Berton

Boomer's Gold :-
by Jack Walker

Boys On The Gold Coast :-
by Marvin Ferguson

Breckenridge! :-
by Mary Gilliland

Brides Of Prairie Gold :-
by Maggie Osborne

Bridges Of Gold :-
by Ebele Eko

Bridges Of Steel, Ladders Of Gold :- Joseph Tanenbaum, Builder Of Bridges To Torah
by Hanoch Teller

Brighter Than Gold :-
by Carol Jerina

Brigitte Helm :- From Metropolis To Gold - A Portrait Of A Goddess
by Gene Vazzana

Brother Brigham's Gold :-
by Blaine Yorgason

Bullet For Gold :-
by Dalton Williams

Bury Me In Gold Lamae :-
by Stanton Forbes

By The Great Horn Spoon :-
by Sid Fleischman

Cade's Gold :-
by Bill Wade

Callahan's Gold :-
by Tate McKenna

Canaan Legacy :-
by Michael Kahn

Capri, Gold Guide :-

Captain William Moore :- BC's Amazing Frontiersman
by Norman Hacking

Caribbean Gold :-
by George Murray

Caribbean Gold :-
by Margaret Pargeter

Casino Gold :-
by John Capoccia

Cayman Gold :-
by John Hankins

CDN Graphs :- Proof Gold Type

CDN Graphs :- Gold Commemoratives

CDN Graphs :- Gold Type

Central City & Gilpin County :- Then & Now
by Robert Brown

Chains Of Gold :-
by Yvonne Whittal

Chains Of Gold :-
by Margaret Lamb

Chains Of Gold :-
by Nancy Springer

Champagne Gold :-
by Nicola Thorne

Champions Of Gold :-

Charlie & The Gold Mine :-

Charlotte - A Touch Of Gold :-
by Aidna Gleasner

Cherubim Of Gold :- Building Materials & Aesthetics
by Peter Smith

Chilkoot Pass, Then & Now :-
by Archie Satterfield

Chocolate, Liquid Gold :-
by Anselmo Curado

Churchill's Gold :-
by James Follett

Churchill's Gold :-
by William Wright

Cindra Gold :-
by Trudi Jordan

Circle Of Gold :-
by Karen Harper

Cities Of Gold :-
by Levine

City Of Gold :-
by Len Deighton

City Of Gold :-
by Fiona French

City Of Gold & Other Stories :-
by Dickinson

City Of Gold & Shadows :-
by Edith Pargeter

Cleopatra Gold :-
by William Caunitz

Cloth Of Gold :-
by Elswyth Thane

Colorado Gold :-
by Roberta Lonsdale

Complete Gold Country Guidebook :-
by Baljeet Sangwan

Confederate Gold :-
by Anne Fluker

Confederate Gold :-
by Cameron Judd

Connecticut Militia General :- Gold Selleck Silliman
by Katharine Cummin

Copper Gold :-
by Pauline Winslow

Country Gold :-

Crazy Cooks & Gold Miners :-
by Joyce Yardley

Cross Of Gold :-
by Geri Strigenz

Crystals Solid Gold Discovery :-
by Stephen Bly

Curtains Of Iron & Gold :- Reconstructing Borders & Scales Of Interaction
by Heikki Eskelinen

Cut Out Make-Work In Your Job :- The How To Book Of Gold Bricking
by Calvin Slacker

Daggers Of Gold :-
by Katherine Deauxville

Dakota Gold :-
by Tim Champlin

Dandelions Have Their Own Gold Standard :-
by Stewart Moore

Daniel Brush :- Gold Without Boundaries
by Ralph Esmerian

Days Of Blue & Gold :-
by Emma St James

Dead Mans Gold :-
by Al Cody

Death Valley & The Amargosa :-

Death Valley In '49 :-
by William Manly

Deep Gold :-
by Arthur Mather

Deep Gold :-
by Jay Amberg

Desert Gold :-
by S Hawley

Desert Quest :- The Hunt For True Gold
by Randolph Jenks

Desperado's Gold :-
by Linda Jones

Desperado's Gold :-
by L Foreman

Devil's Gold :-
by Chet Cunningham

Devil's Gold :-
by Ted Falcon-Barker

Diamonds & Gold :- Using Sources In The Classroom
by Barbara Johannesson

Discover Gold :-
by Geoffrey Hindley

Diving To A Flash Of Gold :-
by Martin Meylach

Don John Of Balaclava :-
by Miles Lewis

Double-Barrel Sundance :- The Savage Gold Strike
by Peter McCurtin

Dove Of Gold :- & Other Signposts Of The Spirit
by Leslie Hardinge

Dragon's Gold :-
by Piers Anthony

Dreams Of Gold :-
by Maynard Thompson

Dreams Of Gold & Amber :-
by Robin Lynn

Dreams Of Winter Gold :-
by Wojcieshowska

Dressed In Gold :-
by Nayah Bariku

Dresses Of Red & Gold :-
by Robin Klein

Drifter's Gold :-
by William Vance

Drops Of Gold :-
by Maggie Buckingham

Duval's Gold :-
by Chris Hunt

Eight Bags Of Gold :-
by Janice Kramer

Eight Stars Of Gold :-
by Kenneth Welther

Eighties Country Gold :-

Eighties Gold Update :-

El Dorado, Land Of Gold :- Opposing Viewpoints
by Norma Gaffro

El Fuego Y El Oro/Fire & Gold :-
by Monteserrat Amo

El Oro De Los Locos :- The Gold Of The Insane
by William Camus

Eldorado Or :- Adventures In The Path Of Empire

Emerald Cup Ark Of Gold :- Quest Of SS Lieutenant Otto Rahn
by Howard Buechner

Emily Good As Gold :-
by Susan Rubin

Essence Of Refined Gold :-
by Bsod-nams-rgya-mtsho

Essence Of Refined Gold :-
by Sonam

Eternal Gold :-
by Jean Foster

Eureka :-
by John Molony

Every Street Is Paved With Gold :- The Road To Real Success
by Kim Woo-Choong

Experiences Of A Forty-Niner :-
by William Johnston

Fabulous Gold :-

Falcon Gold :-
by Katherine Yorke

Fields Of Gold :-
by Priscilla Shepard

Five Gold Rings :-
by Constance O'Banyon

Fjord Gold :-
by Vernon Hendrix

Flesh & Gold :-
by Phyllis Gotlieb

Florence/Tuscany :- Gold Guide

Flower Of Gold :-
by Ken Smith

Following The Gold :-
by William Scott

Fool's Gold :- The Fate Of Values In A World Of Goods
by Andrew Schmookler

Fool's Gold :-
by Jane Jakeman

Fool's Gold :-
by Ted Wood

Fool's Gold :-
by Beverly Bird

Fool's Gold :-
by Richard Wiley

Fool's Gold :-
by Johnny Quarles

Fool's Gold :- The First $1,000,000
by Simon Marawille

Fool's Gold :-
by Janet Quin-Harkin

Fool's Gold :-
by Zilpha Snyder

Fool's Gold :-
by Marao Douka

Fool's Gold :-
by Charles Knickerbocker

Fool's Gold :-
by D Bensen

Fool's Gold :-
by Albert Dibartolomeo

For Love Of Gold :-
by Emily Hahn

For The Love Of Gold :-
by Janelle Diller

Forests Of Gold :- Essays On The Akan & The Kingdom Of Asante
by Ivor Wilks

Forever Gold :-
by Catherine Hart

Forty-Niners :-

Fountains Of Gold :-
by Wendy Vig

Four Days From Fort Wingate :- The Lost Adams Diggings
by Richard French

Fox Gold :-
by George Moor

Free Indeed! :- Psychology Treats But Gold Heals
by Dianne Abergel

Fringe Of Gold :-
by MacLean

From Copper To Gold :- The Life Of Dorothy Baker
by Dorothy Freeman

From Fields Of Gold :-
by Alexandra Ripley

From Trail To Rail :-

Fur, Gold & Opals :-
by Murphy Shewchuk

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